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Misc. site notes

By Zach Arnold | March 23, 2009

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First, I wanted to give an update to proposed legislation in New Mexico that would have banned MMA. According to New Mexico Combat Sports, the bill is now dead.

Second, wanted to address the issue of some feeds going down on the left sidebar. In the case of Fightlinker, there’s a problem on their end (SQL-related) in terms of an RSS or ATOM feed output. (Try loading their feed and you’ll see all the coding errors.) As far as the Yahoo columnist feeds go, the program we use to cull the feeds for some reason adds extra coding (a *) to the URL and it breaks the link down. Unless I can find a fix to the program that culls the feed and stops adding that symbol, the links for the individual columnists will be a problem. I will try to get this fixed soon (I hope).

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5 Responses to “Misc. site notes”

  1. Dave says:

    The bill in NM was doomed. It was yet another person looking to powerplay and do something “important” to usurp Richardson. Then they abolished the death penalty, Richardson got a lot of PR, and everybody gave up their agendas yet again. This state is hilarious.

  2. samscaff says:

    Hahah, like outlawing MMA is going to get you elected.

    As an NY resident, I am still really concerned about the legalization effort in NY.

    I think the mmapayout theory about powerful labor unions lobbying hard against the legalization in NY is spot on. Evidence strongly supports this claim. I just wish it would get more press.

  3. Fluyid says:

    Official WBC Statement:

    “[Vitali] Klitschko proved that he is the best fighter in the world nowadays, pound for pound, after defeating Juan Carlos Gomez who had a record of 35 knockouts in 44 wins and only 1 loss. Klitschko has outdone all other fighters, no matter what division they belong to. The heavyweight world champion is the only one who can claim he is the greatest champion in the world of boxing as nobody can defeat him.

    With Vitali´s extraordinary wins, in fights that have been stunning to world fans, showing absolute control and power, our king of the heavyweights has silenced many mouths and media that had unfairly attacked him without any evidence, and been disrespectful to him, considering the great class he is showing. Jose Sulaiman, president of our organization, stated today that Klitschko is the pride the WBC as well as he is the pride of world boxing.

    Vitlai Klitschko’s record is now: 37 wins; 36 of them by knockout, and including his last win by KO, his percentage in this specialty went up to 97.2%, fact after which Klitschko is placed as the greatest puncher ever in the heavyweight division.”

  4. Robert Poole says:

    The WBC is insane. They release a statement saying that beating Gomez who had never beaten anyone proves Vitali was the best yet they then saddle him with a second straight unworthy mandatory against Maskaev which will prevent the guy from unifying the other belts to prove he is the best. Stupid.

  5. Dave says:

    “Hahah, like outlawing MMA is going to get you elected.”

    People in this state are crazy.


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