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UFC management to meet Quebec officials Tuesday

By Zach Arnold | February 16, 2009

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According to this RDS report, UFC management will be meeting with Quebec officials (RACJ/boxing commission) on Tuesday to try to save the UFC 97 Montreal show.

Neil Davidson of The Canadian Press lays out what will take place on Tuesday at the Montreal meeting.

Speaking of Quebec, their most famous MMA fighter (GSP) is discussed in this Los Angeles Times article about cheating being a part of boxing and MMA.

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7 Responses to “UFC management to meet Quebec officials Tuesday”

  1. Ivan Trembow says:

    Breaking news: Dawson vs. Tarver rematch postponed due to injury to Dawson

  2. IceMuncher says:

    It looks like the talks fell through, and the UFC will be moving the show to Vegas.

  3. Alan Conceicao says:

    Hopefully Dawson/Tarver II is postponed forever. On a scale of 1-10 for unnecessary rematches, that’s a 13.

    BTW, I’d just like to add my laughter about the whole to-do over Patry. You know, 18 months ago, that guy was getting stroked pretty hard by the net for running a promotion that was, in essence, a strong regional promotion/feeder program for the UFC. Apparently, being that wasn’t paying the bills, leading to Strikebox and everything that happened afterwards. Add to that the biggest announcement in the history of the UFC (Super Fertitta to the rescue?) not being able to fix the mess in its wake, and its a landslide of comedy.

    On the upside, UFC 97 is gonna be a great deal if you live in Vegas or Southern California should it actually be moving there. Hell, its a week before I get married and I’m even wondering if they can drop the ticket prices enough to entice me to take a flight west for the weekend.

  4. Alan Conceicao says:

    And so much for those early reports then. Looks like Lorenzo actually worked some magic.

    Looking at the site once translated, it looks like there was a compromise that seems to be that the UFC will not allow stomps to the feet. I wonder if that translates also to a lack of ankle locks/toe holds?

  5. Pierre-Luc Allie says:

    The feet stomps were never allowed in Qu├ębec, even at UFC 83.

  6. 45 Huddle says:

    Money talks.


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