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UFC 94 event results

By Zach Arnold | January 31, 2009

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Fight card here.

Reports: Sherdog | Yahoo Sports | AOL Fanhouse | MMA Frenzy | MMA Weekly | MMA Junkie | MMA on Tap

Any links to pictures, reports, etc. can be posted in the comments section.

Today, Zuffa announced the launch of UFC-branded jewelry for sale. If memory serves me right, I remember reading an article a month or two ago in the Las Vegas media about a local surgeon whose jewelry company was working with UFC and that some of the jewelry would include bone fragments and/or surgical plates removed from past surgeries. Sure enough, here is more information about Skeletal Metal: Home Page, MySpace, and Facebook.

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41 Responses to “UFC 94 event results”

  1. 45 Huddle says:

    I can hear the 2am infomercials now….

    You ain’t a true UFC Fan unless you get the Octagon N#pple Rings & Authentic Octagon C#ck Ring. And guess what? We will throw in a steel plated Dana White B#tt Plug at no extra charge. That’s right, you can have the same surgical metal implanted in your behind as the President of the UFC.

    Then Dana White comes on the screen: “If you ain’t got my B#tt Plug, then you don’t have what it takes to be an F’N Ultimate Fighter!!!”

    Zach… Feel free to delete is you feel it’s too vulgar for these boards.

  2. Fluyid says:

    Does anyone else remember MMA Gold from Kirik Jenness?

  3. 1. Attend Bishop Gorman with Dana and Lorenzo
    2. ?????
    3. Profit

    That’s the Bishop Gorman alumni thing at work…. one of the owners of Skeletal Metal is 1995 AL Rookie of the Year Marty Cordova. 1995 AL Rookie of the Year Marty Cordova attended BG at the same time as Dana and Lorenzo. 1995 AL Rookie of the Year Marty Cordova has been all over those Dana video blogs. Is he referred to as 1995 AL Rookie of the Year Marty Cordova because he didn’t do much else in his career?

    Hope this works out better than the last BG collabo….. the Xyience thing he did with Russell Pike whose wife went to BG with Dana.

  4. Jeremy (not that Jeremy) says:

    Well, taking a quick look at those prelim results, I’d be shocked if we see one tonight.

    Guida walking in in the “challenger” slot. Interesting.

  5. 45 Huddle says:


    Put some spoiler captions on your comments there.

    I think Lavigne did a horrible job as a ref for Guida/Diaz. Diaz held the fence enough times to lose a point or at least get an official warning. Not to mention the number of stalemates that should have been broken up.

  6. Jeremy (not that Jeremy) says:

    There is already a results tag in the post, and I didn’t say anything about a specific result.

  7. 45 Huddle says:

    According to Dave Meltzer:

    “An interesting trivia note since every fight is going to a decision. All the fighters were told there would be $20,000 added to their checks for a clean finish.”

    Horrible event so far. Not just because everything is going to a decision, but the amount of holding with gasses fighters. Just horrible. These guys need to be in better condition.

  8. Zach Arnold says:

    This is the biggest event for many of these fighter’s careers and it sure doesn’t seem to appear that way…

  9. Jeremy (not that Jeremy) says:

    I need to stop buying into the hype on these “megacards.” They always seem to suck.

    Ok, I probably should have seen that one coming. On a night when NO ONE can finish, Machida by TKO.

  10. 45 Huddle says:


    I completely agree. Weird weird weird night of fights.

    They should give Machida a title shot just for saving the PPV so far.

  11. PizzaChef says:

    Like one guy said: Bizzaro UFC. Everything is going to decision but Machida lands a first round knock out and owns Silva.

  12. Jeremy (not that Jeremy) says:

    And I am a Machida fan. I expected that one to go the distance before the night started though.

  13. Mr.Roadblock says:

    Feels like a typical boxing PPV so far.

    Machida definitely got himself a shot with Rashad with that win.

  14. klown says:

    Machida is the next LHW champion.

    Evans, Griffin, Liddell, Rua, Jardine, W.Silva have not a chance against him.

    Jackson – maybe.

  15. Jeremy (not that Jeremy) says:

    I think Evans is a more competitive matchup for Machida than anyone else on that list for sure though. If he’s going to have a title shot, that’s the one that I really want to see.

  16. Jeremy (not that Jeremy) says:

    And the indomitable pineapple was taken down and violated at will and repeatedly by the golden banana. Apparently two fights can save a card!

  17. 45 Huddle says:

    According to Meltzer:

    “For what it’s worth, the scores at this point were 40-35, 40-34 and 40-34.”

    Which means one of the judges has one of the rounds 10-8. The other two judges had 2 rounds 10-8. Now that is a beatdown.

  18. Fan Futbol says:

    I thought Penn would catch him with a punch and submit him; I could not have been more wrong. Did Penn land a punch? That was total effin domination. Good Lord.

    The only way to beat GSP is to land a wild haymaker.


  19. klown says:

    The only man who might be able to defeat GSP is Anderson Silva.

    Then again, the only man (below 205 pounds) who might be able to defeat Anderson Silva is GSP.

  20. Ivan Trembow says:

    St. Pierre and Machida looked like freakin’ machines, as usual. St. Pierre has Alves next, although if Fitch could take down Alves at will, I’m guessing St. Pierre will be able to as well. As for Machida, he is long overdue for a title shot and he absolutely deserves to get the next one, not the Jackson-Jardine winner.

    I don’t think that most fights going to a decision automatically makes an event worse than if most fights end quickly. Even with the one-sided main event, I thought this event was better than the UFC with a bunch of quick finishes that most people said was awesome because of all the quick finishes (I think it was UFC 91, but there are so many that I’m not 100% sure about that).

  21. Big Bill Bob says:

    For my taste Affliction reigned supreme between these two UFC. But I like to drink the haterade I suppose. But after these two with the next one on plate between Geidgo Sanchoz and Boe Riverson, fuck UFC’s kool-aid.

  22. 45 Huddle says:

    Complaining about a free UFC with Sanchez/Florian, Marquardt/Gouveia, Maia/Sonnen, & Koscheck?

  23. MW says:

    It was surprising to see BJ not even showing up to fight. He did throw the typical jabs, counter punching or elbows in the clinch and guard. Disappointing.

  24. Ivan Trembow says:

    I felt like Penn did show up to fight, it’s just that GSP was better. For all the hype that went into this as two all-time greats at their peak, Penn’s peak in terms of accomplishments was not beating Pulver, Stevenson, and Sherk. It was beating the #1 lightweight in the world and then beating the #1 welterweight in the world, and that was in late 2003 and early 2004, not in 2008 and 2009.

    “Complaining about a free UFC with Sanchez/Florian, Marquardt/Gouveia, Maia/Sonnen, & Koscheck?”

    I’m not complaining about that card, but only because I can see it on cable TV for no additional cost.

    On the other hand, I’d be complaining loudly if I was one of the people who bought tickets for the event in London before the line-up was announced.

    Seriously, Guida vs. Diaz gets a Fight of the Night award? And last month, Shogun vs. Coleman did? And the month before that, Browning vs. Kaplan did? There were more deserving fights on all three of those events.

  25. Ivan Trembow says:

    Wow. I’d imagine that if this had been anything other than a huge fight, the fighter who got vaseline put on his back would have been disqualified on the spot. It’s not the fighter’s fault, but still, that’s your cornerman. To use an extreme example, if a fighter’s cornerman jumps into the cage in the middle of a round and attacks the other fighter, that would also not be the fighter’s fault, but it would almost surely result in a disqualification.

  26. Body_Shots says:

    Is it in the NSAC MMA rule book that corner men putting Vaseline on a fighter’s back is deemed an automatic DQ? If not than the analogy is completely baseless.

  27. Joseph says:

    Not a good event after all that hype we have received for the past few months.

    The main event was a complete domination, which most people predicted and all other bouts were decisions or poor showings.

    Seems like Affliction 2 was the event of the year so far.

  28. Ivan Trembow says:

    I thought it was a good event, just not as good as it looked on paper.

    Machida is overdue for a title shot and deserves it a lot more than Quinton Jackson does, but according to MMA Junkie, Dana White said at the post-fight press conference that Jackson will be getting the next title shot if he beats Jardine. He said that Machida will “probably” get a title shot by the end of 2009. This is pathetic at this point.

    Wow, an article on Yahoo Sports about who the best pound-for-pound fighter is? Who would’ve thunk it?

    In all seriousness, the whole idea of “the best pound-for-pound” in MMA being a major topic is a joke. That was not even a phrase that was utterred by UFC management more than occasionally, until their negotiations to sign Fedor broke down in late 2007, and then it was practically every other word out of their mouth about Anderson Silva.

    Even if one accepts “the best pound-for-pound” as a relevant topic of debate, I seem to remember Fedor only having one loss and it being on a cut stoppage from an illegal elbow in the opening seconds of that fight. Does Fedor have a submission loss to a fighter who was unranked and had a career record of 4-7-1 at the time? Anderson Silva does. Does Fedor have a submission loss to a fighter who was unranked and had a career record of 7-4 at the time? Anderson Silva does. Does Fedor have a TKO loss to a fighter who was unranked and had a career record of 8-4 at the time? GSP does.

    It’s just a ridiculous debate, and it’s a debate that didn’t become a major talking point in the first place until shortly after the UFC’s negotiations to sign Fedor broke down.

    On a related note, it’s nice to see an article on the same site that stops just short of absolving Penn of blame for that loss due to the 20-pound weight difference. I don’t remember the same author absolving Randy Couture of blame after his loss to Brock Lesnar due to the 60-pound weight difference. He did say that Couture didn’t demonstrate the physical means to pull off the victory, but there’s a big difference between that and what was written about Penn.

  29. Ivan Trembow says:

    Note that I’m not saying Couture’s loss was due to the 60-pound weight difference. I’m saying that if one is going to blame Penn’s loss on a 20-pound weight difference, I would think that same person would have blamed Couture’s loss on a 60-pound weight difference. I would think it would be “both” or “neither.”

  30. 45 Huddle says:

    Argueing over who is the best P4P fighter in the world is the same as comicbook fans discussing who would win in a fight…. Wolverine vs. HULK.

    To me, the most anybody can say about a fighter is that they were the best while the competed in the weight class they competed in. Anything else is just a pointless debate. Even the skills needed in each weight class can be substantially different. Heavyweight MMA vs. Bantamweight MMA are like two different sports.

  31. Ivan Trembow says:

    Exactly. It’s a pointless debate, but it’s also a debate that is played up as the most important question after any big fight. After every big fight, it’s the same crap: Fedor looked great, but is he better than this other fighter in this other weight class? Anderson Silva looked great, but is he better than this other fighter in this other weight class? GSP looked great, but is he better than this other fighter in this other weight class? Not only is it a pointless debate, but it only became a major talking point immediately after the UFC’s negotiations to sign Fedor broke down in late 2007.

  32. Big Bill Bob says:

    Everybody knows Fedor is top P4P. If you live in Canada and watched the SportsNet preview show the hour leading into UFC even Anderson Silva agrees. He said something to the effect “Smaller men have smaller challenges”, true that.

  33. Jeremy (not that Jeremy) says:

    Updated my calculations based on Sherdog’s database after GSP vs Penn results were added. They’ve added some older fights as well again.

    Fedor’s rank slipped slightly as did almost everyone’s (I guess the older fights were “important” in some way), but he’s still the top all-time all-weights fighter in the world. GSP jumped to 2nd. Lyoto jumped to the number 2 LHW, and should clearly be considered the number one contender (as if any of us thought otherwise).

    Machida versus Evans looks like it would be an incredibly competitive event. Looking forward to it, if it happens.

  34. Big Bill Bob says:

    nah 45 not complaining. they better be free because they just made people pay for two turds of cards lol. even Zach knows Affliction was better but he’s sipping on his own long tall glass of hate, hate that fighters are beign paid what they are worth rather then pro wrasslin rates for a jobber. someone said this site has become worse then sherdog for commentary and comments and it’s painfully obvious since all objectivity has been lost in perpetual defence of zuffas sloven effort, while the fresh new and exciting Affliction is chastized for beign different and superior. Atleast WEC was tepid.

    Like Dana said hopefully they put on another card, and lose 4 more million dollars, since that seems to be what’s required to actually make entertaining events and get fighters to actually fight to finish rather then fight to decision and continue to earn the meager scraps Dana brushes off his chinny chin cueball head.

  35. 45 Huddle says:

    Zuffa puts on over 20 cards a year. There will always be one or two cards that end up being very boring. Just the law of averages.

  36. The Citizen says:

    When does the UFC blender and microwave come out? I’m not sure how I’ll be able to live without those UFC Branded Products.

  37. rainrider says:

    Disappointment 1: Karo Parisyan

    When Karo fought Nick Thompson esq, Nick Diaz commented on the fight and said “Karo looked like shit”. I did not agree with him because my impression was the opposite and I thought Karo would beat Nick again in a rematch.

    However, last night, Nick’s cynical remark he made 3 years ago could not be more accurate. Karo looked like a piece of shit and heat wasn’t present anywhere during 15 minutes. He fought like Kazushi Sakuraba in Heroes, a completely washed-up tomato can who’s refusing to retire.

    His opponent, Dong Hyon Kim is a great guy and I like his attitude and fighting style. But honestly, he’s nowhere near UFC level and if South Korean viewing rate wasn’t an issue, he would not have even made it to the undercard of Pay-per-view event. Karo’s victory should be dedicated to the matchmaker, Joe Silva and 2 judges who didn’t call a draw.

    Dissapointment 2: Stephan Bonnar

    Bonnar won 6-figure contract deal with the UFC when Jon Jones was in high school. I strongly believe that Jon was not even watching UFC back then because his MMA game is still so primitive after 4 years.

    I like Jon Jones and his attitude. But at the point, he relys too much on his natural athleticism and he dosn’t have complete MMA skill set yet to become force to be reckoned with. Unless he starts training at the right places, he will sooner or later be exposed like Melvin Guillard.

    Bonnar should be ashamed of coming to the cage unprepared. His striking was not crisp, his guard game was too slow. Jones is a good fighter with good head on the shoulder, but last night’s loss was due to Bonnar’s own laziness.

  38. Zack says:

    LOL @ 45’s first post. Did you just drink your very first beer last night or something?

  39. rainrider says:

    Karo Parisyan = Kazushi Sakuraba 4 years ago

    Although I may be the only one who belives in this equation, I’m pretty confident about it. Karo is significantly younger than Sakuraba -4 years? I know I know. But you’ll see what I mean in his next fight.

    He will not win a fight again in the UFC. If Zuffa puts him agaisnt Yoshida, an unknown injury will reoccur and Karo will drop out. I’m sure of it.

  40. 45 Huddle says:

    Actually, I wrote that post perfectly sober. I was drinking for Affliction’s PPV, but not UFC 94.

  41. Rollo the Cat says:

    For once I agree with Ivan. This was better than the NYE card with all the quick KOS. It still wasn’t great. I thought the Ireland card that everyone complained about was better.

    Is anyone else getting sick of Guida’s act? Or maybe I should say, his new act. He dances and bounces and screams before the fight and then lays and prays in the Octagon. This is the second time. First against Danzig and then against Nate. Nate was doing what he could to make it a good fight but the Human Blanket wouldn’t allow it.

    If this is the way Guida is going to perform from now on, cut him and send him to Affliction.


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