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Let’s go trick-or-treating at Dana White’s house

By Zach Arnold | October 31, 2008

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The Las Vegas Sun: Dana White — “Are you a f(^*^(% trick-or-treater?”

“We give out real candy bars, not the little ones from the bag,” he said.

Bloody Elbow: Yushin Okami demoted to UFC undercard status, while CB Dollaway makes the main card

Sherdog: Paul Daley heading to Sengoku for 1/4 Saitama Super Arena event

The News & Star (UK): Martin Thompson on verge of joining UFC

AOL Fanhouse: UFC fans want Chuck Liddell-Anderson Silva, but does Dana White?

Silva doesn’t have any interesting fights left at 185 pounds, and of the 205-pounders in the UFC stable, Liddell is the only one who has a high profile and who doesn’t already have another fight scheduled. And the last thing I want to see is Liddell trying to repair his image by fighting tomato cans.

MMA Opinion: Sengoku 6 – event preview and picks

Kaz Nakamura is a warrior at 185, and I expect him to tap Yuki Sasaki with his judo skills in the first. Siyar Bahadurzada and Jorge Santiago should be the fight of the night, and I expect Santiago to outlast him and finish him late in the second with strikes, but it’ll be exciting.

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17 Responses to “Let’s go trick-or-treating at Dana White’s house”

  1. Rollo the Cat says:

    I have no desire to see Liddell v Anderson. Now if Chuck had beaten Rashad I would have figured he was back on track and the match up would have been more attractive.

    Right now I juts hope Chuck doesn’t embarrass himself anymore.

  2. Michaelthebox says:

    Ya think Martin Thompson wants a UFC invite? An article talking about how he’s close to joining the UFC, then buried in the article mention that they’ve never even called him.

    I think they should pick him up, but I’ve never seen this tactic before, its pretty damn interesting.

  3. Fluyid says:

    Vegas is such an interesting place.

    “Penn Jillette, of comedy/magic team Penn & Teller

    Never one to be outdone, Penn Jillette of Penn & Teller will make full-size candy bars magically appear in the pillowcases of young trick-or-treaters. “I’ve always given out the big jumbo king-sized candy bars. You know, the ones that are the size of a subway tile?” he said. “The mini ones are such a ripoff. If someone had given me a foot-long Hershey bar on Halloween when I was a kid, I’d have thought that was the coolest thing. Ever.”

    Siegfried and Roy

    Siegfried and Roy won’t be handing out candy to trick-or-treaters, but they are supporting the Safe Street Halloween event and encourage fans to do the same. The festival at Town Square, 6605 Las Vegas Boulevard S., will feature trick-or-treating, pumpkin decorating, costume contests and “scary-oke.”

    UFC president Dana White

    Sticking to true, over-the-top UFC style, White is going big this Halloween.

    “We give out real candy bars, not the little ones from the bag,” he said.

    Celebrity writer and TV host Robin Leach

    There will be no champagne wishes or caviar dreams for trick-or-treaters visiting Robin Leach’s home, but don’t leave him off the candy route. “I will be at the Luxor all day for the Criss Angel premiere of ‘Believe,’ so I will have to leave a big bag of chocolate goodies on the front doorstep,” he said. “Hopefully the first group of trick-or-treaters won’t take everything and will leave some for the next groups. It will be miniature chocolate bars — M&M’s, Kit-Kat bars, Crunch bars …””

  4. Mr.Roadblock says:

    Why shouldn’t Okami/Lister be on the undercard. Both have a history of boring fights and both on more than one occasion have come out and “not shown up” for a fight.

    Let them put on a show and it can be shown after the Main Event or before the swing bout if the first couple fights go quick.

    I see a lot of internet fans bitching about anything these days the way wrestling fans used to with their stupid ***** match ranking systems. People try to act “smart” or “in the know” about something like Okami being on the undercard. This is a business. You need to entertain. That’s a Spike TV co-feature bouth.

  5. Jeremy (not that Jeremy) says:

    FFS, Kaz, you could have noticed that you needed to cut weight back when you were signed with UFC.

  6. PizzaChef says:

    Fuck candy. I wanna go to Dana’s house and ask for the rights to PRIDE. That would be the best trick or treat evAR.

  7. 45 Huddle says:

    I am a big Yushin Okami fan. I really am. I also understand his style is boring. With that said, there are two ways to look at this situation.

    First, an Okami/Lister fight is almost guaranteed to be boring. There are no doubts about it. Based on this alone, it would be smart to put this fight on the undercard.

    The second way to look at it is….

    What the heck is the UFC doing setting up this fight in the first place? Joe Silva knows that Okami/Lister has absolutely no appeal to the casual fans. He also knows this fight has almost no appeal to even the hardcore fans. There are others fighters they could have put him against that would better the odds of getting an exciting fight out of Okami.

    My opinion on the matter… A fighter one fight away from a title shot should not be on the undercard. No matter how boring he is. No matter who his opponent happens to be. If Dana White wants this to be looked upon as a sport, he needs to treat it as such.

  8. sprewell says:

    LMAO at Kazuhiro Nakamura finishing ANYONE in the first round

    that guy couldn’t finish Arnold in the first

  9. D.Capitated says:

    Jorge Santiago ended up out of the UFC after the loss to Belcher 2 years ago. Since then, he’s beaten Andrei Semenov, Jeremy Horn, Sean Salmon, Trevor Prangley, Yuki Sasaki, Logan Clark, Siyar Bahadurzada, and Kazuhiro Nakamura. That’s a pretty damn stout list. It would be pretty tough to justify him not being a top ten middleweight right now, though I’m sure 45 would use this as proof that Leben is the #7 185lb fighter in the world.

  10. 45 Huddle says:

    I couldn’t disagree more.

    Time after time in this sport, we have seen fighters beat a long line of solid fighters like Jorge Santiago is doing. Some fighters look very well doing this. However, until they step up in competition, there is no way to rank them higher. Let me give you three recent examples:

    1. Nick Thompson – He won 12 fights in a row. Beat guys like Chris Wilson and Eddie Alvarez (Lightweight). As soon as he steps up in talent and fights Jake Shields, he gets beaten quickly. Many people (not including me), had him ranked 10-12 in the world.

    2. Ryan Schultz – IFL Lightweight Champion. Looked really solid during his run, including beating Chris Horedecki. As soon as he steps up in competition and goes to Japan, he looks less then average.

    3. Ben Rothwell – Another guy who beat up on solid competition but nobody top tier. As soon as he fought a top level guy, he got beat up bad.

    These are just 3 recent examples. There are many more in the sports history.

    Beating the likes of Nakamura, Sasaki, Prangley, and Horn is nice…. but he continues to beat a bunch of guys who are around the same level of competition. Until he steps up in competition and fights a better fighter, it is improper to rank him higher. If history tells us anything, his wins over these level of competition doesn’t prove he is Top 10 material.

  11. dave2 says:

    You are being hard on Ben Rothwell. He lost to a top 5 fighter (now 3rd/4th place depending on where you place him versus Barnett) in Arlovski. That doesn’t mean that wouldn’t be able to hack it in the top 10. Werdum, Gonzaga, Cro Cop, Aleks, Kharitonov are 6-10 on mmaweekly. Sherdog has Overeem and dos Santos (this guy is going to be the second Gonzaga. Overrated most likely.) on their list. You think Rothwell would lose to all these guys?

    As for Jorge Santiago, he’s not top 10. But he’s top 15 I guess.

  12. IceMuncher says:

    45, you forgot Denis Kang. He’s probably the best example of a guy getting a ton of wins against mediocre opponents, and then doing poorly against good competition. It’s funny to look back and realize that at one point he was widely considered top 3-5.

    Here’s a short list of fighters, in no particular order, that are better than anyone Jorge has beaten in his streak:

    Silva, Franklin, Hendo, Filho, Marquardt, Leites, Bisping, Quarry, Leben, MacDonald, Okami, Maia, Lindland, Trigg, Lawler, Villasenor, Smith, Mousasi, Akiyama, Belfort.

    That’s 20 right there, and I’ve got others off the top of my head that I haven’t included. I don’t care how many #25-#50 fighters Santiago beats, he’s not breaking into my top 15 until he beats one or two of the guys I listed.

  13. 45 Huddle says:


    Great point on Kang. I forgot about him. He, just like Shields, never have business inside the Top 5 until proven otherwise. Robbie Lawler is a Top 10 fighter, but I tend to cringe when people put him Top 5. Jordan Breem made a great point a week ago. And that is Robbie Lawler matches up very poorly with many UFC Middleweights. Guys like Silva can oustrike him. Guys like Marquardt are more well rounded. And guys lke Almeida or Maia could submit him.


    The jist of my point is that wins against non-top level fighters don’t prove a fighter being top 10. I understand if people disagree on a fighter by fighter basis. But with Santiago, he just doesn’t have the wins against better talent to make him a top level fighter yet.

  14. D.Capitated says:

    Here’s a short list of fighters, in no particular order, that are better than anyone Jorge has beaten in his streak:

    Silva, Franklin, Hendo, Filho, Marquardt, Leites, Bisping, Quarry, Leben, MacDonald, Okami, Maia, Lindland, Trigg, Lawler, Villasenor, Smith, Mousasi, Akiyama, Belfort.

    I’d love to know what methodology gets you Nate Quarry in this list. Or for that matter, Jason MacDonald or Vitor Belfort. Aside from that, the simple fact is that he’s been fighting mid to upper tier competition constantly for 2 years and beaten everyone. In fact, not only did he beat them, he stopped all of them. But if you think beating Nate Quarry means anything right now, I think we’re gonna be on diametrically opposed sides of this argument.

  15. 45 Huddle says:

    What fighters has Santiaho beaten that you would consider upper tier?

  16. D.Capitated says:

    I would consider Prangley a top 15 middleweight going in without any questions whatsoever. Wins over Kondo, Uscola, Lutter, Horwich, and Semenov are all pretty darn good. He got robbed against Horn as well. The other guys are top 20-50 talent, which makes them no different in my eyes than Bisping, Leben, Smith, Belfort, MacDonald, or most of the other subelite in the world. I don’t see how, using Quarry again, having two wins over mid level competition in the last 2 years makes him clearly better than any of those guys. IMO, the only thing that separates him from Semenov is activity.

  17. D.Capitated says:

    Matter of fact, (zach can integrate this and I’d be happy) I fail to see how most of those fighters are markedly worse than Kalib Starnes. Starnes is good enough to beat McDonald and Leben, and he’s ragingly mediocre at everything.


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