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Boxing’s Jose Sulaiman & Bernard Hopkins talk about MMA

By Zach Arnold | October 21, 2008

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First, we have the inspirational words of WBC boss Jose Sulaiman, who claims that MMA has sent boxing back ‘to the era of the caveman’ and that China is the sport’s last great hope.

Second, we have Bernard Hopkins claiming that boxers have been negatively influenced by ‘ultimate fighting’ in terms of how they throw punches.

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7 Responses to “Boxing’s Jose Sulaiman & Bernard Hopkins talk about MMA”

  1. MessiahRp says:

    LOL coming from the head of the WBC which is the biggest farce in Boxing. Not even going over their clearly a joke rankings and title distribution (one of their champions, Oscar Larios, isn’t even allowed to fight here because of a brain bleed that should have forced him into retirement), these are the same fools who have forced the use of Open Scoring (worst idea ever) and has a rule where if one fighter is cut by accidental headbutt, the uncut fighter is deducted a point.

    See the recap for the Larios-Aoh fight from Dan Rafael for more:


  2. Fluyid says:

    This is some old guy defending the sport where he makes his living. Nothing to give a shit about either way. (Speaking about Sulaiman)

  3. skwirrl says:

    war BHop – after watching him dissect Pavlik via tape and mastery of boxing knowledge i wouldnt jump to conclusions that hes wrong when he says people are breaking proper boxing form in their punches because of MMA influence.

  4. skwirrl says:

    breaking form in that they don’t try and defend themselves and just slug it out. Casual MMA fans would HATE/despise/vilify Bhop just like they do Machida.

  5. 45 Huddle says:

    Yes, MMA fans would hate on a guy like Bernard Hopkins. The guy has exactly 1 win not by decision in the last 5 years, and that was to ODLH who is substantially smaller then him. Which is really the problem with boxing, in that too many fights have turned into point fighting. The large gloves are partially to blame for this, as there is less of a threat of a KO.

    When you have smaller gloves and kicking, technique can be much less of an an issue. If any of that has translated over to boxing, then perhaps it is a sign that fighters naturally go towards real fighting and not punching point fighting.

  6. D.Capitated says:

    If technique was much less of an issue, we’d be talking about Chris Leben: World Champion. Even Joe Rogan admits openly that MMA striking is still in its infant stages, 45.

  7. 45 Huddle says:

    I disagree with Rogan on this one. Striking in MMA will always look more “amateur” compared to boxing or even kickboxing. When you have to protect against a takedown, it makes all the techniques different.


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