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Thanks to Elite XC, a sports writer compares MMA to the XFL

By Zach Arnold | October 13, 2008

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In the Fort-Worth Star Telegram, no less:

The MMQB doesn’t mean to preach, and we are not prudes, but we can’t envision any circumstances when MMA would be seriously considered major network fare. The primary reason is that NBC tried this gambit in 2001 with the XFL, which was the brain child of Vince McMahon — impresario of World Wrestling Entertainment — who thought a trash-talking football league that basically encouraged unsportsmanlike-like conduct and featured cheerleaders that make the Cowboys cheerleaders look overdressed would bring boffo ratings in primetime on Saturday nights.

… People who follow MMA say that one of the problems is that ole Kimbo and female star Gina Carano are the only fighters with star appeal.

Which prompts us to offer this bit of advice to CBS and EliteXC: Take a page from the WWE playbook and just script it so that Kimbo and Gina never lose. We don’t think anyone watching will care.

Except, of course, MMA fans… other fight promoters… Las Vegas… athletic commissions…the Feds.

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2 Responses to “Thanks to Elite XC, a sports writer compares MMA to the XFL”

  1. Skwirrl says:

    If Kimbo and Gina never losing is what it takes to put Dana “So you wanna be a deuchebag” White in the poor house… Thats a sacrifice i’ll be willing to make.

  2. Fluyid says:

    Not for nothing, but that writer is sort of a minor writer for that newspaper, and that’s a very minor column he writes for their sport page.


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