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Frank Shamrock vs. Ken Shamrock is coming soon

By Zach Arnold | October 12, 2008

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ESPN report here. Who will get to promote the fight? Frank has a financial interest in Elite XC, but both brothers have worked with Strikeforce. How about EXC letting Strikeforce be the local promoter of the fight in San Jose and airing it on CBS?

Speaking of Elite XC, Michael David Smith of AOL Fanhouse has a note about Jeremy Lappen. This is an important update, as MDS asks Josh Gross of SI as to whether or not he ‘misquoted’ Lappen (as Lappen recently claimed). The report claims that there is audio of what Lappen said to Gross.

What was it that I said a couple of days ago about not having a centralized PR strategy and attacking multiple media outlets? How dumb is this? What’s astounding about this whole situation with Jeremy Lappen is that he’s a corporate lawyer. He’s not a dummy. However, I am shaking my head at the way he has (mis)handled this entire situation.

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8 Responses to “Frank Shamrock vs. Ken Shamrock is coming soon”

  1. catch says:

    Josh Gross is pretty much the one guy covering the sport that people would be LEAST likely to believe misquoted you. He should’ve just said that he misspoke.

  2. Dedwyre says:

    Yeah, Lappen’s just…I don’t know. There’s not a lot they can do to salvage this whole situation.

    I like the idea of EXC working with Strikeforce and airing the fight on CBS. Does EXC still owe Strikeforce some cooperation due to that lawsuit regarding Frank from way back when?

  3. dave2 says:

    I hope Frank doesn’t kill his adoptive big bro. This matchup is a lot more dangerous for Ken than the Kimbo fight and we could very well see another mma death. I don’t know how state athletic commissions still allow Ken to fight especially considering the discrepancy between Frank’s and Ken’s skill level right now. Tito vs Ken II and III were big mismatches but I’m sure Ken’s health has gotten worse since then.

  4. David says:

    After the debacle that is the legend in Ken Shamrock, he should announce this rumor of Shamrock vs Shamrock as a true retirement.

    Zach: In response to your information that Jeremy Lappen is a corporate lawyer, I think that is the case with a lot of “powerful people,” they get too arrogant for their own good.

  5. Skwirrl says:

    I think alot of you think Ken is worse off than he really is. I understand many of you aren’t boxing fans, but if you were you’d see somebody that is truly damaged from fights. Ken doesn’t slur his words and is still articulate enough to sell a fight. The losses everybody points to are Tito – well as much as I hate Tito he’s still a top 20 LHW, Saku where he was robbed, and the Buzz Berry dive debacle. He damn sure didn’t get hurt taking a dive against Berry. Kenny is fine

  6. MMA Fan says:

    jeremy lappen is a dummy.. it just took a while to come out!

  7. Brashleyholland says:

    To Skwirrl….

    If you had seen Ken after the fight, even in the interview he gave from the lockerroom about 15 mins after the KO, he was all over the place, could hardly string a few words together. It was pretty horrible to watch, he was less out of it after the beating he took in the first Tito fight, and THAT was a beating.


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