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UFC 93 (1/17/09) news & notes

By Zach Arnold | October 1, 2008

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Setanta Sports reports that Rich Franklin vs. Dan Henderson and Mark Coleman vs. Mauricio Shogun are fights booked for the promotion’s January 17th event at the O2 Arena in Dublin.

UFC official press release here.

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6 Responses to “UFC 93 (1/17/09) news & notes”

  1. klown says:

    Will Franklin-Henderson be fought at Middleweight or Light Heavyweight?

    Will Coleman-Shogun be fought at Light Heavyweight or Heavyweight?

  2. The Gaijin says:

    Both at LHW (205).

  3. CaptainAmerica1967 says:

    Coleman beat Shogun in Pride although it was kind of accidental as Coleman rushed Shogun pushing him down and Shogun broke his ulna or forearm. Coleman is heavyweight and Shogun is light heavyweight.

    I used to train (weights) with Coleman when I lived in Columbus and I don’t see how Coleman will make 205 as he’s never fought at that weight even against Shogun as in Pride all fighter fight each other weight classes like Penn faught against Machida and I think should have won the decision over Machida. Machida ran quite a bit, but Penn hammered him good once with a hook, but could chase Machida down as he keep running.

    Coleman generally weighs about 245-255 and is quite tall. Randleman, Coleman’s buddy, is shorter and has faught at light heavyweight and heavyweight. Coleman will look like a skeleton if he makes 205.

    I like Franklin, but I think Henderson will ground and pound Franklin to a TKO.
    Henderson KOed Wanderlei Silva in Pride.

  4. Almost exactly two years ago Coleman weighed 224lbs against Fedor. It doesnt seem impossible.

  5. fightopinionReader says:

    What about the rumors of Dan Henderson and Michael Bisping coaching the next TUF season? Is Henderson going to go up to 205 for the Franklin fight and then come back down to 185 for the inevitable end of the series fight against Bisping? Doesn’t make sense…

  6. The Gaijin says:

    Coleman “kind of accidental”?
    – Read: Complete fluke (yes I realize it was stupid to attempt to post, but you see people get away with that ALL the time)


    He weighed 255lbs?
    – When exactly? Maybe at the height of his juiced up days (even then it’s probably a puffed up number) but he’s been nowhere near that in recent memory and I think it’s been long thought that he could cut to 205 if he put in some effort and laid off the crank.


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