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Good news for Comcast customers who want HDNet Fights

By Zach Arnold | September 4, 2008

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Addition of HDNet Programming Part of Comcast’s Project Infinity Commitment to Deliver Best and Most Content Available Anytime, Anywhere

(DALLAS) September 4, 2008 – HDNet, the leader in high definition programming, today announced a carriage agreement to add HDNet and HDNet Movies to Comcast’s strong high definition (HD) programming line up. The agreement enables Comcast, the nation’s leading provider of entertainment, information and communications products and services, to provide the two HDNet networks to HD subscribers in many of its systems, including free On Demand programming, in addition to increasing Comcast’s carriage of HDNet over the next year.

“We’re thrilled to have a partnership that will provide Comcast’s customers with top-notch HD programming. This agreement between two leading HD providers will help shape the ever-expanding world of high definition programming,” said Mark Cuban, president and co-founder of HDNet. “This marketplace agreement makes HDNet’s cutting edge, independent programming accessible to many more cable homes across the country.”

“With hundreds of HD choices available to Comcast customers, we believe that partnering with HDNet further complements our offering by bringing both compelling and high quality HD programming to our customers in this increasingly competitive marketplace,” said Matt Bond, executive vice president, content acquisition, Comcast. “This partnership is another example of the strides we’re making on our Project Infinity commitment to deliver more HD choices than anywhere else.”

Launched in September of 2001, HDNet became the world’s first national television network broadcasting all of its programming in high definition. HDNet is the exclusive, high definition home for critically acclaimed original programming, including television’s only HD news feature programs “HDNet World Report,” “Dan Rather Reports,” featuring legendary journalist Dan Rather. HDNet also features championship sports coverage from MLS to MMA and groundbreaking music programming with the HDNet Concert Series.

HDNet Movies features a wide selection of major studio theatrical releases – all uncut, unedited, and appearing in their original aspect ratio. HDNet Movies also offers exclusive Sneak Previews of first run feature films to viewers before they premiere in theaters.

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13 Responses to “Good news for Comcast customers who want HDNet Fights”

  1. zack says:

    How many new homes does this open up?

  2. xx2000xx says:

    And another breaking news. Comcast is, as 90% of the people don’t know, having a 250 Gig cap on their line.

    Groundbreaking too. They expect to shut down 14,000 people. Are you one?

  3. 45 Huddle says:

    I have Comcast. Good news for me.

  4. CapnHulk says:

    I’d rather have them impose the cap than go back to secretly filtering P2P traffic. The FCC smacked them around after that debacle.

    Those 14,000 are a tiny, tiny percentage of the 14.1 million people using their service. If you legitimately need to use more than 250gigs per month then you’re probably savvy enough to find a better ISP.

    ANYWAY, this is a good move on their part. The more people exposed to MMA, the better.

  5. DarceYou says:

    HDNet was founded by that traiter, Mark Cuban. I won’t be watching his watching his channels that contribute to the death of American soldiers in the field of battle.

  6. Jeremy (not that Jeremy) says:

    “Traiter,” let’s leave aside that it’s not spelled right. The entire concept of treachery by way of exercising your free speech rights is inherently unamerican. Are you in tune with the letter and spirit of the constitution, or are you dancing to the war drums of nationalists?

  7. GB says:

    Those treitors and their damned trisonous acts. He doesn’t support the troops invading another country on a false premise and killing hundreds of thousands of civilians. Oh, the humanity!

  8. Ivan Trembow says:

    I’ve been looking forward to this news for a long time.

  9. MMA Fan says:


  10. DarceYou says:

    okay, boys, now that you’ve had your fun with letters, get your heads and spines straight. If you move to create a work of art that you KNOW will inspire violence in the microcephalic minds of your enemy while the sons of your nation are in the field of battle, you might be a traitor.

  11. GB says:


    1.- If the “sons of your nation” are invading another country that posed no threat to the U.S. and have already killed hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians (not combatants) – and every estimate cites a toll of at least 100,000 civilian non-combatants- criticizing the war does not amount to treason.

    2.- HDNet Fights means more MMA on TV and nothing else. There’s absolutely NO LOGICAL CONNECTION between subscribing to it and undermining the “sons of our nation” in any way.

  12. DarceYou says:

    GB, it’s fair to disagree with the decision to go, but deliberately investing in defamation of character of our fellow citizens in uniform is simply traitorous.

    ‘nuf said. Do what you will do.

    I encourage others to choke Cuban out of MMA.


  13. Prime says:

    Now to see when it will be avaialable and if it’s all of Comcast. After I read the report I called Comcast and they said they had no plans to broadcast it in my area.


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