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Kimbo Slice vs. Ken Shamrock signed for October 4th

By Zach Arnold | August 25, 2008

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It’s now official.

1) Will it attract a lot of interest from casual, mainstream MMA fans in North America?
2) Will it be a competitive fight?

It should be noted that Jeremy Lappen, who is running the show at Elite XC, used to represent Shamrock.

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15 Responses to “Kimbo Slice vs. Ken Shamrock signed for October 4th”

  1. Ultimo Santa says:

    The Internet fanboys will tune in to see Kimbo destroy a MMA legend, and the casual viewer will tune in because the name Ken Shamrock still attracts attention (for some reason).

    I would personally just like to see Ken retire before he receives any additional brain damage. Watching him fight the last several times has been so painful.

  2. Andrej says:

    It might be competitive because Kimbo has no ground game at all. Ken Shamrock still might be able to take the fight to the ground and grind out a decision. Look how easy it was for Josh Thompson to school Kimbo on the ground.

    I like the fight. It can go several different way’s. And I might not like Kimbo’s chances on the ground. It is MMA right?

  3. Kelvin says:

    I understand EliteXC’s reason for booking this match..but I’d almost pay to see Shamrock got out with a win…via sub.

  4. IceMuncher says:

    Well, at least the quality of Kimbo’s opponents have been consistent. Ken Shamrock hasn’t had a victory in over 4 years and is sporting a 1-7 record in his last 8 fights.

    I have no desire to see this fight happen.

  5. Zack says:

    IceMuncher…I’m sure you’ll be watching live and will be one of the first people to come on this site and bitch about it afterwards.

  6. Dave says:

    You know, I have no problem with this. Sure, Shamrock is going to get destroyed, but I think he’ll actually give Kimbo a good fight. I’m not saying he’ll win, or that he won’t end up as a highlight reel knockout, but this is the kind of fight they’ll need for Kimbo.

    It is a legend, and a bigger name than anybody else he has ever faced. Shamrock should give him at least part of a challenge and will get knocked out and be dead. Everybody wins.

    ..Except for Frank Shamrock and his ‘Blood Brothers’ concept.

  7. IceMuncher says:

    What makes you say that? I didn’t watch the last Kimbo fight live, and the only reason I watched it at all was because of all the controversy surrounding it.

    Is it wrong that I have a problem with a mediocre fighter, who’s famous because of backyard street brawls, headlining fight cards against opponents who have been 1-7, 2-6, and 1-7 in their last 8 fights? It’s nothing against Kimbo, good for him really, but I don’t like the way EliteXC is pushing him to the forefront of their company and feeding him nothing but tomato cans.

  8. Zack says:

    Yeah…because the 2nd CBS show without him did so well. He’s there to draw the eyes.

    Shields/Daley & Benji/Ninja are there for the hardcores.

  9. Chris says:

    I don’t think the fight will be competitive, but I understand why it’s being made.

    The promotion is in a tough spot, where there biggest draw has a total of three mma fights under his belt. So they need to get him an impressive looking win on the national stage. This match with Shamrock gets Kimbo a win, and big ratings for CBS.

  10. jim allcorn says:

    Sorry, but this match up is a disgrace.

    IMO, it’s about as close to a worked fight as one can get, it’s so obviously as easy win for ferguson. CBS ought to be ashamed of itself for giving this debacle the OK.

    I mean, we are discussing an opponent who was lit up like a Christmas tree by a JAB in his last fight against the now retired “Buzz” Berry. A man who was completely non-competitive in two quick TKO losses to a light-heavyweight before that & someone who was earlier belted out in short order by a TOTAL non-puncher & a middleweight in Sakuraba!

    So, what do you think’s going to happen to him when Kimbo lands a punch?

    Gee, I wonder …

    Oh sure, there’s a slim chance that Shamrock could manage to get Ferguson down on the ground before taking a solid blow, but given how frequently & easily he’s been caught & KO’d lately, I seriously doubt that’s going to happen.

  11. Dave says:

    Jim, do you think Kimbo can defend the leglock? I mean, we haven’t seen him have to defend it before.

  12. IceMuncher says:

    Ken Shamrock hasn’t won a fight via leglock since ’96.

  13. Dedwyre says:

    I think it’s a good fight in terms of drawing money/viewers. If they promote it well enough (which seems to be asking a lot with this group), it can probably generate interest. Plus, Ken gets a payday, which is likely the reason he’s still fighting these days. If he’s so hell-bent on getting himself hurt (which I don’t want to see any more than anybody else), he might as well risk it on network television with a group that will pay him.

  14. Frank Shamrock Would Have Killed Kimbo says:

    Useless fight, he was KO by this UK guy Robert Berry
    If Kimbo can’t KO him in 1min, he’s a disgrace

  15. Skwirrl says:

    LOL how the spam word is worked – Thats exactly what Shamrock did against Berry. He took a dive. I think against Kimbo you may actually see him try, unless Elite makes it worth his while to stay on his feet.


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