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Today’s chalkboard (8/12/2008)

By Zach Arnold | August 12, 2008

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A slow news day, so this counts as the the top headline of the day:

A little birdie says Ultimate Fighting Championship officials weren’t pleased about the 10 percent tax on their show that drew 15,082 to Target Center on Saturday, and if they return to the Twin Cities next year, the Xcel Energy Center could be the site.

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  2. Fox Sports: Thales Leites to face Goran Reljic at UFC 90 in Chicago
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  4. 411 Mania: An interview with photographer Tracy Lee
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  6. Dave Meltzer (Yahoo Sports): Brock Lesnar answers questions, raises more
  7. Ben Fowlkes: Brock Lesnar’s here to stay… so get used to it
  8. Arash Markazi (SI): Q & A with MMA fighter-turned-actor Randy Couture

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6 Responses to “Today’s chalkboard (8/12/2008)”

  1. samscaff says:

    Whats up with the 10% tax?

    Taxes are something the government imposes right?

    Are St. Paul’s taxes that much lower than Minneapolis?

    I dont get it.

  2. Jeremy (not that Jeremy) says:

    10% is the sum of several taxes. There’s a half percent city sales tax, a 6.5% state sales tax, a 0.15% county sales tax and a 3% entertainment tax.

    St Paul doesn’t have the entertainment tax, so the tax would still be significant, but it would be about 30% less, which is a chunk of change on a $2.252 million gate (about $67,560, which is not that much to whine about on over $2 mil but if you’re pinching pennies, sure).

  3. Zack says:

    Good post Jeremy.

  4. Jeremy (not that Jeremy) says:

    The thing that I’m not sure about is that normally those would all fall on the buyer of the tickets, so maybe they just missed the fact that there was a 3% that they were supposed to collect or something.

    You have to remit it whether you collect it or not…

    It’s also possible that there is an out of town pro sports salary tax, but that doesn’t seem to tie out with what I’m seeing.

  5. robert joyner says:

    jeremy..if you don’t mind i’m going to add your info to my post about this over on if you would rather I not, just leave a comment in this thread and i’ll take it out.

  6. Jeremy (not that Jeremy) says:

    I’d prefer you not, because I don’t know for sure.


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