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WEC media coverage gains steam for the heat-up to Sunday’s event

By Zach Arnold | July 31, 2008

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Poll of the day: NBC Sports currently has a poll with the following question:

After watching Fedor Emelianenko crush Tim Sylvia in spectacular fashion, which fighter do you think is most capable of beating him?

Randy Couture was first with 47%, no one second at 27%, Andrei Arlovski third with 14%, Mirko Cro Cop fourth with 5.8%, and in last place… Josh Barnett with 5.5%. Oh my.

Someone decided to interview Jordan Breen. Is he a better person than you? Speaking of interviews, here is an interview with Roy Englebrecht. Smart man.

Did you forget that Ryoto Machida still exists in the MMA scene today?

Onto today’s headlines.

  1. Sherdog: WEC Lightweight title not enough for Jamie Varner
  2. USA Today: Jamie Varner says, ‘I want some legitimacy’
  3. Kevin Iole (Yahoo Sports): Low-profile Carlos Condit a high-impact fighter
  4. NBC Sports: WEC’s Carlos Condit raising profile with big wins
  5. USA Today: UFC has weight-and-see attitude for WEC
  6. The Washington Post: The war is over for Brian Stann, but the battles continue
  7. Setanta Sports (UK): Jon Fitch keen to silence critics
  8. The Baltimore Sun: Does Chuck Liddell deserve a UFC Light Heavyweight title shot?
  9. The New York Times: MMA’s Macho Badge of Honor – deformed ears
  10. The Boston Globe: MA. state senator James E. Timilty seeks MMA legislation in Massachusetts
  11. MMA Weekly: Affliction VP Tom Atencio stands by PPV numbers
  12. MMA Predictions: Total Combat event this Saturday in San Diego

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14 Responses to “WEC media coverage gains steam for the heat-up to Sunday’s event”

  1. Jordan Breen says:

    All that you’ll learn from that interview is that I need better pictures of myself, and ones that aren’t from Hot Chicks with Douchebags themed parties.

  2. Marc says:

    Good to know. Here I was thinking you looked like a douchebag…

  3. Jordan Breen says:

    Exactly. Not that the get-up is too much of a stretch.

  4. cyph says:

    As a Lyoto Machida fan, that was a very enlightening article. It seems when Lyoto needs to fight fast and hard, he could do it. Unfortunately, he’s too fearful of his perfect record to go all out nowadays. I remember it started with his horrible Vernon fight in the WFA.

    On a side note, Zach is still the only remaining blogger to spell Lyoto using the R. Lyoto is Brazilian, even if he’s part Japanese. And I think Brazil’s Portuguese language uses Latin as an alphabet and not kanji. I always thought the R spelling originated in the Sherdog forum, but I think it all started here on FightOpinion. That may be another MMA trivial question.

  5. Grape Knee High says:

    Pic of me and mah boys up in Jersey

    Just hanging out right before UFC 56

  6. Grape Knee High says:

    cyph, Machida has a fully Japanese name and that consonant can be correctly translated with both “R” and “L”.

    It’s the same difference as “Caol Uno” and “Kaoru Uno”. It is strictly due to alternate ways to romanize Japanese, nothing to do with Sherdog or FO.

    Besides, Zach still calls standard armbars some crazy pro wrestling name like “double scissors arm lock” or some shit, so it’s just Zach being Zach.

  7. cyph says:

    That’s why I brought up the fact that the correct Latin spelling of his name is Lyoto as Machida has mentioned many times before. That is his legal spelling, regardless on his driver’s license.

    The Chinese last name of Le can be spelled Lee or Li, or Ly. I’ve seen all three versions. However, you don’t change one guy’s name that he chose to something else because it could conceivably be spelled any way.

    Anyway, we digress, it’s a slow news week.

  8. Jordan Breen says:

    “Pic of me and mah boys up in Jersey”

    Regrettably, I don’t own an Italia zip hoodie or a headband.

  9. cyph says:

    Boy, Attencio is very vaguge.

    “We did well over 100,000,” Atencio said. “At this point, we did well over, but I don’t want to give the exact numbers.”

    That wasn’t our deal,” Atencio said. “But we had a pretty standard – we actually may have done better than that. We don’t go into anything completely blind, and we had a general idea of what we were looking for, and we did a good job.”

    Still, Atencio said the 40 percent figure was “within that area,” and the resulting $2.4 million in gross revenue was “within the ballpark.”

    So if they did 2.4 + 2.1 = 4.5 million. They paid 3.3 + 1.3 = 4.6 million. They almost covered their salary structure! Of course, they lost 5 million on production cost as well.

    Maybe I’m reading too much into his answers, but he sounds like a defeated man.

  10. Kelvin says:

    lol@ that poll…thinking Couture would beat Fedor before Barnett..pfft

  11. Ultimo Santa says:

    01. Josh Barnett has solid stand-up, and seems to be packing serious power in his punches these days. He would also fare well on the ground with Fedor. By far the best chance at taking the WAMMA Title.

    02. Arlovski looked fast and sharp in his stand-up against Rothwell, so he could have a chance there. On the ground…not so much. I fear he’d get GnP for 5 solid rounds.

    03. Randy does not have the speed or KO power to deal with Fedor standing up, but he has a wrestling edge. The problem is that when you take Fedor down, then what? Very, very mild shot at grind out out a decision win, but most likely would get worn down by strikes and then submitted.

    04. CroCop – bringing his A-game – has a puncher’s chance. That’s it. I would give him a snowball’s chance in hell of scoring a cut stoppage, but that’s about it.

  12. Brandt says:

    “Pic of me and mah boys up in Jersey

    Just hanging out right before UFC 56”

    I know exactly what you mean, lol. That forum post to led to so much photoshopping of guido guys from the Jersey Shore.

  13. The Gaijin says:

    If you go to there’s some video about Jersey – “Guido Beach” that has one of the guys they was massively made fun of on the Sherdog forums (roided bouncer).

    Ahhh memory lane.

  14. Ivan Trembow says:

    I don’t believe the 100,000 number for a minute. They did buy a lot of tickets themselves to sell at lower prices, but that kind of thing happens all the time at any UFC event in Las Vegas (or any other big MMA or boxing event in Vegas). The host casino buys a large number of tickets and then gives them to its high rollers.


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