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Curses! Aleksander, Yamamoto pulled off MMA cards

By Zach Arnold | July 18, 2008

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Two of the most entertaining bouts scheduled this weekend (Aleksandr Emelianenko vs. Paul Buentello and Kid Yamamoto vs. Joseph Benavidez) have been canceled.

Gary Goodridge will now replace Aleksander in the Buentello fight.

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14 Responses to “Curses! Aleksander, Yamamoto pulled off MMA cards”

  1. The Citizen says:

    Was looking forward to Aleks Buentello just as much as the main event.

  2. The Gaijin says:

    I was really looking forward to this as well, as foregone a conclusion as it likely was, it would have been pretty exciting.

  3. The Gaijin says:

    OH yaay!! Now we’re being treated to the substitute fight of Buentello vs. Goodridge.

    Seeing as Big Daddy couldn’t handle the explosive striking power of Choi Mu Bae, I see him staring up at the lights after a sloppy bar brawl.

  4. will says:

    nothing ever works out perfectly does it?

  5. D.Capitated says:

    Last time Goodridge looked awesome was the time he KOed Kengo Watanabe. A couple hours later he got annhilated on that same K-1 show. I’m strangely fascinated by this bout, however. Goodridge beat Nortje last year in HERO’S, and for being a sloppy boxing match it should be fun for however long it lasts. Would have rather seen Alexander, but I’m okay with this as a substitute instead of nothing.

  6. Brandt says:

    Armando strikes again!

  7. Jordan Breen says:

    I figured Zach would have a field day with the Shukan Gendai-KID stuff. You disappoint me, Mr. Arnold. Have you donated your sensationalist bones to science?

  8. Zach Arnold says:

    I figured Zach would have a field day with the Shukan Gendai-KID stuff. You disappoint me, Mr. Arnold. Have you donated your sensationalist bones to science?

    I am a professional of high standards with an excellent background in broadcast journalism.

    And if anyone makes a crack on the following statement, I will give them the Affliction treatment and they shall be BANNED.

  9. Jordan Breen says:

    Don’t be dissing the t-shirt guys of the world.

  10. samscaff says:

    Why the hell does this keep happening?

    This guy (Aleks) was at the press conference for gods sake.

    Dont these promotions make sure ahead of time that these fighters will be licensed??

    Does anyone know the exact reason he wasnt licensed?

  11. samscaff says:

    As in what was medically wrong with him?

    Dont tell me he’s got a Hong Man Choi tumor? He’s not that big!

  12. Chuck says:

    Crap! This might be a jinx, but…….The Fedor vs. Sylvia fight will get canceled! I bet the farm something will happen. Whether Fedor has a bruised uvula or something stupid like that, or Sylvia gets canned for testing black for some substance.

  13. Ultimo Santa says:

    Oh noes! Kid Yamamoto smoked a plant!! EVERYBODY PANIC!!!

    I do NOT smoke weed – and likely never will. But the fact that Japan (or any country) spends taxpayer money to hunt down, arrest and imprison people for growing a weed and smoking it?

    It’s almost mind blowing.

    I’m sure the Katrina victims with 4 kids who are STILL living in abandoned cars are glad that millions are being spent to keep potheads in prison.

  14. D.Capitated says:

    The rumor (and there’s a lot of people I trust saying it) is that Aleks has Hep B. Yeah, I think its okay he didn’t fight.


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