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Affliction: Banned press conference quotes

By Zach Arnold | July 16, 2008

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Total MMA radio special on Affliction: Banned event.

‘Affliction Banned’ official weigh in — OPEN TO THE PUBLIC — Friday afternoon, July 18 (doors open at 2 PM/PT, on scales at 3 PM/PT) at Honda Center in Anaheim (2695 E. Katella Ave., Anaheim, CA 714.704.2400).


Fedor Emelianenko: “I want to thank Affliction, M1 Global and Tim Sylvia. We will be great in the ring. I also want to thank all of the fans. I guarantee that after this show, they’ll be coming back for more.”

Tim Sylvia: “It’s finally here and this fight is finally going to happen. You’re seeing the future. Affliction is helping fighters and giving other organizations competition. They’re putting on a great show. The WAMMA belt is on the line and fighters in other organizations will recognize this one belt. I want to thank Fedor. It’s going to be an awesome fight. I’ve been looking forward to it for a long time.”

Ben Rothwell: “I’m glad TBA announced his name. They’re coming to see us. Arlovski and I won’t disappoint.”
Andrei Arlovski: It’s a great opportunity to fight on this show with so many great fighters.”

Josh Barnett: “I like Pedro. He’ll be a better win under my belt and then we can say we’re even, steeven. We’re stealing the show. We’re going to blow the roof off that place; I hope they budgeted for repairs.”

Pedro Rizzo: “I’m very excited to be part of this show. I want to thank Josh for this fight. We’ll give you a great show Saturday night.”

Mike Whitehead: “I’m honored to be here with al of these great guys. You saw me two months ago (first press conference) and I’m 60 pounds lighter. I may not be the best grappler or best Roan Greco wrestler, but I work hard. The fight between me and Babalu is going to be a big pile of smoke and we’ll see who is standing when the dust settles.”

Renato Sobral: It’s a pleasure to be here fighting. I’m honored to be fighting on the same show with these guys. We’re like brothers but you going to see everybody beat each other.”

Antonio Rogerio Nogueira: “I’m happy to be able to show my friends in America, finally fighting here, and give them a very good show.”

Edwin Dewes: “I’m honored to be here fighting on this historic card. I’m the youngest one here and I’ve had the most fights. I’ve been all over the world fighting.”

Fabio Nascimento: “I want to thank everybody. I promise to do my best for a good fight.”

Matt Lindland: “I’m so excited. My last fight was April a year ago. I’m giddy right now. Fabio’s real tough. He’s fought his whole life growing up with his name. We’re going to have a good fight. I’m going to put a suplex on his head Saturday night.”

Aleksander Emelianenko: “I want to thank my opponent for this opportunity and wish him the best. We will show everybody a great technical, beautiful fight.”

Paul Buentello: “You have to follow the monsters and Affliction has the best heavyweights on this card. Me and Aleksander Emelianenko’s paths have crossed and Affliction’s brought us together. Iet’s not going to be a takedown; it’s going to be war, don’t blink.”

Vitor Belfort: “It’s a pleasure to be fighting at home, Los Angeles, on a phenomenal card like this. It’s a new challenge for me fighting at 185 (lbs.).”

Terry Martin: “I’m excited to be here fighting Vitor Belfort. I guarantee you’re going to see a fight you won’t forget, one you’ll be talking about for years.”

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3 Responses to “Affliction: Banned press conference quotes”

  1. Chuck says:

    WHAT THE HELL WAS THIS?!?! Where was the chair slinging? Trash talking? Pull apart brawls? Sucker punches? Jesus Christ, why was everyone buddy-buddy and being all polite with eachother! God dammit! This was no press conference! This was more like a drum circle, minus the peace pipe and/or bong! People thanking eachother and being gracious with one another? BLASPHEMY!!!!!!

    All kidding aside, this press conference was a breath of fresh air. I am sick of stupid shit like pull-apart brawls and the like. You would think the promoters and whoever else would encourage the fighters to trash talk eachother, but this was not the case. Bravo to everyone involved!

  2. skwirrl says:

    We need Rampage to get in there and wreak some havoc to make this more interesting.

  3. Ultimo Santa says:

    “I’ve been looking forward to it for a long time”

    Tim Sylvia is looking forward to tapping out? I would think he’d be tired of tapping after his last fight.


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