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Monday morning review (6/30/08)

By Zach Arnold | June 30, 2008

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Here’s a report claiming that Delaware could soon ban MMA.

Jake Rossen asks whether or not we should care about Quinton Jackson vs. Forrest Griffin at UFC 86. It harkens back to a debate hardcores love to have online, which is how effective or ineffective UFC has been in marketing Jackson (as compared to Chuck Liddell). My take on the amount of coverage the fight is getting is that it’s about at the right level — most people think Jackson is going to win and do so comfortably. Sure, we will get a slew of TV shows and news stories hyping up the event starting on Wednesday. With that said, it’s a one-match show for the casual fans and that one match isn’t exactly setting the world on fire. Ben Fowlkes, as usual, has his own take on the matter at hand.

UFC 89 will reportedly be headlined by Michael Bisping vs. Chris Leben. Are you buying or selling this?

The Fight Network is reporting that MFC has cut ties with Drew Fickett. MMA California has more on Mr. Fickett’s adventures.

Speaking of Miss Bucknell, check out the great photos that the MMA California site has of this past weekend’s Strikeforce event in San Jose.

2008 US Presidential candidate Charles Jay is trying to figure out what Donald Trump is up to with his ties to Affliction. Aren’t we all?

  1. The Fightworks Podcast (audio): Interview with Andre Galvao
  2. Video Business: MMA attracts mixed male audience
  3. KHNL 8 (Honolulu): First ever MMA, Sports, and Fitness Expo this coming weekend at Blaisdell Exhibition Hall
  4. The Anderson Herald-Bulletin (IN): Chris Lytle simplifies his game plan for Josh Koscheck
  5. Jesse Motiff: Fedor is a fraud
  6. The Dayton Daily News (OH): Can Strikeforce keep its talent satisfied?

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3 Responses to “Monday morning review (6/30/08)”

  1. mmafan says:

    delaware? who gives a crap.

  2. Rollo the Cat says:

    I think there may be some misuderstanding about Bisping v Leben being the “headliner”. I bet Okami v Silva is the real main event.

    I am sure the line up will change before long.

    I hope the line up will change before long.

    Actually, I don’t mind cards with no real main event as long as the other match ups are interesting, but I am certain they will come back to the UK with a title match.

  3. IceMuncher says:

    Rollo, I think you’re right. I’ve got a hunch that Bisping vs Leben will be a “co-main event”, and they’re just waiting until after Silva’s fight with Irvin to book him (make sure he’s healthy and all that). If not, then they may be waiting to see if Chuck is ready.

    I think the UFC is aware that a Leben vs Bisping fight in the UK isn’t going to attract many PPV buys by itself.


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