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The Drew Fickett/Mark Pavelich feud

By Zach Arnold | June 28, 2008

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Keep your eyes open to this little spat between fighter and promoter.

Start with this MMA Rated post. That link went to a post that originally had audio which they purported to be of a voicemail message from Mark Pavelich. After we linked to that post, the audio clip has been pulled from their site.

Scott White at TKO Xtreme (link here) has transcribed what Pavelich’s supposed voicemail message said:

“It’s Mark Pavelich calling from the Maximum Fighting Championship,

I’ve just received notice that Drew Fickett or you, I don’t care which one of you fuckers did it, has signed a contract to fight in Strikeforce this fucking weekend. I’m going to get on a fucking plane soon and go where you’re at and choke you the fuck out. I’m telling you right now, I’ve had enough of your fucking shit. First of all, I’ve sent you the fucking pictures and secondly, I placed Drew Fickett in a fight fucking months ago and five weeks prior to my main event of my fucking fight card. You’re going to give me a fucking call tomorrow or I swear I’ll get on a fucking plane and go right where you’re at right now. You’re pissing me off, I’ve been nothing but professional to you motherfuckers and you’re doing this kind of bullshit, alright? Call me back, I’m fucking pissed.”

Make sure to click on the link to Scott’s report to read more on this situation.

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7 Responses to “The Drew Fickett/Mark Pavelich feud”

  1. Big Bill Bob says:

    Ha! looks like they already yanked that audio probably because the ego maniac was spewing all that crap got ahold of whoever runs the website!

  2. Rollo the Cat says:

    Is anybody going to take Fickett’s side in this? Not me. It looks like he screwed up, got caught and is angry about it.

  3. Rollo the Cat says:

    Now I see that MFC has dropped him from the card. So he is out of the Strikeforce money and the MFC payday.

    Still, the same thing happened to Sean Salmon with HD Net Fights. If the contract was clear, then there is no excuse.

    Maybe Zuffa will bring Drew back to the UFC or WEC.

  4. George Lucas says:

    Zuffa’s exclusive contract policy has no place for a guy who can’t even get his non-exclusive contracts straightened out.

  5. Jeremy (not that Jeremy) says:

    Apparently, fightlinker has reposted the thing:

  6. David Casey says:

    Look, I am hearing a lot of people bashing Fickett over this – the point is that you don’t threaten a fighter or his manager – period. Fickett had a right to respond the way he did. MMA does not want to be the next boxing, where promoters bully fighters and fights get worked. Come on now – who has the money and who is now jobless. I rest my case.

  7. Not Siding says:

    Get your information straight! Jeseus Christ you guys! Pay attention! I dont like Drew Fickett, he is a douchebag. I dont like Mark Pavelich, he is a Pompous asshole. Having said that I will have to side with MARK PAVELICH.


    Look at it from a different perspective.

    You are a fighter, you dont obey the consequences, you obviously get penalized. ( Did you expect otherwise? )

    Yea PAVELICH should of not been a complete dick, but think of it this way. ( You are a MMA promoter, you make contracts so that you can protect yourself from litigation in the long run, I would be pissed too if I had put a fighter on as a Main Card, and I findout he is fighting just before my main card fight! Yeah Pavelich is an asswipe for the way he reacted, but I think he takes the cake for the fact that he has invested money and time into a fighter that just undermines a contract he signed legally bound or not.

    Mark Pavelich didnt bully Drew Fickett, Drew Fickett Deserved it. He had it coming.

    I understand trying to make a buck here and there, but dont do it at someone elses expense. Thats the problem with society today, God damn band wagon jumpers. Look at your evidence before you go accusing non guilty parties. Get your shit straight before you Get put straight.

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