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A setback for Matt Hughes

By Zach Arnold | June 25, 2008

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NBC Sports is reporting that Matt Hughes suffered a torn MCL in his left knee during his UFC 85 London fight against Thiago Alves. On his personal web site, Hughes says that he has a torn MCL & partially torn PCL.

Fortunately, the ACL in the left knee was not torn or else that would have required surgery and Hughes’ career might have been finished.

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5 Responses to “A setback for Matt Hughes”

  1. Matt Hughes is a really tough guy but should consider retirement before he starts just being a stepping stone for fighting to make it to the title fight

  2. Bret Hoover says:

    I know he really can’t compete with GSP anymore and I think that he would have to have at least four more solid wins before even thinking about getting a title fight…..the man is old and i don’t think he has it in him he has a great record in the UFC and could at one point be consider one of the most donminating fighter’s the UFC has ever seen great job MATT but it’s time to go maybe one more fight that he knows he could win then put the glooves up

  3. Matt’s the man but there’s only one way to look at this he’s still in the top 5 fighters in his weight class why retire if you were the 5th best at a sport would you quit no…..and now that people are not beleaving in matt he has one more thing to prove

  4. Bret Hoover says:

    I man is done I don’t think he’s even in the top 5
    2.Thiago Alves
    3.Diego Sanchez(which i think he’ll fight him next)
    4.Josh Koscheck
    5.BJ Penn(If he would come back to the weight class)

  5. I think were going to far i mean he’s in the top 5 maybe No. 4 I think the last time BJ fought him is when BJ found out he could’nt win a championship in that weight class and went down


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