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Josh Barnett profiled on NHK

By Zach Arnold | June 9, 2008

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NHK recently did a profile of Josh Barnett. His favorite word? Fight.

  1. The Fightworks Podcast: Your turn to interview Xande Ribeiro, BJJ world champion
  2. USA Today: Jeff Monson pulled off of this Saturday’s Adrenaline MMA event
  3. The Santa Rosa Press-Democrat (CA): There will be blood… and when there is, fight doctor Gary Furness will be there to clean it up (very good article to read)
  4. KHNL NBC 8 (Hawaii): UFC champ BJ Penn humbled by fans
  5. Steve Sievert: Rejuvenated Yves Edwards earns long-awaited title shot
  6. Ben Fowlkes (Sports Illustrated): MMA doesn’t need rules, it needs the right interpretation
  7. Luke Thomas: Does MMA need instant replay?
  8. Dave Meltzer: Officials under scrutiny after controversies
  9. The Boston Herald: Bloody sport of MMA grows in popularity
  10. Fox News Fight Game (video): Caged marines
  11. UFC HP: Jon Fitch – the wait is over
  12. Jared Barnes (Houston Chronicle): Matt Hughes by the numbers and the greatest UFC fighters ever
  13. TKO Xtreme: Wes Sims vs. Bosse recap (video)
  14. Sherdog: The making of a superstar in South Korea
  15. Charles Jay: Floyd Mayweather to UFC – would it be a master stroke?
  16. MMA Opinion: Rumors on Dana White’s big announcement
  17. The Pacific Daily News (Guam): Bill introduced to more-tightly regulate MMA in Guam
  18. The Oklahoman: MMA notebook – former OSU wrestler Jack Jensen
  19. Sherdog: Big John McCarthy, Association of Boxing Commissions to review ‘grounded knees’
  20. The Las Vegas Review-Journal: Affliction MMA aiming to push UFC – Trump-backed company’s debut card loaded

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