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Slice and Dice

By Zach Arnold | May 31, 2008

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There is a tremendous amount of broadsheet press coverage today in the States for tonight’s Elite XC event featuring Kimbo Slice. Make no mistake about it — that man is garnering some serious ink from the media types. It’s make or break tonight for Gary Shaw’s long-term future in MMA.

  1. The Canadian Press: Kimbo Slice completes move from backyard brawls to prime-time main event
  2. The LA Times: Sport goes mainstream with Kimbo Slice-James Thompson bout
  3. Time Magazine: Kimbo Slice gets his prime-time shot
  4. AOL Fanhouse: A guide to MMA for the MSM
  5. The LA Daily News: CBS submits to Slice of MMA
  6. The Associated Press: With prime-time slot, MMA in clinch with mainstream
  7. BET: Kimbo is getting a bad slice from media
  8. The Baltimore Sun: Kimbo Slice good for the sport
  9. The Shreveport Times: MMA takes it shot at prime-time tonight
  10. The Sweet Science: Maybe boxing can get a Slice of the action
  11. The Palm Beach Post: CBS ready to take chance on MMA… and Kimbo Slice
  12. The Newark Star-Ledger: YouTube sensation puts national spotlight on MMA
  13. The Newark Star-Ledger: Women’s MMA bout has proven power
  14. The New York Times: New league sees potential in backyard brawler
  15. The Washington Times: Brawling — in prime time
  16. The Miami Herald: Kimbo Slice is ‘an all-American story’
  17. The Dayton Daily News: Many up in arms over Kimbo’s debut on CBS
  18. Josh Gross: So who’s the real big-time player at EXC’s show tonight?
  19. New York Newsday: EXC show is a milestone that would have been laughable in 2000
  20. The Long Beach Press-Telegram: The parallels between Kimbo Slice and the sport of MMA run long
  21. Total MMA: Final word on EXC
  22. Bloody Elbow: Inevitability works for UFC until it doesn’t
  23. Kevin Iole: Robbie Lawler’s proving ground
  24. MMA Analyst: CBS/EXC betting preview

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13 Responses to “Slice and Dice”

  1. 45 Huddle says:

    While there is a lot of press, it is not front webpage stuff. So I’m not sure how much of a factor it is going to make.

    Even most of my friends who know who Kimbo is, had no clue he was fighting today.

    Should be interesting to see what the ratings are like. I could actually see decent ratings for the first show, just because of the freakshow factor… but I don’t see the ratings sticking.

  2. Royal says:

    Just a heads up. BET blogs erase any valid critcism on their product. So don’t think that bringing up their lack of knowledge of MMA by using the “Ion Wing” will be accepted.

    Therefore, the BET piece is null and void.

  3. Jeremy (not that Jeremy) says:

    I loved how Around the Horn introed the show talking about MMA on Network TV using only UFC fights.

    I don’t know if I’d be pissed or happy about that if I were Dana White.

  4. Rollo the Cat says:

    Well, this is the face of your sport. No talent street thugs, porn, Larry Flynt jr., and Barnum and Baily Circus.

    To the average MSM reporter and to the average American, Kimbo is now the face of MMA. The are calling him that “UFC” fighter who fights in that crazy tough man contest where they “gouge eyes”. I have heard it over and over again in the past few days.l

    Hope you are all happy.

  5. Chuck says:

    I would love to see this event tonight, but I found out that my local CBS affiliate isn’t showing it! Those bastards! They are showing the “Children’s Miracle Network Celebration”. What the hell? They are showing it from 9 PM (EliteXC sytarting time) to 5 PM tommorow. Seriously! I hope the DirecTV guide is wrong…

  6. doem says:

    ^^^ doesn’t sound any different from what i have heard about MMA from the mainstream media for years now. Kimbo slice is not going to make or brake this sport, so stop the hand wringing.

  7. PizzaChef says:

    Let me guess, any valid critcism on the BET site about Kimbo will be erased and the person who wrote it will get IP banned cause BET think that person is a “racist” right?


  8. Rollo the Cat says:

    “doesn’t sound any different from what i have heard about MMA from the mainstream media for years now. Kimbo slice is not going to make or brake this sport, so stop the hand wringing.”

    You completely miss the point. The mainstream media’s bashing of MMA could always be countered by the truth. Now the truth is that the sport is a joke and a circus full of thugs and appeals to a lower form of life. Don’t believ me? Look at the first ever prime time MMA broadcast. Look who is on.

  9. Iain says:

    we’re liveblogging at

    and have an official AIM chat – ‘kimboxc’

  10. doem says:

    “Now the truth is that the sport is a joke and a circus full of thugs and appeals to a lower form of life”

    Kimbo has been training for a couple of years now and you feel that it is bad that he stepping in the ring on national television. I can tell you that the recorded public conduct of many an NBA, NFL,Boxing and Hockey stars have been worse than that of Kimbo slice. yet both you and the media has focused on this man, ignoring all of the hard work he has put in and focusing on his previous endeavors (which were all LEGAL).

  11. 45 Huddle says:

    What has been a joke are the prelims.

    1. Nick Serra quit on the ground.

    2. A fighter quits after the first round even though he seems to be fine. Followed by Shaw going irate about them cutting it close on the time.

    3. The online stream stopped working.

    If this is any sign of things to come tonight, we are in trouble.

  12. David says:

    They will do fine! Just watch 🙂

  13. Chuck says:


    I would love to watch, but my crummy CBS affiliate (WYOU Scranton, Pa) decided to run a telethon! AARRRGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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