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Today’s chalkboard (5/22/08)

By Zach Arnold | May 22, 2008

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We should have an audio preview of this upcoming UFC event either available tonight or early tomorrow morning.

New Hampshire is preparing for MMA legislation.

Onto today’s headlines.

  1. The Las Vegas Sun: The art in UFC’s violence – fighters, emotion, blood captured in book, exhibit
  2. The Las Vegas Sun: Glorified jock posters or art, project pretty cool
  3. The Las Vegas Review-Journal: UFC head Dana White – ‘The white Don King’
  4. The Long Beach Press-Telegram: UFC owner Dana White says his company is ‘going global’
  5. Todd Martin: Affliction prepares to make big splash in MMA
  6. Josh Gross: Not mainstream, not Zuffa – Affliction continues to work for its audience
  7. Sherdog: Ryoto Machida focused on fighting, not feuds
  8. AOL Fanhouse: It’s all MMA, but fighting in the cage and fighting in the ring are two different things
  9. The Rochester Post-Bulletin (MN): Sean Sherk will try to shake off steroids wrap, BJ Penn
  10. The Miami Herald: Steroid issue takes center stage in the lead-up to UFC 84 main event

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7 Responses to “Today’s chalkboard (5/22/08)”

  1. Jeremy (not that Jeremy) says:

    Man, it would just be wrong for there to be a WEC event at the Verizon Wireless Arena before there’s a UFC at the TD Banknorth Garden.

  2. Jim Allcorn says:

    While I expect Wanderlei Silva’s style & skill set to get him past Keith Jardine via TKO sometime in the second round come Saturday night, I find Dana White’s disrespectful hyperbole about “showing him the door” should he lose the match TOTAL bullshit.

    Sure, as head of the UFC he’s got the right to make those sorts of decisions, but considering the fact that he signed the fighter whilst he was coming off of two of the those losses, IMO he’s calling his own judgment into question. Not to mention that all three of Silva’s losses have come at the hands of fighters that the UFC has under contract & whom White knows the capabilities of as world class combative athletes!

  3. Zack says:

    Jim…what article was that in?

  4. Jeremy (not that Jeremy) says:

    It’s probably coming from TFN via Fightlinker:

  5. Jeremy says:

    The comment from Dana was part of the last press conference.

    This same bit was used by a forum troll to say that Silva would be cut if he lost.

    Reading the commnet, I take it to mean exactly what it says: Silva needs some wins.

    Dana was asked, by Carlos Arias, about how important it is that Silva win.

    Dana praised Silva’s desire to be exciting, but said that Silva does need to get some wins.

    Nowhere was it said that Silva would be cut if he lost.

    Let us not build this up as Dana vs. Silva, he spent as much time praising Silva as he did saying he needs some wins.

  6. Grape Knee High says:

    I wouldn’t read much into Dana’s comment about Wandy needing some wins. Besides the fact that he does, Dana is just selling the sizzle and manufacturing drama. The fight means more if his contract is (supposedly) on the line. Dana is just doing his job of selling the product and creating buzz.

  7. Robert Poole says:

    I think Zach’s purposely looking for any article he can find now to write “Ryoto” instead of “Lyoto” just to fuck with the poster two threads back who complained about it. đŸ˜›



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