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MMA’s moneyball era coming soon?

By Zach Arnold | April 5, 2008

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  1. AOL Fanhouse: Is MMA ready for the moneyball era? (a great interview with Fight Metric)
  2. The Winnipeg Sun: Top 10 Canuck fighters
  3. The Quad City Times: Commenters take UFC to the mat
  4. The Canadian Press: Sam Stout to get love from crowd at UFC 83
  5. Dave Meltzer: Frank Shamrock still relevant in big picture
  6. The San Diego Union-Tribune: TV contract can help or hurt MMA
  7. Multichannel News: Spike TV scores with UFC, ‘DEA’ debuts
  8. Eurosport: Marcus Davis continues UK adventure
  9. The Visalia Times-Delta (CA): Chuck Liddell coming to Visalia Sunday for autograph signing
  10. MMA Junkie: Kenny Florian wanted to send Joe Lauzon a message
  11. The Fightworks Podcast: Rafael Lovato Jr. talks about winning the gold at the Pan-Ams
  12. MMA Analyst: Jorge Santiago trying to make his mark
  13. MMA Payout: BodogFight reportedly close to finished

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3 Responses to “MMA’s moneyball era coming soon?”

  1. Michaelthebox says:

    While I’m a big fan of what Fightmetric does, I don’t agree with them at all about the value of stats when it comes to MMA. The comparison to baseball is flawed, because baseball teams compete to win, which means they must figure out how much a player contributes to winning. MMA promotions don’t compete with one another to win, they compete for dollars. Because of that MMA statistics in the current environment would have much less value than baseball statistics.

    Fightmetric does point out the value to fans in that statistics would improve betting. Statistics would also have value to teams like Team Takedown that look for good prospects to hire and train.

  2. Chuck says:

    Interesting article by San Diego Union-Tribune. So I take it KJ Noons isn’t going to fight for ProElite now? I thought he was gonna be a “Golden Boy” type for EliteXC. I guess that isn’t going to happen now.

    And I am not surprised that BodogFight is going under. I figured they weren’t gonna stick around for too long.

  3. 45 Huddle says:

    For anybody thinking the Alexander or Parisyan stoppages were bad, check out last nights ShoXC event. The main event stoppage was horrible. Hammon was working his was up when the ref stopped the fight.

    Besides that piss poor stoppage, I thought it was the best ShoXC event so far.


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