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Monday news & notes (3/10/08)

By Zach Arnold | March 10, 2008

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The big story of the day is this New York Times article talking about UFC’s upcoming campaign to get MMA legalized in New York state. Apparently, UFC will have a new web site called MMA Facts to try to positively persuade public opinion about the business.

  1. The Dayton Daily News (OH): Diego Saraiva has impressive showing to garner first AFL lightweight title
  2. Steve Sievert: WEC remains content going solo
  3. Total MMA: Ken Shamrock is a fraud
  4. Fightlinker: Roy Nelson knows more about chokes than Dan Henderson
  5. Fight Metric: Total Performance Report for Cage Rage 25 event last Saturday
  6. Jarry Park (Audio): Interview with KJ Noons
  7. The Fightworks Podcast (Audio): Interview with Wellington “Megaton” Dias
  8. Jake Rossen: Red and Green – The Fedor Fiasco
  9. Sam Caplan: What will CBS think about the Melvin Costa situation?
  10. MMA California: Miletich seminar in San Jose
  11. MMA Payout: Ready for prime time? EXC on CBS
  12. MMA Analyst: Chuck Liddell thinks he can defeat Fedor… sigh
  13. Compustrike: Stats for ROC 3/7 event carried on HDNet

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11 Responses to “Monday news & notes (3/10/08)”

  1. The Melvin Costa situation is a total farce. Like it or not, the popularity of MMA caters to a male demographic that’s been virtually ignored by boxing the past 20 years (18-34 White, Male Demographic). Given the abundance of white hopes, and middle class frat boys entering the cage, sooner or later some wanna-be hero will come out of the woods to represent a segment of society that most of us loathe. I guess that day finally arrived.

  2. Daniel Key says:

    Most interesting thing about that MMAFacts site is that Matt Lindland is profiled on the ‘Athletes’ page. Zuffa thinking of bringing him back?

  3. cyphron says:

    Total MMA has some of the best writing on the Interweb right now. It has very professional writing for a a fan site. I dig it. has a really good bio page that is interesting. I wonder if it’s done by an independent group hired by the UFC? It has Matt Lindland on it.

  4. Gygax says:

    In addition to the Lindland bio, the main image on the “history” page is of the Cage Rage fighting surface.

  5. Brandt says:

    I wonder if Cage Rage will sue them? They should send a cease and desist just for fun. I’m actually creating a site (with the help of other bloggers) similar to the UFC “Fact Site” without the crazy bias. Our site will be better though. 😉

  6. Samscaff says:

    Wow, well the coverage of UFC-MMA Lobbying in New York certainly is being buried now.

    A Governor who gets caught red-handed for hiring a hooker. Thats so juicy no one is going to care about legalizing MMA for at least a few months.

  7. The picture of Jardine is the best thing on the facts site.

  8. 45 Huddle says:

    The article by Jake Rossen was one of the best I have read on Sherdog in a long time. He is spot on about Fedor.

    I checked out the MMA Facts Website. It is nice. Shows how it can benefit the state, which when it comes down to it, is all the politicans care about.

    I thought MMA was regulated in Mass.

  9. Ultimo_Santa says:

    Chuck “I lost to Kieth Jardine” Liddell thinks he can beat Fedor?


    Fedor would ground and pound Liddell into unconsciousness, and by the time Chuck wakes up, his mohawk will be back in style.

  10. smoogy says:

    Nice to see we finally have an extensive copy of the Zuffa Myth in PDF form.

    FACT: SEG hated any form of rules/regulations and fighters were still bringing brass knuckles and pythons into the cage before the Zuffa purchase.

    FACT: MMA was invented in 1993.

  11. Dave says:

    “I thought MMA was regulated in Mass.”

    I think its a lot like how it is in CT — its OK on Indian territory or in casinos, but maybe not anywhere else in the state. I’ve been to amateur fights in Mass, so who really knows.


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