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Thursday trash talk (2/28/08)

By Zach Arnold | February 28, 2008

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Yeo Jong-Hoon reports that Yoshihiro Akiyama made an appearance on a famous South Korean TV show called “Golden Fisher.” Here is Akiyama singing:

Compustrike was recently at the Strikeforce event at the Tacoma Dome and has all the stats you need from the show.

Onto today’s headlines.

  1. Cord Weekly (Canada): UFC has no place in Canada – there should be an MMA ban in Canada
  2. Charles Jay: The IFL – what is real, what is the illusion?
  3. The Sun: Michael Bisping Q & A – part one
  4. KSBY 6 Action News: In the cage with Chuck Liddell – part one
  5. KSBY: In the Cage with Chuck Liddell, Part II
  6. Kevin Iole: Evan Tanner follows his own path
  7. The Arkansas Times: State goes easy on Toughman
  8. ESPN: Josh Koscheck – ‘I learned that you have to be a complete fighter’
  9. The Sun (UK): Randy Couture wants cross-promotion in MMA
  10. The Baltimore Sun: Sanctioning proposal set to move forward in Maryland senate
  11. Press release: Strikeforce shatters live gate records in Washington State
  12. Setanta Sports (UK): Michael Bisping backs Dan Henderson
  13. Pramit Mohapatra: Talent and questions mark UFC 82

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5 Responses to “Thursday trash talk (2/28/08)”

  1. JThue says:

    UFC to make “special major announcement”. Teaser reads:

    “UFC.COM will feature the official announcement at 1pm EST. Look for video highlights of the press conference featuring Dana White, along with a special guest, making the announcement later in the day.”

    So sounds like Coleman. I guess they had to call it a special major one to divert some attention from Pro Elite.

  2. dice says:

    “So sounds like Coleman. I guess they had to call it a special major one to divert some attention from Pro Elite.”

    Yep, thats pretty much been the UFC standard. Anytime someone else has an announcement the UFC says it has “some BIG, HUGE, SPECIAL, MAJOR news”.

    If its Coleman to the HOF, well I wouldn’t call that special or major news in any way, shape or form.

  3. Chuck says:

    So Strikeforce broke the record for biggest live gate in Washington state for any boxing, MMA, and kickboxing show in the history of the state, with only 7,089 paying fans? I knew Washington state isn’t the first thought in my head for big fights of any sort, but man is Washington state THAT deprived of combat sports? And the best was that the press release doesn’t even mention the Sapp/Nortje fight, but mentioned Joe Riggs and Smith/Roufus.

  4. Nick says:

    Strikeforce broke the gate record with a mediocre card. The NW has always had a strong following of MMA and a proper fight card with real intrigue would probably sell out the Tacoma Dome or Key Arena. There are lots of fans like myself in the NW that didn’t attend the show because of the lackluster card. I think most of the fans that attended were of the casual or “meathead” variety. We have a lot of smart fans up here that would love to see a real card. Give me a Matt Hume vs Renzo Gracie superfight and some other solid matchups with established and rising stars!

  5. UFC 4 Life says:

    IFL Stock should be getting more attension. I made a few grand off it.. but sadly i know a few people in this business who lost a lot of money and are to embarressed to admit it.


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