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Serious Pimp… seriously?

By Zach Arnold | January 1, 2008

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Check out this wacky press release:

Serious Pimp Apparel had an epic night at the 2007 IFL World Grand Prix Championships live on HDnet, December 29, 2007 with three athletes winning at inaugural event with 3-5 million viewers watching.

โ€œWe would also like to congratulate Mark Cuban for his HDnet IFL HD broadcast. Not only did it surpass the highly publicized UFC 79 PPV broadcast by over 4 million viewers, it also brought the MMA sport to the masses, affordably, said Kutzner.โ€

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24 Responses to “Serious Pimp… seriously?”

  1. 45 Huddle says:

    So let me get this straight….

    1. HDNet already knows the PPV buyrate for UFC.

    2. HDNet was able to determine the estimated number of people watching the UFC.

    3. Of the 6 million subscribers to HDNet, over 4 million of them were watching the IFL.

    Wow…. The IFL is the next big thing!!!

  2. JP says:

    And I’ve still losing a fortune due to my IFL stock.

    Cuban Ego>HDnet

    ergo, I’m still losing money

  3. Andrej says:

    If you had invested in the IFL. you deserve to loose money. Think on the bright side IFL did sign with ESPN i think or some major Cable channel to show there Hispanic show. Who cares there poster boy lost, who cares Ben Rothwell is most likely leaving, and who cares there getting rid of Teams based in cities. Toronto Dragon’s know that was funny as hell!

  4. Tomer Chen says:

    If you had invested in the IFL. you deserve to loose money.

    Not if you shorted it at around the $17 peak, expecting it to plummet (which it did).

  5. David says:

    I did not buy the stock because it is a penny stock, trades in super low volume, and there success is iffy. is my stock blog.

  6. 45 Huddle says:

    I got wrecked for months on end for saying the IFL would fail. I was called a hater. I would take that abuse all over again, because I know I was right. It was all hype, and way too many people (including ones on this board) bought into it.

  7. It is going to be difficult for any small organizations to compete with the UFC unless they collaborate with one another. Ben Rothwell is going to end up fighting Fedor since he just left the IFL with his manager being Monte Cox.

  8. robnashville says:

    45 Huddle

    you got wrecked for months on end not for saying they would fail, but wishin and hopin they would fail. You got wrecked for proclaiming Dana and the Fertita’s as “saviors” for mma and hoping that anyone who went up against them lost all their money. I can respect folks shitting all over IFL if they are giving it a fair shake and not coming in with an agenda, unlike yourself…

  9. Dave says:

    That press release is full of crap. Three to five million viewers my glutumus maximus. HDNet has about 9 million or so subscribers and I doubt that at least a 1/3 of people with HDNet, let alone a bit under half, tuned in to watch the IFL GP. I support the IFL, I watched the GP myself and liked it but there’s no way the IFL has anywhere close to that recognition. Mark Cuban did say that mixed martial arts programming is popular on HDNet but he likely is just saying that.

  10. Dave says:

    Brainfart. Gluteus maximus I mean. ๐Ÿ˜‰ But wow, that Serious Pimp CEO must have been smoking some really good stuff. Three to five million viewers? Come on.

  11. IceMuncher says:

    “it also brought the MMA sport to the masses, affordably”

    I guess he must have missed UFC 70 & 75, as well as all the TUF finales, UFNs, and UFC Unleashed shows that aired on Spike TV for free.

  12. Jeremy (not that Jeremy) says:

    3. Of the 6 million subscribers to HDNet, over 4 million of them were watching the IFL.

    Not quite. 3-5 million of them were watching the IFL. That means that they know that the UFC buy rate was between 1 million and -1 million buys.

    A safe assumption.

  13. Jeremy (not that Jeremy) says:

    Not if you shorted it at around the $17 peak, expecting it to plummet (which it did).

    Derivatives aren’t investments in a company ๐Ÿ˜€

    I have HDNet, I didn’t watch the IFL. However, I’m sure that there will be plenty of reruns if I have a jonesing for the IFL at say, 3AM some day. As long as Northern Exposure isn’t on.

  14. Tomer Chen says:

    Derivatives arenโ€™t investments in a company

    Shorting stock isn’t a derivative, it’s a high risk investment choice since you are being fronted the shares of stock by the investor and are speculating that the price goes down next to nothing so you buy back the shares for that investor at next to nothing, making a killing. In effect, you are doing a very short term (nearly instantaneous) investment into the stock.

    I think you’re thinking of writing a call option or buying a put option (since derivatives are contracts that have their value derived from an underlying security, such as in the case of options, swaps, forwards & futures), which also would have been a good idea to do at the peak time.

  15. Jon Galpin says:

    HDNet did not write the press release nor did they contribute to it. It was written by Serious Pimp. HDNet has no need to inflate their numbers, they never have in the past. No one in the MMA world would try to assert that 50-80% of HDNet’s total viewers would be watching the IFL as it is going head-to-head with one of the UFC’s best cards of the year. The mistake is Serious Pimp’s, if it is a mistake on their part. If it is intentional, it is a bit silly.

  16. The Gaijin says:

    Did you actually short the IFL stock Tomer? If you did, well done sir, you made a killing.

    After seeing it up at such a ridiculous price and reading all the insights here (who needs Wall Street advice!), I really wanted to bet on the stock tanking. Unfortunately I chose to pay off student debts, like a (stupid) responsible person – ahh hindsight. :S

  17. Jeremy (not that Jeremy) says:

    When you short a stock, you’re buying a put. A put is a stock future contract, which is a derivative. Ultimately you will have to “own” that stock to sell it later, but that’s semantics.

    In any case, it’s not investment, it’s speculation. I don’t particularly want to get into that discussion though, since in my book, nearly all of modern “investment” is speculation.

  18. Grape Knee High says:

    Jeremy, Tomer is technically correct. Buying a put or writing a call is not the same as shorting a stock. Shorting means you actually borrowed those shares from someone and sold them with the requirement that you have to deliver those shares to the lender at some point in the future. There’s no optionality with shorting.

    In both cases, you’re hoping the price goes down, but one is a derivative and the other is not.

    You are right about the speculation part, though…

  19. Tomer Chen says:

    Did you actually short the IFL stock Tomer? If you did, well done sir, you made a killing.

    Unfortunately, no. ๐Ÿ™

    When you short a stock, youโ€™re buying a put.

    Are you sure you’re not talking about the short (‘sell’) position in finance and not actual short selling, because short selling is not a derivative transaction as Grape Knee High confirmed above since you are actually dealing with the underlying security (the stock itself) in a short sell transaction rather than using intermediary securities (derivatives such as options) to execute the transaction and pay off the spread if you go into the red or get the money from the other party if you’re in the black?

  20. Tomer, are you an MBA or something? I find it difficult to believe that a casual poster on FO has an active interest in finance and securities.

  21. Tomer Chen says:

    Tomer, are you an MBA or something?

    Currently waiting to hear back from some MBA programs, actually. I’m a Finance major who passed the CFA Level I exam last December (didn’t start studying for Level II as I focused on the GMAT this year as I wanted to get into an MBA program either at the end of January (which isn’t happening) or late August (which is still possible as I’m waiting to hear back from a few schools).

    But yeah, I’m a Finance guy. ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. The Gaijin says:

    Just to add my 2 cents:

    I believe Tomer (and Grape) are right on this one. One transaction involves purchasing “the right” to sell shares at a certain strike price; while the other you actually purchase “the security” itself and have to return them at a future date. [I’m pretty rusty on some of this but I think you have to give the lender some amount of BPS on the “short sell” as well…but I’ll leave that to our financial experts to confirm or deny.]

    i.e. If Tomer short sold the IFL stock at $17 and had to deliver it back to the lender at $0.17, he’d be really rich rich now.

  23. Tomer,

    Good luck with your grad school apps. I’m encouraged that we have a couple of posters that really know their stuff when it comes to this.

  24. Tomer Chen says:

    Good luck with your grad school apps.

    Thanks, Aaron. I should be hearing back by the end of the month from the schools.


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