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Quote of the Day – Chuck Liddell & Dana White

By Zach Arnold | December 26, 2007

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Kevin Iole says:

“It’s kind of funny,” Liddell says of all the attention his partying ways have generated in light of back-to-back losses for the first time in his career. “When I was winning, everything I was doing was OK. But when I lost, they want to act like it was the reason I lost.”

Liddell spent Christmas at White’s Las Vegas home. White said Wednesday that he’s gained 11 pounds in eight days “from eating like a pig,” but said he was amazed by Liddell’s discipline.

Liddell weighed 212 on Tuesday, just seven pounds over the 205-pound light heavyweight limit, White said. Most significantly, White said Liddell looked terrific and seemed in his best frame of mind in quite a while.

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8 Responses to “Quote of the Day – Chuck Liddell & Dana White”

  1. doem says:

    Chuck said he had the best training camp of his career before quinton dropped the hammer. just noticin’

  2. Vic Mackey says:

    I’m sure a fighter loves to hear how his opponent spent Christmas at the promoter’s/boss’s house. Good luck, Silva!

  3. StreitigKaiser says:

    Liddell has already set up an after-party; he is doomed.

  4. Jeremy (not that Jeremy) says:

    212? Liddell should drop to 185.


  5. CaptainAmerica1967 says:

    Wanderlei is not only training at Xtreme Couture, but he has personally trained some with Randy Couture. I think Randy is still upset that Chuck was/is making more money in his contract than Randy and this has provided an added incentive to have Wanderlei train at Xtreme Couture.

  6. Zeppelin says:

    Balls deep in the boss’ ass again, I see.

  7. The Gaijin says:

    Has Iole written anything that’s not a “Dana-puff piece” since he started writing on mma?

  8. Ultimo Santa says:

    If Chuck wants to make weight for his fight this weekend, he should remove Dana White’s head from his ass. That should help him drop a couple pounds.


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