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Quote of the Day – (supposedly) Dana White

By Zach Arnold | December 25, 2007

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From The Underground Forum:

i will beat cubans ass just like the rest of the wanna be’s and keep all you pussies bitchin for another 7 years!!! 🙁 boo fuckin hoo!!!!!!!

Runner-up: Mark Cuban on how HDNet Fights differs from UFC:

The more live events HDNet has, the more subscribers HDNet will get. That’s good business for us. We are different than the UFC. We aren’t dependent on gate, PPV and License fees. Great HDNet Fight events create ongoing subscribers and advertising revenues not just for the live fights we broadcast, but for other shows as well – shows like “Inside MMA”, our “Countdown” shows, and other shows you will see on HDNet.

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11 Responses to “Quote of the Day – (supposedly) Dana White”

  1. Stevie J says:

    If that’s Dana White, I’m Roger Huerta.

    Merry Christmas Zach!

  2. David M says:

    Hmm. The terrible grammar and childish manner certainly sounds like Dana, but the use of a smiley face is a dead giveaway that he didn’t write that; real fuckin fight promoters don’t use smileys!

  3. Zack says:

    Stevie…that is most definitely Dana. I’d wager on it.

  4. chris says:

    Stay classy Dana.

  5. ilostmydog says:

    Guys, he was posting on the UG. You can’t expect him to use proper grammar and be professional on that site. No one would understand him if he did. :p

  6. By subscribers, I assume that Cuban means cable systems primarily. DirecTV has an HD “tier” that you need to subscribe to, but I think that’s going to go away.

    The battle for to-home video and data services is clearly switching gears to HD content this year, and HDNet / HDNet movies is going to be a first choice for a lot of systems to be able to fill out their slate of channels (along with Hendricks’ growing collection of HD content related to the various Discovery channels).

    Beyond that, he’s looking for eyeballs, that’s the real importance of live content.

    Of course, the reason that he’s not dependent on gates etc is that he’s not operating a promotion. If IFL crashes and burns, then he just turns to whoever is next, possibly Pancrase (which I would love), just as he moved on from WEC.

  7. Luke Thomas says:

    As someone who works for, I can surely tell you that IS, in fact, Dana White. Or at least, that’s his personal account.

  8. Spencer Fern says:

    On Cox, which just added HDnet in my area on the 17th, I have to pay $4.95 for the three HDnet channels.

    It isn’t included in the normal HD tier.

    By the way, if you have any questions about HDnet, just email Mark Cuban:

    He reads all his email.

  9. i find what dana says hilarious, but i also find someone farting someones face to be funny so its not a good thing.

    looking outside the box i dont know why he does this shit…. maybe to please the demographic that his company serves.

    who knows, but if he wants people over the age of 16 (yes that is right) to watch the ufc this shit has got to stop

  10. StreitigKaiser says:

    More straight talk with Dana White; that guy always has me in stitches with his abrasive comments. I actually got to meet him at UFC 71 and he is pretty chill as far as I’m concerned. He shouldn’t sweat Cuban. HDnet Fights is going to be the next EliteXC, putting big names in with tomato cans. You don’t honestly think they are going to put Mayweather against a real MMA contender do you?

  11. stanky says:

    hd net is a good channel they have tons of fights, and great picture.


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