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Bob Sapp to fight at Strikeforce Tacoma event

By Zach Arnold | December 10, 2007

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According to a Strikeforce press release, Bob Sapp will headline the promotion’s February event at the Tacoma Dome. Also announced for the card is Maurice Smith vs. Rick Roufus.

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7 Responses to “Bob Sapp to fight at Strikeforce Tacoma event”

  1. Zack says:

    Rick Roufus is also scheduled to fight Mark Kerr in San Diego on Jan 12th.

  2. Ultimo Santa says:

    WOW…after the performance Bob Sapp put on against Peter Aerts in K-1, I can’t believe any promoter would pay him to do anything. Is he going to take one punch and then run away again?

    And how the hell is he going to pass a steroid test?

  3. Sam Scaff says:

    Hmmm, maybe by not taking steroids. Or stopping long enough before the event.

    Its really not that hard (ahem, Sean Sherk)

  4. JThue says:

    What is the Washington regulation like anyway? I sure hope Sapp takes this opportunity to actually train for a fight. Is he still doing a lot of PR in Japan or has that all settled down now?

  5. GassedOut says:

    Um…Bob Sapp? Oh boy, here we go…

  6. Jonathan says:

    Just like the Anti-Spam word that I just typed in, Bob Sapp’s fights are WORKED!

  7. Dedwyre says:

    “Bob Sapp’s fights are WORKED!”

    I see no possible way for that to be true. Just look at this classic:


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