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Saturday headlines: The future of Marcelo Garcia

By Zach Arnold | December 1, 2007

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Sad news, as Sam Vasquez has reportedly been moved to Hospice in the Houston area.

There is a big story developing, involving Marcelo Garcia.

The Palm Beach Post is reporting that no charges will be filed against Din Thomas for hosting illegal cage fights at his school have been dropped.

Oleg Taktarov won his comeback fight.

Eddie Goldman recently talked with Lou DiBella about MMA. Fun listening.

Meet the women of T.U.F.F..

Some friendly advice for those writing MMA articles, linking to MMA articles, or translating MMA articles (I think this is the original source article for the Aoki interview)… link to the article that you are discussing (if it is online and not in print), please.

Dan Henderson was in Winnipeg yesterday and talked with the local Winnipeg Sun writer there.

An audio interview with Sean Salmon. Plus, an interview with Karo Parisyan and an interview with Alistair Overeem.

Sean Sherk is not on Fightlinker’s Christmas card list. Then again, I don’t know if the Montreal-ite Grinch celebrates Christmas or not.

Dave Meltzer talks about the pros and cons of MMA being on American network TV.

MMA Analyst looks at Dana White’s recent comments about the UFC Heavyweight division.

Antonio Silva and Murilo Ninja have signed contract extensions with Elite XC.

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5 Responses to “Saturday headlines: The future of Marcelo Garcia”

  1. Matt says:

    In other news, Daiki Kameda was a total arse in his press conference today. It was the same old Daiki… Showing no remorse, a passive aggressive grin plastered all over his face… The guy was wearing a fur coat, not exactly the humble, reborn fighter the nation was hoping for.

  2. JP says:

    I was hoing Antnio Silva would join the UFC..dang that ShoTime

  3. Jim Allcorn says:

    I watched Sherk’s appearance on INSIDE MMA last night with great interest & I’m sorry, but he just was not at all convincing with his claims of innocence. It likely won’t matter in theleast as far as what goes down this coming week at his hearing, but he just looked guilty to me.

    Now, I’m far from one of his biggest fans, but neither am I a “hater” by any means. I’m neutral on the guy. So, I did my best to look at the show last night from that perspective & Sherk was a disaster IMO. He looked uptight, ill at ease & didn’t appear to look anyone on the set in the eyes when they addressed him.

    Plus there was no sense of outrage at all. That’s always something that I look for in the supposedly wrongly accused & when I fail to see it, my instincts regarding their guilt are rarely, if ever, wrong ( ol’ OJ’s “innocence” aside ) & Sherk’s lack of outrage at having erroneously tested “hot”, his subsequent suspension & the loss of his ability to make a living for X amount of time was non-existent last night.

  4. We here at Fightlinker celebrate kwanzaa. And even though I think sherk is gonna be found guilty, I’m actually of the opinion that he took the stuff unknowingly in one of the 5000 supplements he takes. Sucks to be him, but it’s not like tainted supplements aren’t a known issue to most atheletes

  5. I never “got” Taktarov. Is there anyone else who thinks he was just massively overplayed?


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