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Tuesday headlines: UFC says GSP saved Christmas

By Zach Arnold | November 27, 2007

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If you use WordPress for your MMA site, read this.

Rich Franklin and Tiffany (Amber) Thiessen will be involved in the filming of a new movie called “Weapon.”

In “Weapon,” a lonely U.S. border patrol agent (Thiessen) apprehends a genetically engineered super-soldier (Franklin) and experiences the ride of her life when the soldier’s creator (Greenwood) relentlessly hunts them down.

Randy Couture will appear at this weekend’s North American MMA expo at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA. For more information on tickets, click here.

If you do what Georges St. Pierre did for Dana White, then you get a story on saying you saved Christmas. Adam Morgan is giving Matt Hughes the same treatment. Matt Serra is left explaining what happened.

Here is the latest edition of Tough Talk radio, featuring an interview with Forrest Griffin. Plus, Mike Coughlin has a new edition of Five Star Radio.

Taking a look at the upcoming TUF 6 finale card. Plus, are you interested in Josh Koscheck vs. Dustin Hazelett?

Fightlinker has further results in his investigation of UFC’s new ring girl.

In the old days of pro-wrestling, you had mask vs. hair or hair vs. hair matches. In the MMA media world, eyebrows are at stake.

Eddie Goldman has an interview with Jay Larkin of the IFL.

A new, fancy feature at Fightmetric.

Gong Kakutougi recently interviewed Shin’ya Aoki.

Audio of the UFC 79 conference call.

Here is a profile article on Jared Hamman.

A look at Pittsburgh’s MMA scene.

How booking St. Pierre vs. Hughes has changed the gambling lines in Las Vegas.

A new promoter in the field of team-based MMA.

Adam Swift talks about Elite XC’s future.

The city of Hastings (Nebraska) may be banning MMA on city-owned property.

A famous championship boxing belt has been stolen.

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17 Responses to “Tuesday headlines: UFC says GSP saved Christmas”

  1. Silva would be more convincing as a genetically enhanced super soldier, IMHO.

  2. Jordan Breen says:

    Tiffani Thiessen is my shit.

  3. Pierre-Luc Allie says:

    At leas,t you are not like TJ, who’s still on his screech crush.

  4. Sam Scaff says:

    Crocop would be a better cyber-soldier than any of them.

  5. Grape Knee High says:

    Not sure if Zach mentioned this already, but there have been commercials on CNBC for the show “Conversations with Michael Eisner”. In tomorrow’s show at 9 PM, he will be interviewing Dana White, Robert Evans and Diana Ross.

  6. Tomorrow meaning Wednesday? I may record it.

  7. I wonder if Zach and Slater will be the bad guys. Also I thought the UFC at least at the decency to hire natural ring girls.

  8. Michaelthebox says:

    Aaron: what do you mean by natural? Arianny has implants too, as far as I know. She just looks more natural.

    In all fairness though, the new girl is much, much, much better at working the crowd than either Arianny or Ali. Those two always seemed kind of standoffish.

  9. Matthew Watt says:

    Can someone tell me how ring girls have any factor or part on who decides a fight, other then Josh Burkman’s cheesy story? I thought you would be interested in MMA News Zach, you know, for integrity purposes, rather then post stories that belong on “Inside Hollywood”.

  10. You’re expecting everything in the venue to be directly related to the results of the fights?

    Sometimes an event is just an event, and part of combat sports events is the tradition of card girls. I find fightlinker’s expose to be hilarious mainly because, like everything else, it’s utterly beside the point. That’s what makes the site worth reading.

    He could be interviewing the venue janitors or the Aramark employees and I’d probably still read it.

  11. Matthew Watt says:

    It is not so much Fightlinker stories (something based upon several perverts talking in a escort forum, great source right?), but it is other websites, like Bloody Elbow, MMaMania, MMaJunkie, etc., talking about ring girl stories as if they have relevance to the sport. These stories belong in a mma gossip column. Ring girls serve a very, very, very, limited purpose in the sport or event of mma, in that they hold up cards signalling the round. They have no bearing on a outcome of a fight, have no result in the behind the scenes contract negotiations, nor have any impact on a fighter skills/talents. In general, they really have no significance on what goes on in MMA, so why talk about them.

    As for Fightlinker, I enjoy the site, and I read it often just like you do Jeremy, I just don’t care for this story.

  12. Anyone seen Mirko’s “Ultimate Force”? What did you think? Its on my Netflix queue.

  13. Zack says:

    Fightlinker’s radio show is probably the worst on the net. Its up there with Brian & Vinny and most other WWE turned UFC fans.

  14. Zack says:

    GameCritics…its terrible. I bought a bootleg off Ebay about two years ago. Slow paced dark “action” movie with barely any dialog.

  15. MMA Junkie says:

    They have no bearing on a outcome of a fight, have no result in the behind the scenes contract negotiations, nor have any impact on a fighter skills/talents. In general, they really have no significance on what goes on in MMA, so why talk about them.

    Because the majority of our readers would want to know. That’s the primary reason we posted a story about it. We have a lot of hardcore fans who could care less about such trivial things, but we get a lot of very casual fans who like all aspects of the UFC, including the ring girls.

    I compare it to a newspaper baseball beat writer who writes a small story about the veteran organ player who’s retiring or the bat boy who got recruited to play baseball at a local college. It doesn’t really impact the team, but the fans like to hear about it.

  16. Super Aguri says:

    Wow that movie seems like a total ripoff of “Universal Soldier”

    Ya know, the Van Damme movie…

  17. Oh yeah, a few comments on the audio stuff that I’ve finally had a chance to listen to:

    1. Tough Talk: Quality stuff, I’m going to go back and listen to their earlier shows.
    2. Conference call: Rampage to coach TUF practically confirmed. And yeah, Dana is a bit irrationally exuberant, but he’s right, this is a better fight than Hughes/Sera.
    3. Five Star: Unlistenable.
    4. Goldman: Wow, it’s amazing when your biggest cheerleader, a guy that you go back with for fifteen years, is skeptical about your business prospects. That can’t be a good sign. Also, is it just me, or should people be preparing for a TV-less IFL for a few years, presuming that they continue holding fights? Larkin is certainly right that if you’re losing money by receiving inadequate television revenue to cover production costs, you probably shouldn’t do it, but television does provide significant mass market exposure that you don’t get via the hardcore channels (internet basically).


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