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RSS feed wish list

By Zach Arnold | November 26, 2007

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As I’m preparing to (finally) launch the long-awaited new site design for Fight Opinion, I am on the hunt for a few RSS feeds. If you can help contribute any suggestions in the comments area, please do so.

The wish list

Prerequisite: The sites need an RSS or ATOM feed

  1. Any sites covering women’s MMA
  2. Any promotions outside of UFC, WEC, or IFL that have a news section on their page available in a syndicated format
  3. Any sites featuring MMA-related radio shows that feature a syndication feed for the show (along with perhaps an iTunes feed)
  4. Any sites covering MMA on a regional basis (i.e. with a news syndication feed
  5. Any sites featuring similar grappling-based content like On the Mat that have actual news feeds (On the Mat currently doesn’t have an RSS feed)

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11 Responses to “RSS feed wish list”

  1. Kris says:

    The M-1 Global site has an RSS feed even though it is far from updated frequently it may be worth adding once their events get more formalized.

    The URL is

    I’ll see if I can find any others to fit your criteria as well.

  2. Amy Robinson says:

    Check us out- for Pennsylvania mma. FYI in about a week the url will be , I know its a hassle to change but its worth it for a .com

    For women’s the new and vastly improved – Its the only really decent womens mm nessite out there right now, although I’ve been contemplating launching one too, so there might be another in the near future, stay tuned.

  3. Here’s one I found covering MMA in Massachusetts

  4. ukiro says:

    Zach, get a proper favicon for the site while you’re at it – My FO bookmark is stuck with the icon from some other site.

  5. Zach Arnold says:

    Let me know how to install a favicon and I will do so.

  6. ukiro says:

    Zach: The wiki article linked in my previous post should help. But basically, you just drop the file (favicon.ico) in the root directory of your web server (not the root of the drive, but the root of the web server installation). This is usually something like /htdocs. The methods mentioned in wikipedia (link rel=”icon” etc) seem redundant – just dropping it in appears sufficient for IE6/7, FF and Opera (I haven’t tested in Safari) if you’re fine with having the same icon on all pages on the domain.

    To create an ICO file you can use a program like the excellent freeware image viewer Irfanview or an online service like this one. But most browsers should be OK with PNG or GIF formats as well.

    testing favicon implementation is a bit tricky since these cling to the browser cache harder than a shinya aoki triangle. So you’re going to need to clear the browser cache AND restart the browser for each test. Drop me an e-mail if you need more help. It’s myusername at

  7. SCSI says:

    My site might be of some use to whatever you’re setting up.

  8. Brandt says:

    I’m also working on a site for the eastern side of PA between Philly and Scranton.

    Lehigh Valley MMA isn’t done yet, but I’m hoping to have it ready before Christmas. It will have a feed, of course.


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