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UFC 78 odds

By Zach Arnold | November 17, 2007

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From BodogLife:

Rashad Evans (-325) vs. Michael Bisping (+250)
Houston Alexander (-180) vs. Thiago Silva (+150)
Karo Parisyan (-450) vs. Ryo Chonan (+300)
Ed Herman (-140) vs. Joe Doerksen (+110)
Frankie Edgar (-135) vs. Spencer Fisher (+105)
Joe Lauzon (-450) vs. Jason Reinhardt (+300)
Thiago Alves (-185) vs. Chris Lytle (+155)
Akihiro Gono (-225) vs. Tamdan McCrory (+185)
Marcus Aurelio (-500) vs. Luke Caudillo (+350)

User prediction odds so far at MMA Predictions:

Rashad Evans is favored (79%) to beat Michael Bisping.
Houston Alexander is favored (68%) to beat Thiago Silva.
Ed Herman is favored (64%) to beat Joe Doerksen.
Karo Parisyan is favored (88%) to beat Ryo Chonan.
Spencer Fisher is favored (77%) to beat Frankie Edgar.
Joe Lauzon is favored (86%) to beat Jason Reinhardt.
Marcus Aurelio is favored (95%) to beat Luke Caudillo.
Akihiro Gono is favored (62%) to beat Tamdan McCrory.
Thiago Alves is favored (73%) to beat Chris Lytle.

I don’t know why MMA Predictions isn’t allowing users to make picks today for the UFC 78 show.

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5 Responses to “UFC 78 odds”

  1. Grape Knee High says:

    The fight I’m most excited about is Silva vs. Alexander. And I guess I’ll go against the grain and pick Silva.

    It’s a fight between the guy who wishes he could take Wanderlei’s place at Chute Boxe and the guy who is the second coming of Wanderlei in raw animal fury. However, I think if Silva fights a smart fight and doesn’t let Alexander turn it into a brawl, his grappling skill should be able to slow the fight down a bit and get a W. But who knows if Silva has the capability to fight smart? If he doesn’t he’s getting KO’ed because he seems to have trouble protecting his head.

  2. 45 Huddle says:

    I don’t gamble, but those are good odds on Ryo Chonan.

    I am kind of surprised that 70%+ of the fans think that Spencer Fisher is going to win.

  3. I think Fisher just has wider exposure since he was on a couple of UFNs. Even the poorly rated ones have a much larger audience than the PPVs do.

  4. D. Capitated says:

    I’m much more surprised that people picked Joe Doerkson to lose a fight against an opponent he’s already beaten.

  5. IceMuncher says:

    Most of the Fisher support comes from the Sam Stout UFN, which is fresh on the minds of lots of fans. The Griffin/Edgar fight was great, but it was quite a while ago and somewhat close.

    Personally I’m torn. Everytime I pick a guy to win I change my mind.

    D. Capitated, that’s the first time I heard about Doerksen having a fight with Herman before. Man, I almost want to put money down now.


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