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Tuesday news & notes: UFC 78 event talk

By Zach Arnold | November 13, 2007

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All MMA blog and site owners: I want to update my bookmarks and RSS feeds, so if you have a site that you want to promote… post a comment here listing two things only: 1) your site URL and 2) your site’s RSS feed link.

A Texas MMA fighter is currently in the ICU ward at a Houston-area hospital.

A yakuza attack on a Sumo stable.

Eddie Goldman looks back at UFC 1.

Shu Hirata has a preview of the upcoming UFC 78 event in Newark, New Jersey from a Japanese perspective (mainly talking about Ryo Chonan). Spencer Fisher’s approach for his fight at UFC 78. The Asbury Park Press has an article on Frankie Edgar. Plus, more heat-up for Bisping vs. Evans. Which leads us to our question of the day…

Don King announced that Felix Trinidad will fight Roy Jones Jr. at MSG on 1/19, which is going to be on HBO PPV according to The Fight Network. 1/19 is the same day as UFC 80 in Newcastle….

Given that both Bisping and Evans are on TUF TV contracts (meaning anywhere from 12-18k to fight and a matching win bonus w/ no PPV percentage cut), will the main event of UFC 78 be the most cost-effective fight that the promotion has produced in the company’s recent history? I’m surprised that this question hasn’t been raised yet.

Brandon Vera is apparently teaching this guy muay thai and BJJ.

A profile article on Jason Reinhardt w/ Xyience Lemon Lime NOX-CG3 ad from the UFC store.

Boxer Robin Reid is retiring.

Jake Rossen on pro-wrestling:

I cannot empathize with fans of pro wrestling. Never could. The behind-the-scenes machinations interest me — who doesn’t love a good YouTube video of a Warrior meltdown at a college campus — but the theatrics make Warner Bros. cartoons look like Ibsen. The WWE is the biggest pile of s— on television, surpassing even “Dirty Jobs.”

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24 Responses to “Tuesday news & notes: UFC 78 event talk”

  1. liger05 says:

    Felix Trinidad v Roy Jones Jr. No thanx!!!

  2. Ben says:

    I was there in the audience for the Warrior meltdown at UConn. It was some crazy shit. Who knew my childhood hero would grow into a batshit crazy far right pundit?

  3. I’m not joining this game.

  4. […] been no decision made on if Spike will be showing UFC 80 or not. Lets hope that the fact Felix Trinidad vs Roy Jones Jr will be on PPV the same night pushes the UFC to stuff this bitch on free […]

  5. David says:

    Great point about UFC 78 being the most cost effective main event. They had a bunch of big fights in the past few events so it makes sense that they are taking it easy this event.

    I love Jake Rossen, he is one of my favorite writers. The guy is brilliant.

  6. The Gaijin says:

    We’ll see how cost effective it is when the buyrates come in. I’d have to think this might be one of their lower ones in recent memory.

  7. ukiro says:

    Is noone reacting to the fact that we may be seeing the first death in a sanctioned MMA fight if Sam Vasquez’ condition gets any worse? Or was “Renegades Extreme Fighting” unsanctioned?

  8. Dedwyre says:

    Why should I care what Jake Rossen thinks about pro wrestling? His opinion of wrestling affects mine about as much as Sam Caplan’s opinion of comic books does.

    No offense to either of them, BTW. And I don’t know anything about Caplan’s opinion of comic books, I just needed an example.

  9. Texas is a sanctioned state, albeit one that based on their past history doesn’t seem to have much of a clue (I’m particularly thinking about their cross-talk and confusion on who is responsible for drug testing).

    I believe that they require pre-approval of both pro and amateur events.


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