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Big Saturday (11/10)

By Zach Arnold | November 10, 2007

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We’ll add play-by-play links for both the EXC show in Corpus Christi and the boxing event at MSG.

Post all thoughts, spoilers, and criticisms in the comments section.

EXC event: MMA Weekly | Sherdog | MMA on Tap | The Fight Network | Bloody Elbow | Observer

Interesting results from users regarding who they picked to win at the EXC event:

Nick Diaz is favored (99%) to beat KJ Noons.
Kimbo Slice is favored (93%) to beat Bo Cantrell.
Jake Shields is favored (80%) to beat Mike Pyle.
Kyle Noke is favored (55%) to beat Seth Kleinbeck.
Antonio Silva is favored (86%) to beat Jonathan Wiezorek.
Yves Edwards is favored (88%) to beat Nick Gonzales.

Update: If you were one of the 99% to pick Nick Diaz, you lost! Shaw has to be thrilled that Noons won the fight, considering that Noons is also under contract to do boxing for him. Everyone else won their fight as expected.

Cotto vs. Mosley: Charles Jay’s Play | Bad Left Hook | Yahoo Sports

Controversy at MSG. Plus, Miguel Cotto won his fight by unanimous decision.

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9 Responses to “Big Saturday (11/10)”

  1. David says:

    Interesting that EliteXC used UFC’s All Access footage when explaining Nick Diaz’s accomplishments (Triathlete)… Really makes me wonder how that works.

  2. 45 Huddle says:

    EliteXC is already getting sued by the UFC for using their footage. Not sure if this footage would fall under this as well.

    The reason why their are such heavy favorites on the EliteXC show is because the card is filled with a bunch of squash fights. Or at least that is the purpose. Then again, Diaz just got beaten to a pulp in the first round by a guy he should be beating….

  3. SB says:

    Nick Diaz didnt stand a chance. He gets high everyday all day and thats what happens. Way 2 go Noons whooooo

  4. 45 Huddle says:

    How does Noons gets ranked now? To me, the 160 lbs of EliteXC should be ranked at Welterweight (170 lbs). And at that weight class, he isn’t even close to Top 10.

    I think this Nick Diaz loss showcases how hard it is for an MMA Organization to survive using a small number of long term fighters (ie… M-1). This isn’t boxing. There are too many variables out there. A company really needs a huge stable of fighters to build up and then compete against each other, or a few weird losses can ruin everything for a company.

    While Noons is still a Showtime Fighter, he isn’t exactly Top Tier. So by having him as a “champion”, it doesn’t bring much credibility to a championship.

  5. Jordan Breen says:

    The Casamayor-Santa Cruz fight is the worst decision I’ve seen in a LONG time and maybe even worse than Quartey-Forrest. I had it 118-109 Santa Cruz. Absolutely fucking terrible. Cotto-Mosley was fantastic, though. Definitely added a nice perk to the fact the EXC card was pretty w. sauce.

  6. Zack says:

    I like EXC. It feels like I’m watching Clash of the Champions and Sting (flattop days) is going to wrestle Rick Steiner for the HW title.

  7. Zack says:

    Also, I really wish they would’ve showed the Yves Edwards fight. He snapped a three fight losing streak. If he puts a couple more together he’s a legit dude to put in the 160lb title picture.

    Hell with a guy with under 10 fights holding the belt now, I wouldn’t complain if Yves would next in line. That is if they can’t sign Kawajiri, Gomi, or Sakurai.

    I’d also like to see Paul Daley vs Noons.

  8. Jim Allcorn says:

    Hey Zack, you’re spot on! LOL

    That’s a beautiful analogy of what EXC’s telecasts feel like.

  9. cyphron says:

    Just goes to show that losses should be expected in MMA. If you’re a boxing god in boxing, nobody can beat you. If you’re a kickboxing god in MMA, the other guy will take you to the ground and pound you out.

    It also makes you appreciate how good Anderson Silva really is.


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