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Sunday news review (10/7)

By Zach Arnold | October 7, 2007

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An update on the Tadao Yasuda story: Nikkan Sports has a new article today on Yasuda’s condition. An initial MRI examination showed no significant brain damage for Yasuda, but he is still suffering from the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning. It will be about two or three weeks at the earliest before he can be released from the hospital. Currently, Yasuda is under heavy sedation and will be slowly taken off medication as his condition improves.

Someone else wants to challenge UFC.

Disgraced sports writer Ron Borges has now found a new home — and a rather big one at that. It’s called ESPN.

Joe Calzaghe is dangling the retirement carrot.

More news and notes in full-page view…

Manny Pacquiao defeated Marco Antonio Barrera by unanimous decision on Saturday night. Meanwhile, an AP report says the MSG fans were busy booing Samuel Peter’s unanimous decision win over Jameel McCline. Eastside Boxing disagrees with the AP’s report, calling the Peter/McCline fight exciting. Amir Khan defeated Scott Lawton at Nottingham Arena to retain his Commonwealth lightweight title.

Analyzing the latest rumors surrounding Fedor.

Results from the Combat in the Cage event Saturday night in Trenton, New Jersey.

News and notes on the upcoming IFL GP tournaments.

It doesn’t look like MMA regulation is coming any time soon in Massachusetts.

Michael Bisping has some comments about his upcoming fight with Rashad Evans.

Jimmy Ambriz lost to Chris Tuchscherer in Bismarck, North Dakota on Saturday night.

UFC reportedly wants ‘a strong push’ in the Japanese marketplace. Conversely, Japanese MMA fans might like to push UFC off a cliff after the way the company handled the PRIDE situation this week.

Mystery of the day: On Technorati, there was a listing for a new post Mac Danzig put on his blog (estimated time of post – 8 PM PST Saturday). Here’s the screen capture. Now the post is gone. Hmmm.

The latest from Tito Ortiz.

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10 Responses to “Sunday news review (10/7)”

  1. David says:

    Ya’ll know I speak real talk. I don’t care about anything right now other than Ferguson vs Abbot aka Kimbo vs Tank.

    Thanks for the neighborhoodly internet reportage Zach.

  2. Just another MMA mark says:

    PRIDE screwed PRIDE, plain and simple

    Funny how in 2007 Kimbo/Tank is one of the most demanded fights among the hardcores.

  3. I wondered to myself what had happened to Jimmy Ambriz. There is a serious lack of talent out there at super heavyweight.

  4. Brady Westwater says:

    Results from TFA in Santa Monica Saturday night, anyone?

  5. Ivan Trembow says:

    Crazy fight between Samuel Peter and Jameel McCline tonight. I can’t believe Peter regained control after being in that much trouble. As for the HBO show, the main event was disappointing but a couple of the undercard bouts made up for it.

  6. liger05 says:

    I agree barerra lost the fight but I thought two scores off 118-109 was very harsh on barerra.

    Anyway thanks for the memories marco. great great fighter who served up some classics. the 5th v morales in the 1st fight is one of the greatest rounds ever!!

  7. klown says:

    I’m listening to FightOpinion Radio. Jeff and Zach have a conversation on UFC’s tendency to “match the best against the best” vs “protecting fighters”. Zach comments on the latter option: “It worked for PRIDE.”

    Didn’t Dana White accuse PRIDE of being reckless with their aces, rather than protecting them? In one of his rants after CroCop knocked out Silva White went off on a tangent about Sakuraba, the supposed “Japanese Ace” being matched up against every heavyweight in the division to be knocked silly and get brain damage… a fair point.

  8. PizzaChef says:

    Mac seems to have a tendancy to delete posts. He did it after talking about PRIDE USA production (more like Jerry Millen) trying to get him to say that he’ll send Hayato Sakurai back to Japan.

  9. Michaelthebox says:

    klown: I think a lot of what Dana means by ‘reckless’ is their tendency to put fighters in fights that offer lots of risk and little reward. Putting Wandy against guys like Cro Cop and Hendo both qualify; if Wandy wins, he’s got a good win, but if he loses, the middleweight champ has just had a loss and some of the lustre of the belt is lost. Against Hendo, if Wandy wins, he beat a guy a class down from him, if he loses, the WW and MW championship picture is shot to hell.

    Whatever you want to say about Zuffa, they tend to be very good about maintaining the integrity of a belt by only fighting top contenders together (the TUF 4 disaster nonwithstanding).

  10. Zach Arnold says:

    Once DSE lost Fuji TV, the booking of PRIDE went to hell. Without Kiyohara’s influence (he was the TV producer close to Sakakibara), there was less of a filter as far as what matches got booked.


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