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Fight Opinion Radio #54: Ken Shamrock speaks out

By Zach Arnold | June 29, 2007

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Dana White recently stated that he released Ken Shamrock from his UFC contract because he didn’t feel that Shamrock could be competitive in the UFC. However, Ken Shamrock and his manager/attorney Rod Donohoo dispute this claim. On this week’s edition of Fight Opinion Radio, both men appear on our show to talk about the supposed reason that Dana White terminated Mr. Shamrock’s UFC contract. Ken also discusses his theory on UFC’s current management trying to erase the UFC’s past history and stars. Plus, where will Ken Shamrock be fighting next?

Also on this week’s show, we discuss the tragic Chris Benoit murder-suicide story and what it means for professional wrestling. Is regulation coming? Should it be coming? How would you enforce regulation? What are the costs involved? Plus, should MMA-style regulation be the model that wrestling follows? And, would the MMA industry resemble professional wrestling if there was no medical or drug testing?

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