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Wednesday fight notes: More angry boxers

By Zach Arnold | June 27, 2007

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Boxing trainer Tommy Gallagher quoted in a article:

Gallagher has obviously seen it all in a lifetime spent in the hardest game. He’s disappointed with what he sees these days and he wonders if boxing can make it. “The commissioners are ruinin’ this business,” he laments. “The UFC lets ‘em wear condoms on their hands. We have to wear 14-ounce gloves if you weigh over 135! They wanna’ think they’re doin’ somethin’. They’re doin’ nuthin’ but makin’ the fighters lose out. Now in the UFC fighting you can kick, you can bite and use your elbows. There may be a conspiracy to remove boxing and keep that Ultimate Bull%&^* out there! I’m not takin’ away from the athletes, but they allow them to do whatever they want and the boxers are scrutinized. What does that mean? Don’t get me started!”

Your latest MMA Weekly fighter rankings

Fighter salaries coming out of the Elite XC/Strikeforce 6/22 San Jose event.

“Gas bag” Gary West in The Fort Worth Star-Telegram has an anti-MMA screed of his own today.

When I see that TJ Quinn of The New York Daily News is covering the Chris Benoit matter… I know that it means that he’s going to be very solid on writing about the issue of drugs in sports (specifically steroids). He has written many of the major articles regarding the BALCO scandal with Jason Giambi and Barry Bonds.

Kimbo Slice is a very popular man.

Onto today’s headlines.

  1. The Fanhouse (AOL): Goon goes from Sin Bin to the Octagon
  2. MMA Weekly: Mirko Cro Cop vs. Chieck Kongo officially announced
  3. MMA California: CSAC suspensions for June 26th
  4. Kevin Iole: Boxing leaving Las Vegas
  5. Prophet Fighting: More details surface in death of Benoit family…
  6. Press Release: UFC stars including GSP to appear at Steelback Grand Prix of Toronto
  7. Yahoo Sports: From science to art – Wayne McCullough goes to UFC
  8. PR Web: New Kimbo Slice post-Mercer interview
  9. The Saipan Tribune: Undercards wow crowd in ‘Trench Warz VI’
  10. New York Newsday: Gina Carano – not your ordinary knockout
  11. The Sweet Science: Frank Shamrock under the microscope
  12. Whaledog: Competition for the UFC, finally?
  13. UPI: Tito Ortiz to visit US toops this Summer
  14. MMA on Tap: Global FC confirms matchups for August 17th event at Mohegan Sun Arena
  15. The Stockton Record: MMA’s cancellation sends fighter to new show
  16. Radio (Eddie Goldman): Interview with Todd Hester of Gladiator Magazine
  17. The Baraboo News Republic (WI): XFO MMA comes to Dells Center
  18. UFC Mania: Nick Diaz calls out Frank Shamrock
  19. In the News (UK): An introduction and guide to the sport of Muay Thai
  20. Radio (Komikazee): MMA Smackdown #29

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14 Responses to “Wednesday fight notes: More angry boxers”

  1. MoreThanUFC says:

    Winner via mandibleplota. What the fuck is it with these idiots? I’ve turned off most of the negative MMA stuff over the last three months, but if your gonna hate, at least know the freaking rules.

  2. GassedOut says:

    You know what though? When a boxer spouts tripe like that, it’s a real opportunity for the smart marketer to educate the undecided fan about what’s real and what’s not. Done properly, it will lose boxing even more fans by their own actions.

  3. penxv says:

    did you see this?

    “96. Ultimate Fighting Championship bout (various dates, Vegas).

    Because you can’t buy tickets for dogfighting at Michael Vick’s house.”

  4. Tomer Chen says:

    did you see this?

    Zach had the quote in the Tuesday headlines thread yesterday.

  5. Preach says:

    And another MMA-movie is in the works:

    “Djimon (Hounsou) just signed up for an action drama called Get Some. In this The Karate Kid-meets-Fight Club flick, Djimon would play a mixed martial arts mentor to a Midwestern teen. The kid moves to glitzy Orlando, where the restless youth wait for Disney properties to close for the night so that they can assemble for no-holds-barred underground fights. Thus far, Djimon is the only real name associated with the indie flick, as the rest of the cast has been filled out by alumni from The O.C. and the like. But if there’s any justice, they’ll cast a Martin Kove-type to round out the challengers from the “evil” side of the street fighting equation. Maybe Matt Schulze or Karl Urban’s available.”

  6. Matt Boone says:

    We’ve got new interviews with Rich Franklin and Nate Marquardt up at – RSS link is

  7. Chuck says:

    I never thought I’d say this but “Gas bag” Gary West, you make some very good points.

  8. Torgo says:

    What is it about boxers saying stupid crap?

    Oh, probably the head trauma and the lack of any real education.

  9. Jonathan says:

    If someone wants to hear a dumbass speak and make a fool of himself, tune into the latest Beatdown and listen at the very beginning of the show to Joe Rogan. I am not going to try and paraphrase what he said as I will leave it up to you, but to me, he seemed to make an absolute fool of himself as well as an ass.

  10. 45 Huddle says:

    Keep in mind that Frank Shamrock is reported as making around $1.3 Million for the fight. Which means the payroll is much higher. And the arena costs some money to run in. Even with 50,000 PPV Buys, at $35 a pop…. And they would get 50% of that…. The PPV Revenues are at $875,000. And I doubt this event got 50,000 PPV Buys. Basically, the event lost money.

    According to,

    The live gate (total gross receipts) for Shamrock vs. Baroni was $721,210 compared to a total disclosed fighter payroll of $628,340.

    -Frank Shamrock: $200,000 (defeated Phil Baroni)
    -Phil Baroni: $100,000 (lost to Frank Shamrock)
    -Murilo “Ninja” Rua: $50,000 (defeated Joey Villasenor; $25,000 + $25,000 win bonus)
    -Paul Buentello: $50,000 (defeated Carter Williams; $25,000 + $25,000 win bonus)
    -Cung Le: $45,000 (defeated Tony Fryklund)
    -Josh Thomson: $20,000 (defeated Nick Gonzalez; $15,000 + $5,000 win bonus)
    -Joey Villasenor: $15,000 (lost to Murilo “Ninja” Rua)
    -Duane Ludwig: $15,000 (lost to Paul Daley)
    -Edson Bert: $14,000 (defeated Victor “Joe Boxer” Valenzuela; $7,000 + $7,000 win bonus)
    -Carter Williams: $13,340 (lost to Paul Buentello)
    -Paul Daley: $12,000 (defeated Duane Ludwig; $6,000 + $6,000 win bonus)
    -Tony Fryklund: $8,000 (lost to Cung Le)
    -Nick Gonzalez: $4,000 (lost to Josh Thomson)
    -Victor “Joe Boxer” Valenzuela: $4,000 (lost to Edson Berto)
    -Mike Pyle: $20,000 (defeated Aaron Wetherspoon; $10,000 + $10,000 win bonus)
    -Luke Stewart: $10,000 (defeated Jason Von Flue)
    -Jason Von Flue: $10,000 (lost to Luke Stewart)
    -Seth Kleinbeck: $6,000 (defeated Sam Spengler; $3,000 + $3,000 win bonus)
    -Chris Cariaso: $4,000 (defeated Anthony Figueroa; $3,000 + $1,000 win bonus)
    -Ray Seraille: $4,000 (lost to Rex Richards)
    -Rex Richards: $4,000 (defeated Ray Seraille; $2,000 + $2,000 win bonus)
    -Aaron Wetherspoon: $4,000 (lost to Mike Pyle)
    -Sean Bassett: $3,700 (lost to David Smith)
    -Anthony Figueroa: $3,000 (lost to Chris Cariaso)
    -Sam Spengler: $3,000 (lost to Seth Kleinbeck)
    -Nik Theotikis: $2,800 (defeated Nikk Covert)
    -David Smith: $2,000 (defeated Sean Bassett; $1,000 + $1,000 win bonus)
    -Nikk Covert: $1,500 (lost to Nik Theotikos)

  11. Jonathan says:

    Wow…Baroni made $100k for that fight? That is a lot of money, and I know that he had been having money problems in the past. I hope that he is able to take this money to the bank and build on it.

  12. 45 Huddle says:

    It is also being reported that Frank Trigg will be the first challenger for Murilo Rua. HE signed a 4 fight deal with Elite XC.

    Sadly, Trigg lost his last fight and it just makes Pro Elite look like the minor leagues when they give a fighter who just lost a title shot. This isn’t like Penn/Hughes, where Penn had a previous victory and was literally the next highest ranked. This is just sad because Elite XC doesn’t want to put their Middleweights against each other.

  13. chairibofjustice says:

    Get used to MMA bashing, until we get some half-competent people in the mainstream media who report favorably on MMA.

    It’s just going to be more of the same old crap. My lord, have you guys been over to SI.Com recently? What passes for journalism over there is really quite frightening.

    But more frustrating than anything. The coverage of MMA is downright laughable.

  14. D. Capitated says:

    Tommy Gallagher actually has a legitimate points. MMA is attempting to expand the ruleset, while its being continuously retracted in boxing. I don’t know of a lot of boxing trainers who want flyweights wearing 12 oz gloves.

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