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UFC Fight Night in Hollywood

By Zach Arnold | June 12, 2007

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Results: Observer | Sherdog

All comments and links on the show go here. A stripper mom at UFC Fight Night.

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17 Responses to “UFC Fight Night in Hollywood”

  1. Jarred says:


  2. 45 Huddle says:

    The most amazing thing about Jon Fitch is how he turned it on in the second round. He looks to be a slow starter, and was dominated in the first round. He turned it up multiple gears in the next round.

    That is the huge difference between somebody like Fitch and a Mike Swick. Swick was dominated by Okami in the first, and mentally crumbled. Fitch looked completely over matched in the first, and showed heart to dominate the second.

    We are probably going to see Fitch vs. Parisyan next. Fitch should beat him.

  3. chairibofjustice says:

    Jarred I really hope you’re not laughing about the Radev KO. Really bad form.

  4. Jarred says:

    Did Jason Black lend Spencer Fisher his side burns?

  5. 45 Huddle says:

    Overall, a fantastic night of fights. I had low expectations for this card.

    Tavares really impressed me. He is another fighter in a long line of potential Lightweight Contenders. That division is stacked.

    The main even was ultra exciting.

  6. Body_Shots says:

    One of best fight cards I’ve watched live.

  7. Adam Morgan says:

    And how do these events not garner major media coverage? I don’t get it.

    Excellent night of fights. Very impressed by Tavares, Fitch showed great composure after being caught in a pretty deep anaconda choke, and Fisher’s muay thai training at Fairtex really, really paid dividends. Great card.

  8. Xenos says:

    This was easily the best for-free MMA card that has ever aired.

  9. Michaelthebox says:

    I wonder if this is a sign that the overall quality of fighters is improving. Fewer LNP or sprawl and stall fighters, especially at the lower weights.

  10. 45 Huddle says:

    I think it is a sign of what weight classes they use. Cards with a lot of Heavyweight fights typically suck. The lower weight classes are just so much more exciting.

  11. Mateo says:

    For Fisher to win this fight with accuracte, but unpunishing punches means that he is not ready for a rematch with Franca.

    It was a good fight, but I would rather have seen some brutal punches and a killer instinct from Fisher instead of accurate punches and varied forms of attack. Franca’s win over Fisher was much more impressive then Fisher’s win over Stout.

    The rest of the card had the brutality, but was not very competitive. Still I enjoyed it and was glad I watched it.

  12. chairibofjustice says:

    “Cards with a lot of Heavyweight fights typically suck.”

    It’s been my general experience that cards with a lot of crappy fighters typically suck. It’s the overall skill level of a fighters participating and how they are matched up and less to do with what weight class they’re in.

    That’s the one nice about heavy weights, most of them have the ability to KO their opponent. While guys who fight at 145 can punch each other in the face all day. I’ll take the KO.

    Three things about tonights card:

    1. All in a great unexpected surprise, there really wasn’t one bad fight. But can anyone tell what the status of Radev is? That didn’t look very good.

    2. If I’m not mistaken, the referee of the Radev fight was also the same guy who refereed the Scott Smith/David Terrell fux up too. Personally, I felt he should have stopped the fight a lot sooner. And I can’t help but wonder if he was a little gun shy because of what his mismanagement of the Scott Smith fight.

    3. Was that Rigan Machado cornering Anthony Johnson? I haven’t seen him in years, not since the old Dog Brothers gatherings. If that was Rigan, he’s put on a lot of weight. Or maybe I was mistaken and it actually was Steven Segal.

  13. Adam Morgan says:

    It was a good fight, but I would rather have seen some brutal punches and a killer instinct from Fisher instead of accurate punches and varied forms of attack. Franca’s win over Fisher was much more impressive then Fisher’s win over Stout.

    Really? Franca has heavy hands and very sloppy striking. I am much more impressed with Fisher’s win over Stout than Franca’s win over Fisher.

    I would have to agree with Rogan that the Spencer Fisher we saw tonight is the best we’ve ever seen him. Stout has a reputation for having a very, very good chin and was rocked several times during the fight. If you see Fisher land those same punches on some of the other competition in that weight class, it’s lights out.

    One more W and he’s looking at a title shot.

  14. Agreed. Let’s see Fisher vs Din Thomas for a title shot. We made a podcast after the UFN, click here to take a listen. That was the best event of the year so far

  15. 45 Huddle says:

    Neither Fisher nor Thomas are in line for a title shot right now.

    The rumor going around is that if both Joe Stevenson & Roger Huerta win their next fight, then they will fight each other for a title shot in 2008.

  16. Adam Morgan says:


    I agree it was a great event. Best event of the year so far, though? I would have to say PRIDE 33 was the best in my opinion.


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