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Claim: UFC rejects web site sponsorship for Jon Fitch

By Zach Arnold | June 6, 2007

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By Zach Arnold

Related posts at Lay and Pray and Cage Today. announced that UFC has told Jon Fitch to cancel his sponsorship deal with If the facts in this story are true, it is an outrageous PR blunder on the part of Zuffa. helped sponsor Sean Salmon and both parties in that deal did an excellent job with online coverage. If the UFC said no to the sponsorship because the blogger has UFC in the title of his site, that would be incredibly backwards-thinking.

Read the full entry.

I hold no personal animus towards UFC at all. However, it’s stupid PR blunders, statements, and moves like this that really set the company up for loud and justified criticism.

The company cannot publicly on one hand claim that they pay their fighters a fair salary and then on the other hand, tell a fighter who makes a few thousand dollars per fight (and has to have a job at a bar to earn supplemental income) that he can’t have a certain sponsorship — especially if that sponsorship is for A FAN WEB SITE of your company and has no ties to internet gambling.

Not allowing a UFC fan web site to help sponsor a fighter for a couple of thousand dollars is beyond comprehension and it only serves to creates negative press attention. If the facts presented by are true, then it’s a silly and petty business move by UFC. Why create an unnecessary firestorm? Is this move going to cost UFC money? Of course not. However, it’s just penny-wise and pound-foolish. If UFC doesn’t want Jon Fitch to have certain sponsors, then start paying him more money to fight or match whatever money he would normally get from his own sponsors.

I suppose UFC could get Jon Fitch a sponsorship deal with Amp’d Mobile

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44 Responses to “Claim: UFC rejects web site sponsorship for Jon Fitch”

  1. Jonathan says:

    Wouldn’t surprise me. Dana is a prick.

  2. David M says:

    I will boycott UFC 72 in protest. Oh wait, I wasn’t going to watch it anyways..

    The UFC has partaken in some rather underhanded moves concerning sponsors. This reminds me of when they made Salaverry take the Team Punishment logo off of his shorts and when they cut Lindland from 90k a fight to much less because he was wearing a shirt that was prohibited–whatever. Just cheap bush league moves by the UFC.

  3. says:

    To be honest with you Zach this was a big worry for me when developing a website around a domain with UFC in it. You opinion on PR blunders is a wide held one I believe and is completely justified.

    Just to be fair UFC Mania, UFC Junkie, and my site all deliver odds and betting advice for the advice and my site and UFC Junkie also have ads for Bodog (through an affiliate program). I am not sure if Mania does or not but I just wanted to throw those facts out there as well.

    I really am interested to hear what the reasoning is behind all of this. The sites are so similar so for UFCJunkie to not only sponsor a fighter (in a main event on Spike as well, like Fitch) as well as what I believe was the official UFC fight club party at a UFC event it just seems like two opposite ends of the spectrum.

    I really can’t wait to hear why this situation came about and what the UFC’s policy on sponsors is. And do think this reputable fan site can’t get approved but CondomDepot could have their way as Andrei Arlovski’s sponsorship.

  4. Randy Rowles says:

    This could have something to do with the fact that the man behind the curtain at UFC Junkie works in sports management and has written a successful book with a baseball player. (He’s said these things, I never took the time to figure out where or who). It could simply be that Junkie’s more connected than the Mania. Junkie does seem to get a bunch more scoops than Mania.

    I was really surprised that the UFC Junkie was allowed to sponsor Sean Salmon on Spike TV in the first place. This really is an interesting topic, considering how the WWE goes after anyone using WWE in their web domain. If the UFC wanted to be dicks, they could use the WWE’s strategy of sending a legal firm after each individual website, and use their deep pockets to shut down the Junkie, the Mania, the Daily, the Countdown, etc.

    Really, these sites should be grateful the UFC doesn’t give them trouble. And the UFC shouldn’t. The WWE are a bunch of out-of-control control freaks. A fansite is never going to hurt your business (unless of course it’s something like or something, then is still probably wouldn’t hurt you — but at least they’d have a rationale in squashing a website).

    It does seem pushing it a bit, to advertise these websites on UFC programming when they aren’t officially affiliated with the UFC. I mean, I don’t think we’re going to be seeing advertising at the Super Bowl anytime soon, if it isn’t an actual NFL owned website.

    Perhaps the UFC endorses the Junkie, but not the Mania. I bet the Junkie was an exception based on his connections, and now that precedent has been established with Mania, I don’t think we’ll be seeing the Junkie on UFC programming again, unless of course, the UFC buys the website. Let’s just hope they stay away from giving the Mania and co. trouble. The UFCmania and so many other websites with UFC in their name celebrate the UFC. The UFC needn’t be party poopers like the WWE.

  5. fightopinionReader says:

    Randy Rowles write, “Really, these sites should be grateful the UFC doesn’t give them trouble.” writes frequently about trademarks:

    “Trademark law is supposed to prevent consumer confusion, such as having someone think they’re buying Coca-Cola, only to find out it’s really Bob’s Cola. Unfortunately, though, many companies seem to believe that trademark law means they have full ownership of their trademarked term, and no one else can use it for anything — especially if it’s a competitor”.

    And another:

    “Trademark law is mostly about avoiding confusion for the sake of consumer protection. It’s not about giving the trademark owner full rights over the trademark (similar to copyrights or patents). ” (

    From my very first read, I was never under the illusion that the UFC owned,, or It was very clear to me that they were not affiliated with the UFC. Was anybody ever confused when they first went to one of these sites?

    I am assuming’s view is correct, but IANAL.

  6. hbdale309 says:

    UFCMania increases the UFC’s popularity with their informative site and turns regular fans into hardcore fans. What does Dana do to thank them? He takes a big steamy shit right on their chests. Thanks BLAF, you jerk.

  7. Body_Shots says:

    UFCMania increases the UFC’s popularity with their informative site and turns regular fans into hardcore fans.

    Bullshit, UFC increases UFCMania’s popularity and profile. This isn’t a chicken and egg situation, we know who came before who and UFCmania and UFCjunkie are blogs designed to piggyback off the success of the UFC. I’ve read some of their blog entries since they started, and from their tone they barely come off as ‘UFC fans’.

    They’re lucky Zuffa doesn’t shut down their site like the NFL does.

  8. Zach Arnold says:

    Whether your point is true or false, UFC set the precedent earlier this year by allowing to sponsor Sean Salmon. It created positive attention and advertising for all parties involved. It was a perfect example of promoter, fighter, and blogger cooperating together in business.

    So to turn around and supposedly reject’s sponsorship of Jon Fitch doesn’t make any PR sense (unless there is a legitimate reason that we don’t know about yet). The horse left the barn when UFC allowed UFC Junkie to sponsor a fighter, so why shouldn’t UFC Mania have the same opportunity?

    The end result is taking money away from a fighter via pulling his sponsorship (when he could use that money), alienating the blogger that gives UFC free publicity and links, and causing negative press for UFC with online fans. A lose-lose-lose situation all the way around, unlike the win-win-win situation that happened with UFC Junkie.

  9. Ivan Trembow says:

    This is appalling unless there’s an amazingly good reason that we don’t know about.

  10. Body_Shots says:

    They shouldn’t of allowed Salmon to get sponsored (if they did). I think as a blog you’re begining to step over the line when you start to sponsor fighters. Is it really ‘for the love of the UFC’, or is this is a business venture to drive traffic towards your site? Which ultimately raises the cost of ads that are basically plastered all over those blogs currently.

    The quasi relationship between ‘the org, fighter and so called online fan’ ends when that happens, and the UFC has every right not allow them to sponsor their fighters.

  11. 45 Huddle says:

    People make way too much of this. Josh Gross on Beatdown has the same hookup about this topic.

    It is very simple. Every sports league in America restricts what the players can do. NASCAR has limits of what the car can have for advertising. The NBA even forces players to dress nicely after a game. The sports are trying to present a certain image, and the advertisers have something to do with that as well.

    This is old news in the world of sports.

  12. Zach Arnold says:

    What’s the difference between UFC Junkie and UFC Mania? Both are UFC-oriented fan sites. UFC credentials one but won’t credential the other for a sponsorship?

  13. grafdog says:

    Way to conform 45 huddle!

  14. MMA says:

    They should reimburse him his lost sponsorship money then.

  15. DarthMolen says:


    The UFC has a love – hate relationship with their fan base. They love their money, but hate their advocates.

    Plain and simple.

    I see the online news sites centered around MMA as advocates for the fan. They are closely connected to the community, spend huge amounts of hours following and pumping the MMA product, and are quite vocal.

    And the UFC hates them. Won’t give them the time of day. If you aren’t a major player then you aren’t worth their time. I have talked with various inside sources and as far as I can determine, it is a policy set from the top down and set in stone.

    I understand that you can’t cater to every Tom, Dick, or Harry that claims to have a website but you can at least pay attention to the ones that are spending lots of man hours pumping your product and are valid sites.

    Now they are publicly moving against a fansite because they choose to spend money on your product and help out a fighter that isn’t getting paid enough to make it normally?

    Yeah. Great move. I feel an editorial coming on….

    Steven Molen

  16. Hey Zach. I’ve got some good info you might want to hear but I would rather do it over email. Contact me if you can.

  17. […] opinion and everyone should chime in their two cents about this!  It’s also blogged about on This entry was posted on Thursday, June 7th, 2007 at 9:15 am and is filed under UFC. You can […]

  18. Body_Shots says:

    Zuffa does not need an internet blog to be an advocate for them lol, and we are well past the ‘support the sport’ stage. We are now in an era where there is money to be made in Mixed Martial Arts. You’d have to be an idiot to think that these blogs aren’t capitalizing off that.

    This has nothing to do with the UFC fan base either, this is business. For them to pull the ‘I’m just a small-time guy-trying promote the sport-but it’s really about Jon Fitch” card is a bitch move. Everything from them making the website to them trying to sponsor Fitch was b-u-s-i-n-e-s-s. Welcome to the business world guys, you’re lucky site is still running.

  19. Body_Shots says:

    Many of these comments are truly suprising, especially from a bunch of guys who present themselves as realists. They’re already making money from the ads, they’re trying to sponsor fighters, the next step is selling their very own UFCmaina® products, all in an effort to support MMA lol, gimmie a break.

  20. UFCmania says:

    ‘I’m just a small-time guy-trying promote the sport-but it’s really about Jon Fitch”

    Did I say this?

    I said I’m a small time blogger, I don’t expect the UFC to even bother responding to me.

    I then went on to say that it really “gets me” that it affects Fitch.

    Did I say it was all about him? No. Of course not.

    I happen to know Jon on a personal level — it was the reason we decided to sink literally every penny the site ever made into sponsoring him and not some other fighter.

    It was designed to help us both out.

    Don’t try and make yourself sound smart by twisting words to fit your argument.


  21. Jason Gatties says:

    Tough Sh*t. The UFC has every right to reject any “sponsor” for any reason. You “fan-bloggers” (and thats what you are, not journalists”) continue to take yourselves too seriously. Perhaps you can form another lame “media boycott” that the UFC and everyone else with half a brain, will laugh at again.

  22. Body_Shots says:

    Did I say this?

    Not verbatim, but in a round about way you did. It’s called paraphrasing.

    I then went on to say that it really “gets me” that it affects Fitch.

    Unless your sponsorship comes close to the disclosed 28k he made his last fight (which was the final fight on his contract, I’m sure he’s making more now), it’s probably not going to affect him at all. I think what really ‘gets you’ is the fact that you won’t be able to advertise your site on a televised event with millions of viewers.

    Did I say it was all about him? No. Of course not.

    You implied it, as well as it being apart of your greater plan to ‘promote the sport’‘.

    ‘The one thing that really gets me — and I’m serious about this — is that with this decision Jon Fitch loses out on a few well deserved payments from

    Yep, the same guy who works in a bar when he’s not training or fighting — even though he says it’s not really for the money….The primary purpose of this site it to promote the sport of mixed martial arts’

    I actually like your blog, but I know bullshit when I see it.

    Maybe we overstepped our boundaries on a few posts, or said some things that some important people didn’t like … I’ll never know.

    MAYBE you’re not a Zuffa affiliated ‘blog/business’ using UFC® in it’s name trying to advertise during a UFC® event. Like I said you’re lucky your still is running.


    No, bitching is what you did here, and you know what they say. If walks like it, talks like it….

  23. E says:

    Based on what has been posted about trademark law, why is UFCMania lucky their site is even running?

    Yes, the UFC has a right to reject any sponsor for any reason, but as Zach has mentioned, denying this sponsorship is incredibly inconsistent with past actions (i.e. allowing the UFCJunkie sponsorship) and simply confusing.

    An explanation from the UFC would shed a great deal of light on this decision, but who knows if this will actually happen. Until then there’s nothing wrong with questioning a company’s seemingly inconsistent actions, whether or not you agree or disagree with the proposed principle; so the name-calling and vitriolic posts are simply unnecessary.

  24. Luke says:

    Body_Shots – you are very dumb. Please stop talking. No one agrees with you or thinks you make interesting points. You are being unnecessarily negative under the guise of providing “sober” advice. Again, shut the fuck up. Thanks.

  25. E is onto something.

  26. Kev says:

    I agree with E.

  27. DarthMolen says:

    They won’t give a straight answer because their company line is:

    “We are all about the Fans!” which simply isn’t true.

    Go read my article on

    By coming out and actually telling the truth, that fan blogs or “online news sites”, which have become microcosms of fandom, are 2nd class citizens then they would officially be hypocritical, not just the appearance of such.

    The UFC is about one thing and one thing only. Ok 2 things. Themselves and money. That’s fine. It’s a business. They are allowed to do that, but I would respect them more if they just dropped the “Fan Friendly” crap and get on with life of making money hand over fist.

    People are bowing down and paying money to the cash cow regardless so why do they need us?

    Now, I will tell you why. Because in the future they will need us. When there is actual competition in the marketplace, they will need the bloggers and “online news sites” to constantly be pumping their product over “Brand X” and hell if my site is going to do that if they continue to treat us like crap.

    My staff and I cover the UFC because they are there. We don’t love it and don’t aspire to love it. I personally don’t buy their PPV’s and I only see it in bars. The fighters are why I watch. Not because of the UFC.

    If the IFL, etc. had a PPV, I would be much more apt to buy their stuff because I have seen them in action and know that at least they pay homage to the fan and their advocates en route to making money.

    Now the UFC could do a 180 degree turn and my opinion could change. None of this is hard fact except what pieces in my article are quoted.

  28. DarthMolen says:

    LoL. I remember that pic. Like I said, from the top down….

  29. Randy Rowles says:

    Isn’t it possible the UFC feels they made a mistake in letting UFCJunkie advertise and have now reveresed their policy? If they were to let UFCJunkie advertise in the future, then I could see how they could be perceived as being hypocritical.

    In regards to the TechDirt analysis on trademarks, I don’t think it really matters what the law is. The deep pockets of the UFC are what matters. The WWE was able to make every website using their initials shut down just by threatening litigation. I’m not saying this is right, but it happened. If the UFC were to send cease and desist letters to the websites using their initials, who could afford to fight them in court? The UFCmania said they paid everything they had just to sponsor Jon Fitch. The UFC pays Jon Fitch and everybody else on the roster, including a plethora of lawyers. There is right and there is wrong, and then there is reality.

    Also, I mean, it’s within the realm of possibility that someone watching UFC programming might see and believe this website is afflilated with the UFC (regardless of whether there is a disclaimer on the actual website or not). It then becomes up to the UFC to decide whether or not they want to be affiliated with UFCmania. Obviously, they don’t.

    I don’t see how this isn’t the UFC’s choice to make. Just because they allow a certain brand of beer to advertise on their programming, doesn’t mean they have to allow all brands of beer to advertise. It isn’t fair, but they’re the ones making the rules.

  30. Franky says:

    Dang, it just seems that Fitch can’t catch a break. The guy is 5-0 in the UFC. A definite contender, yet they don’t give him a step up in competition and they also don’t let him have that sponsorship.

  31. Matthew Watt says:

    “It’s called paraphrasing”

    First off Body_Shot, to say you were paraphrasing means you were interpreting another person’s remarks and shortening what was said into your own context. So what you “paraphrased” on what UFCMania said was incorrect and not in the right context. Reading between the lines is just that, reading between the lines. Only the author knows what he meant to state, not you.

    And all you guys stating that the blog is lucky to be up and running, why all this ludicrous rhetoric? UFCMania is a great website that gives mma fans a casual run through of current UFC stories. UFCMania does not try to be anymore then this (outside of card breakdowns and fighter interviews), and more often then not paints the UFC in a golden light. So answer me why must Dana stop this sponsorship from occuring yet allow sponsorship? I haven’t read many glowing reviews about the UFC from condomdepot, maybe I am missing something though that you caught?

    And to those that state that these small time blogs are not “true” journalists, then why did the UFC give press credentials? Do you not have to be a journalist to get press credentials? This whole situation reeks of hypocrisy and Dana showcasing how he does what he wants, when he wants.

    I just want to take the time now to thank UFCMania for all you have done, and best luck in the future. I throughly enjoy your website and keep up the good work.

    And to Body_Shot, when you are tossing Dana’s salad at night, are you the type to give him a reach around or focus all of your attention on the task at hand?

  32. robnashville says:

    Fitch had a major falling out with Zuffa faves Xyience, saying they basically stiffed him out of money and was quite vocal about it on the Underground….now he is having problems getting some benign website sponsorship approved. Wonder if these two facts are related? Nah,…..Dana couldn’t be that petty.

  33. says:

    While it is ultimately the UFC’s decision who they do and don’t allow the trademark and domain squatting laws are pretty clear that as long as you don’t try to pull something over on someone you are ok.

    The issue of “” domains came up recently when Take Two games had registered or something and was promoting the game on it beyond when they were allowed to. The UFC took them to court over it and although it is still pending they have a case. All of the UFC sites like mine and others don’t attempt to do this. We deliver something different from and are treated by the organization as such.

    To address a few other things that have been said. I know that I personally run my site like a business but feel like it is a fan site. Ultimately we all want to impact the sport and be a respected voice in MMA so yes we are fans but the sites are “like a business”.

    On the topic of who we are and how we should be distinguished this is a very touchy topic. Most “old” sports organizations barely recognize new media authors and bloggers as journalists. Like the term or not this is what we are in todays society and you can take or leave the term but when it comes down to it our “job” descriptions make us journalists. When the UFC approved Junkie’s sponsorship it was a sigh of relief for MMA sites because it appeared the UFC was embracing not only MMA sites but UFC-specific sites. Now that Mania has been denied a sponsorship in the air again. The UFC needs to be a sport to embrace new media efforts. How does a site like mine take away from the UFC or hurt them in any way?

    Put simply it doesn’t. We provide rumors and news the UFC does not provide on their website or elsewhere. The only real issue I can see the UFC having is with live event coverage of PPVs but I am pretty sure the people who bought/buy the PPVs still do so. We really cater to people who follow the UFC but simply don’t want to buy the PPV and probably never would.

    We should be thankful the UFC hasn’t comeback on us with threats that we simply can’t resist because of our size of operations but we should not back down. MMA new media is a force to be reckoned with and I am sure most could name upwards of 10 big MMA sites that are not run by traditional media. Rather than slam the door shut on the little guys they should embrace the free promotion we are giving them and keeping mans more information on the sport. I just hopes the UFC understands how big MMA blogs and sites are and what positive effects they provide the sport.

  34. Adam Morgan says:

    Question for UFC Mania:

    Given the recent backlash over Sims/Thomas and their “street fight,” do you think this has anything at all to do with the very, very, very insignificant incident with Fitch and the rear naked choke at the Cardiff Lounge a couple weeks back?

  35. DarthMolen says:

    Well UFCDaily, It’s all about jack. You aren’t providing any jack to the UFC therefore you are useless to them.

    There is no soft quantification of numbers. If you aren’t reaching 1+ million and/or recognized as mainstream, and/or know somebody way up top, then you aren’t worth their time and will not get press qualifications.

    The cold hard truth is that it’s not about you. It’s all about them. Even if you are painting them golden, they don’t care.

    Short sighted IMHO because they will need grass roots once the competition heats up to continue to push traffic to them instead of their competitors.

    Maybe then we will be “worth” something to the UFC. Until then we must be satisfied with the breadcrumbs.

  36. UFCmania says:

    “How does a site like mine take away from the UFC or hurt them in any way?”

    It hurts because UFC Daily is a sham. Be original, stop ripping off from me, Junkie, and whoever else.

    As for Adam Morgan, no, I do not think that has anything to do with it. It was not a fight, he escorted an overzealous patron out the door who took a swing at the bartender.

    Having said that, I don’t know the real reason. Maybe someone was just having a bad day for all I know.

  37. says:

    @DarthMolen – We provide the UFC nothing aside from free press. We aren’t necessarily giving them anything tangible although we are providing their fans news that simply doesn’t. Organizations have yet to embrace new media and the UFC appears to be no exception. I will not claim to be the top UFC news site because we aren’t but we are no small operation either. We aren’t way up top but we’re getting there. The site gets several hundred thousand pageviews a month and between all the UFC news sites those numbers add up.

    @UFCmania – Apparently because I deliver much the same news as you I am a sham? Everything I express on my site with regards to opinion is my own. Last I checked just because 2 sites cover the same topic they are a rip off. Maybe CNN should tell Fox News and MSNBC to stop ripping their idea off? The point is there is enough UFC to go around and if that has you irked then leave the genre. We cover the same news, we have our own opinions. If my site is a “sham” according to you then so be it. I have a good audience and you have your own.

    I expressed my sympathy to your site for not getting this sponsorship just put the past behind and lets both move on and deliver UFC news and opinion in our own way. If you want to talk about this over email I would be glad to but putting issues into public view and calling my site a sham is not the way to discuss issues. As far as I am concerned you had you site first, then Junkie came, then I launched earlier this year, then further sites have come along since. It is part of the cycle and part of the business of new media.

    No one needs to be publicly ousted whether the claim has basis or not. What you say is libel because it is defamatory without backing. Will I do anything about it? No because I just brush it off because you are one of many people I have dealt with who have done very similar things. You are mad because we cover the same news. That is just a fact of life and part of a free society. Competition comes along and you have to keep doing what you’ve been doing and hope for the best, adapt to the new situation, or get out of the niche.

    Again if you want to talk about it in private over email I would be glad to but otherwise stuff like this doesn’t deserve my time or attention.

  38. DarthMolen says:

    Eh. I am in the same boat you guys are in, on the outside lookin in, and eating breadcrumbs.

    I wasn’t cutting down the online news sites. I am one. I was just injecting some realism into the picture. I have had many conversations with people in and out of the industry and it’s pretty much the same consensus.

    There’s no impetus to give us access to their event. They are the featured MMA promotion in this country and people are buying their product regardless of our absence. We continue to cover their shows because they are the biggest in town regardless of how they treat us.

    I still feel strongly that the grass root news org’s should be catered to because we do provide a positive chorus out there on the echo chamber, otherwise known as the Internet. This can be leveraged later to spread more information on your org to the niche groups we cater to. I am not saying they should overboard, there should still be guidelines and proof that you provide valuable content before allowing us access to their playland.

    However, trying to convince a quarter billion dollar promotion that our 100,000 per month viewership actually means something is the challenge we all face.

  39. UFCmania says:

    Man you just don’t get it. You are warped and delusional. I can post specific links and examples that prove it.

    It’s as clear as day.

    I have zero problem with “competition” — I have no other beef with anyone else in this “industry” other than you. And we both know it’s for damn good reason.

    Spare me your sympathy.

  40. says:

    I don’t know what their is to get or how I am the one who is warped and delusional. I have never called someone out for sending in a news tip without any prior contact or come into a thread and called someone out.

    Let me go through a few things here. We both cover the same stories basically. There are a lot of stories you cover that I do not but we both discuss the UFC and as such a lot of the meat of our stories will be the same. Here is the process I use and if there is something “wrong” with it then please let me know.

    I find a link to the original source of a story from wherever be it a website, contact, forum, etc. I read the article and pull the “news” or headline from it. I write this down and then fill in the story with background on the fighters from Sherdog, Wikipedia, or other fighter databases. I form my opinions based on their statistics and video research.

    I have never had an issue with you and still don’t. I think there are a lot of sites that could have examples of nothing more than covering the same news. If you would like to talk about this over email and explain what the issue is and what you think should be changed I would be more than happy to talk over email. My address is kris AT

  41. Randy Rowles says:

    In the red corner — UFCmania — and in the blue corner — UFCDaily. Are you ready? Are you ready? Let’s get it on. LOL

  42. DarthMolen says:

    *turns on the Mortal Kombat Music*

  43. says:

    I am done with the arguments. I think we both know what we disagree about and no amount of talking or public banner will resolve this so its best to just do what we’re doing and not worry about it.

    **Also to those who think I don’t know the prober use of they’re/their/there I realize I didn’t you the right one above – blame spell check.


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