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K-1 World GP in Hawaii

By Zach Arnold | April 28, 2007

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Event results here. Badr Hari is the new heavyweight champion. The estimated attendance for the show was 7,066 paid.

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28 Responses to “K-1 World GP in Hawaii”

  1. Jordan Breen says:

    Nortje/Long II. I demand it.

  2. Zach Arnold says:

    That looks like a relatively average crowd at the NBC Arena in Honolulu. Plus, Jan Nortje beat Julius Long. Fun fight. Bruce Buffer is doing the ring announcing.

  3. Jordan Breen says:

    Was there an American Gladiator that looked like Goodridge’s sister, or am I imagining that?

  4. Zach Arnold says:

    These ring introductions are painfully long. And that crowd looks smaller than I first thought.

  5. Zach Arnold says:

    Berry knocked down Gary once, then cut Gary but Gary was playing rope-a-dope and he started a comeback but the ref stopped him before he even had a chance – and then asked for a doctor check, and the doctor spent about three seconds before stopping it.

  6. Zach Arnold says:

    Bruce Buffer calls Tomihara ‘tomahara’. And he called Alexander Pitchkounov ‘Alejandre Pit-coo-noff.’ Buffer called him “tom-e-hara’ again. He just screwed up Pitchkounov’s name again. Stop this man.

  7. Jordan Breen says:

    Pitchkounov looks like he’s the frontman for some band who’d get rave reviews at Pitchfork Media.

  8. Zach Arnold says:

    A one-sided beating from Pitchkounov — and Buffer still can’t pronounce his name right in victory.

  9. Jordan Breen says:

    Sawayashiki rules. Seriously.

  10. Jordan Breen says:

    I wish Randy Kim got to face a can. I’m dying to see him shotput punch someone.

  11. Zach Arnold says:

    Sawayashiki wins towards the end of R2 by TKO. He did get in a couple of shots to the back of Kim’s head, however… Norika seems happy. Mighty Mo vs. Nortje next…

  12. Jordan Breen says:

    Muay thai > shotput. Just in case you weren’t sure.

  13. Jordan Breen says:

    Mo is out for blood after his 14 year old son got clocked in an exhibition prelim.

  14. Jordan Breen says:


  15. iain says:

    wow, i feel like i’m right in the action!

    can you even still clinch in k1?

  16. Jordan Breen says:

    They’ll let you grab the plumb and throw a knee, that’s about it.

  17. Jordan Breen says:

    Oh, it’s dinner time for Choi right now.

  18. Jordan Breen says:

    After 5531 knockdowns, Malone is done. The highlight was Choi knocking him down with a Jake Roberts-style kneelift.

  19. Jordan Breen says:

    Who is this “Bonejasskee” that Bruce Buffer speaks of?

  20. Jonathan says:

    Wow…Hari kicked Fujimoto ass

  21. Jordan Breen says:

    Yeah, Hari beat him like he owed him.

    The real disappointment here is that Hari’s entrance wasn’t 10 minutes long, featuring him rapping in a Kobe Bryant jersey.

  22. Jordan Breen says:

    Yeah, Tanigawa doesn’t look out of place at all posing for pictures with Manhoef, Hari, and Passenier

  23. Jonathan says:

    Mo and other guy was a very entertaining fight…really good. How often do you 6 knockdowns in a fight…from three different techniques? Not that often? Mo through like what…5 kicks, and one of them was a knockdown. Powerful kicks.

  24. Jordan Breen says:

    As soon as I saw how vigorously Mo’s Thai trainer was massaging his blubber before the third, I knew he was gonna come out like gangbusters. Sure enough, he almost crippled Pitchkounov 10 seconds into the round.

    Pitchkounov’s weaknesses from kyokushin are pretty evident. He needs to learn how to infight desperately.

    Also, Mo needs more family members. Just a couple. Maybe another six, seven hundred.

  25. Jonathan says:

    Mathematical Equation Time:

    Mo fights to feed his family.
    More family means he fights more.
    Fighting more makes him a better fighter…skill and condition.
    So therefore a larger family makes Mo a better fighter.

  26. Jonathan says:

    Japanese Baseball on now? Dag-nabbit.

  27. Jordan Breen says:

    If Mo can somehow get another three or four offspring by December, he’ll take out Schilt at the World GP.

  28. The Gaijin says:


    Isn’t that more of “logic statements” than mathematics??

    Just saying….


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