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FO Radio 4/25 mailbag

By Zach Arnold | April 25, 2007

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You give us questions, we answer them on the radio show.

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13 Responses to “FO Radio 4/25 mailbag”

  1. Tomer says:

    Will bookies pull back on betting for MMA with the last month of upsets?

  2. Is parity a good thing, a bad thing, or a boring thing?

  3. Jonas says:

    The possible return of Igor Vovchanchyn?

  4. TG says:

    Who are these people so shocked with the upsets in MMA? New Fans?

    Upsets are the reason MMA is so sensational and the true “beauty” of the sport. REMEMBER ROYCE IN THE EARLY UFC’s. Nothing has changed, nobody knows what a fighter is bringing to the table each night. Its why we watch, to find out the unknown.

  5. Zurich says:

    Will CroCop’s devasting loss push more Japanese-centric fighters away from the UFC, and towards K-1 Hero’s and/or Bodog? e.g. Mark Hunt, Josh Barnett, Sergei, Overeem, etc. Perhaps fighting in an organization with a cage and elbows doesn’t look all that appealing now…

  6. Jonathan says:

    Do you see Hero’s, Shooto, Pancrase, and ZST picking up where Pride left off and carrying the Japanese MMA banner. Also, where do you see many of Pride’s lower weight fighters ending up?

  7. Daniel Prokosch says:

    Does anyone know what was the logo that all of the Ref’s and the Supervisors were wearing on there shirts during UFC 70.

    I read that Marc Ratner was going to regulate the fight’s. Does this mean that UFC has setup there own ‘Independent Sanctioning Body” Like in boxing with the IBF, WBA & WBC.

    What is your opinion on MMA having Independent ‘Independent Sanctioning Bodies like boxing?

  8. Rollo the Cat says:

    Isn’t there already a rule allowing refs to deduct a point from a fighter who stalls? Has any ref in a UFC event done so? Isn’t it about time they did?

    Aside from enforcing the current rules, what else can be done to stop the stalling and lack of action? I think the judging criteria needs to change so that credible submission attempts and attempts to KO your opponent are given the most weight while position on top should be deemphasized as in Pride. Josh Barnett is right about that.

    Is Joe Silva’s matchmaking to blame?

    Speaking of Barnett, have you ever had him on? I’d like to hear him on FO Radio expound on his recent comments about the UFC rules and quality of fights compared to Pride. I agree with much of what he says, but there is evidence contradicting his statements and I would enjoy hearing a critical analysis of his assertions.

  9. white ninja says:

    what does UFC do with Crocop from now on? he has 4 fights left on his contract. he is damaged goods. he says he will fight his 4 more fights and then likely retire and his fight money is rumoured to be pretty damned big (although it is also rumoured he got a big sign on bonus). he also has an attitude problem and obvisouly Dana is not a fan of his or Ken Imai

    do they try to set up another run for the title? or do they feed crocop to nogueira to try to set up another loss so that crocop retires and the UFC saves some money?

  10. klown says:

    It could be fun to predict various match-ups in the UFC heavyweight division.

  11. hbdale309 says:

    Zach – Do you agree w/ Bill Simmons of ESPN?

    “Boxing could have staved off its decline, at least a little, with a UFC-like business plan that included a constant presence on one cable network, one loaded PPV card per month, one championship belt per division, better marketing and promotion, and a charismatic, accountable leader like Dana White. But it’s a pipe dream, and we know it: Too many dirtbags make too much money feeding off the perpetual disorganization and lawlessness, so that’s how things will stay. The sport resembles a broken-down mansion that seems as if it can be salvaged — right until the housing inspector tells you about the water-damaged walls and termite-infested foundation rotted to the core.”

  12. fightopinionReader says:

    Lets suppose that Pride was run by the mafia. Let suppose that Fertitta brothers were made aware of all the ties. Not that hard of scenario to imagine. Why is this such a big deal? Why should the Fertitta brothers be embarrassed by such a revelation? This is a good thing, so long as they clean it up. And they have every reason in the world to clean it up: TV contracts, athletic commissions, gambling commissions.

    A once dirty fight organization now clean – sounds like a positive move to me.

  13. JD says:

    What do you think the chances are that Josh Barnett could end up in Bodog?I’ve heard him say that the only people he is interested in fighting right now are big Nog, Fedor, and maybe Cro cop. Obviously two of those guys are in the ufc now and Barnett didn’t seem too psyched to go back to the ufc in the last interview I heard.
    If Bodog really wanted to make a big push to become a major player it would seem to make sense.It would be a way for them to break into Japan and establish themselves.Also they have that agreement with Pancrase and I believe Barnett is still the King of Pancrase open weight champ so they could build it as a big event and if Fedor won he could ditch the pride belt and still be marketed as a champion.
    The president of Pancrase had stated when they first made the bodog-Pancrase deal that he wanted to put on some bigger shows now and that he wanted to move to 10,000 seat arenas.
    Zack, you said that the Japanese wouldn’t accept foreigners running Pride, so wouldn’t this be a good roundabout way for Bodog to get into Japan?It would appear as if Pancrase was running the show just with investment from Bodog and Ayre would get lots of exposure for his brand’s name(bodog) without all the hassle of having to buy Pancrase or start a company from scratch in a foreign land.


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