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Saturday media slam – Japanese newspapers go wild

By Zach Arnold | March 23, 2007

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I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on our interview with Ed Fishman. Post a comment if you get the chance.

Click full-page view to see what the Japanese newspapers and fight media are saying about UFC’s purchase of PRIDE.

With DSE releasing a FAX about their big press conference this coming Tuesday at Roppongi Hills Arena, the various Japanese newspapers are running wild the story about UFC purchasing PRIDE.

Yomiuri Hochi (no friend of DSE) has a report claiming that UFC paid ‘more than 1 billion yen’ to PRIDE. The paper further claims that Dana White and other UFC stars (management or fighters) will appear at the press conference. Nobuyuki Sakakibara is expected to announce his departure from PRIDE at the media session. The 4/8 Saitama Super Arena event will be the last event promoted by DSE.

Daily Sports confirms the sentiments echoed in the Yomiuri report, but indicated that the Fertittas didn’t make a full purchase of PRIDE (asset transaction).

A report on Miruhon (in Japanese) claims that it was an asset sale transaction, and that the hope is for a new Zuffa LLC subsidiary company to be created and maintained in Japan. The long-term goal? To get back on Fuji TV. The article claims that PRIDE will announce a “tie-up” with UFC at the Roppongi press conference, attempting to keep the image of the Japanese company alive in the marketplace.

If you didn’t listen to the interview with Ed, go listen to it. It’s worth your time and effort, even if its only on a historical perspective for you. Some pretty deep details. A few of the points Ed raised in the interview:

He said that after the New Year’s Eve ’06 show, Sakakibara met him at his home in Malibu to discuss the financial state of PRIDE. Ed claims that Sakakibara told him that he had lost $30-35 million USD after Fuji TV cut ties. Ed offered to make a loan of $10 million USD with a guarantee of collateral. He said that was rejected by Sakakibara because he needed more money. Ed said that if he was going to give any more money that he would rather just buy the company. He asked to do so and for the paperwork to perform due diligence, and Sakakibara said there wasn’t time for it.

In the ‘infamous’ hotel room meeting (the day after the 2/24/07 Vegas show), Ed talked about how DSE Japanese staff (including Sakakibara) approached him about supposedly not paying for the first two LV shows. Ed claims it was a 5 minute meeting in which Sakakibara said he would pay Ed the fees from the 2/24 event if Ed would rip up and tear his contract with PRIDE. Ed was stunned and asked Sakakibara to repeat this. Ed kicked him out of the hotel room. Ed specifically noted that Michael Connette (who tried to portray himself as not a DSE lawyer in the media during the Bob Sapp/K-1 Holland scandal) was DSE’s attorney for the contract(s) they signed in the past.

Ed talked about the process of inspection from the Nevada Gaming Commission and how it’s a 20-year background test check, where you (the person being investigated) have to pay all of the investigation costs. He pointed out that only one Japanese person has managed to pass it (and had ownership in The Aladdin Hotel). Ed stated that while he wasn’t a lawyer and that UFC was likely doing an asset sale with PRIDE, he felt that the NGC could prove to be an issue. Jeff Thaler asked him if Ed’s lawsuit could turn out to be a poison pill and Ed said yes, because his legal team has to put witnesses (including ex-DSE staff, which he didn’t name Yukino Kanda and Hideki Yamamoto specifically but clearly hinted at it) under deposition for a full day.

Some thoughts from friend Tetsuya Sano about UFC buying the assets of PRIDE and starting their own Japanese subsidiary… Pluses – possibility of PRIDE back on free-to-air Japanese TV, the ability to have UFC vs. PRIDE matches, and UFC fighters in Japan. Minuses – the American shows (UFC) will be considered higher priority, a decrease in the amount of Japanese PRIDE shows, and a chance that Nobuhiko Takada & Sato (director) will be gone from PRIDE.

Onto today’s media headlines.

Koki Kameda defeated Everardo Morales in a non-title boxing match today in Tokyo at Ryogoku Kokugikan. It went the distance (10 rounds, 3-0 judges’ decision).

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  7. Doghouse Boxing: Tito Ortiz vs. Dana White; making a monkey out of boxing and giving it a black eye
  8. Fox Sports: Despite change, LA Anacondas keep up momentum
  9. The Shreveport Times: Zuffa looks to deliver knockout with WEC
  10. The Tulare Advance-Register (California): Union graduate Mike “The Animal” Cook wins fighting championship debut
  11. Press Release: Are the big sponsors buying into MMA?
  12. Josh Barnett: Billy Robinson catch wrestling clinics from 3/28 ~ 3/31 in Los Angeles

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45 Responses to “Saturday media slam – Japanese newspapers go wild”

  1. Zach Arnold says:

    I may as well start off the comments here, but here are my thoughts with these developments:

    – If the owners of DSE liquidate their company before Ed Fishman can win his lawsuit, who is he going to collect any money from? He can’t go after UFC because they didn’t buy shares into DSE.

    – How will Zuffa LLC deal with the turf wars in Japan when K-1 decides to play hardball with them?

    – Is there any risk at all in this asset purchase as far as The Fertitta Brothers with the Nevada Gaming Commission?

    – What are the odds that Zuffa ends up aborting PRIDE ala what WWE ended up doing with WCW after they botched the ‘invasion’ angle?

  2. Body_Shots says:

    I don’t believe Sakikabara had any real intention of selling the company to Fishman. The way he (Ed) explained the situation seems to me like they were trying to jerk him from the begining (when Sakikabara first came to Fishman with his problems).

    Sak never agreed to Ed’s idea of the loan, never fowarded any paper work that would allow him to do ‘due diligence’ and in the end told him to take a hike.

    Rumors of PRIDE selling came as early as Decemeber and one of the buyers reportedly approached was the Feritittas. As early as January rumors of the deal being reached floated around, and now it’s supposedly done.

    IMO this was probably months if not years in making, things seem to be happening way too quickly for this to be put together last week.

    At any rate it was a great interview, probably the best the Show’s had.

  3. Shaolin says:

    Yes zach encouraging fans to listen to the fishmen interview simply because he is now going against pride. Previously zach had never had anything important to say about fishmen. Well at least with pride under zuffa banner zach wont be able to bitch so much.

    It is beyond me as a journalist how people can respect zach as a non biased opinion.

  4. Shaolin says:

    On a side note I am always baffled at the news zach posts, but one of the biggest news pieces I have seen is gryphon saying japans largest IT company is backing k-1, I thought with ufc purchasing pride ufc had an easy road ahead, but gryphon reports the president is one of the 30 richest men. Yet shady zach mentions nothing of this, it was big news in japan, again as a journalist, I wonder what zach chooses to report and comment on.

  5. Zack says:

    Also…quick question on online betting. I use Most (if not all) MMA bets have a max bet of $500. Is it the same for boxing? Does anyone have a ballpark of max bets for other online sportsbooks and Vegas casinos?

    Does anyone else remember the controversy and rumors of the Yves Edwards/Mark Hominick fight where some dude put down $20k on Hominick in Vegas the night before the fight, then Yves fell into the slowest triangle ever? I’d love to see FO interview Joey Odessa on the show. He was one of the best interviews on the old MMAweekly show, and it would be great to hear you guys interview him.

  6. kobashi says:

    “How will Zuffa LLC deal with the turf wars in Japan when K-1 decides to play hardball with them?”

    What do u mean by this? Is there examples of this before between All Japan and New Japan for instance?

  7. Zach Arnold says:

    Baba and Inoki were more or less friendly rivals. Baba was not a guy who went out of his way at all to burn bridges with anyone. If only the fight business in Japan was full of people with the class that he had…

    K-1 will likely be very aggressive in how they deal with UFC Japan (which is what the Japanese hardcore fans online are calling PRIDE today on various message boards). For starters, K-1 has three brands they push on free-to-air TV (HEROs, K-1 itself, and the World MAX shows). They currently have deals on Tokyo Broadcasting System and Fuji TV. The last thing they want to see is UFC Japan on Fuji TV. I’m sure K-1 will try to see if they have any leverage to pull strings on that.

    Second, K-1 will certainly want to defend their turf when it comes to outright promotional wars on the ground for shows. It will be a telling sign to see if UFC Japan runs in Tokyo, which is where K-1 likes to do the majority of their business. If UFC-J focuses mainly on Osaka and Nagoya, that’s DSE territory in the last few years.

    K-1 didn’t get to where it did by making friends, and Ishii (who is in jail) did in fact get involved in a complaint with the police against DSE. There’s certainly a revenge factor in play, in my opinion.

  8. JThue says:

    Speaking of K-1 – If PRIDE is kept running, but basically not in the US, and with Lesnar only having a one-fight deal(with admitted interest from White), one has to wonder if they(K-1)’re even that much interested to stay in the US with their MMA brand after the first PPV. Certainly their decision to run in the US in the first place was based largely on being competitive versus PRIDE’s US expansion, plus the signing of Lesnar. ANY sort of focus towards the US with HERO’s will only hurt the Japanese side’s (potential) fight against “UFC JP”.

  9. Zach Arnold says:

    Well, if Fuji TV or TBS is putting up significant cash for K-1 to do the HEROs shows in America and it’s the equivalent of a freeroll with Gary Shaw’s promoting involved, I don’t see how they will pass up on the US shows. But theoretically you’re right, any US show is basically just taking a vacation from where their real business is conducted in Japan.

    The Japanese fight fans do like seeing in action fighters that they perceive to see as world-class, so on a sporadic level bringing in the top UFC names to fight in Japan is not a bad concept on paper. The problem is that the novelty act in Japan wears off real fast (much more so than other markets) and the fans can be fickle, without question. Short-term, UFC-J should be OK. Long-term, it’s going to be tough if they can’t convince people that they can put a “Japanese” face on the brand (if that makes sense to anyone reading this).

    And let me blunt in saying that you can run a perfectly clean operation in Japan and still encounter problems with the yakuza (whether it’s gangs trying to extort protection money or showing up at events to cause trouble), so UFC-J management (if they don’t have experience in fighting off these problems) is going to have a learning curve as far as doing business in Japan. Former New Japan President Kusama a couple of years ago detailed how the promotion he was put in charge of running couldn’t get money from almost half of the house shows the organization ran due to yakuza intereference. While the police in Japan are showing signs of cracking down more on the gangs, ultimately gang interference at shows is considered minor compared to other criminal activities from the mob.

    UFC’s plan is certainly bold to run in Japan, considering the amount of chances that someone like Vince McMahon had to open up his own deal but never did it (he, like WCW did, prefers to work with leagues already in operation). McMahon did the joint show in 1990 with All Japan at the Tokyo Dome and then had the two year deal in 1991-1992 with SWS. WCW, of course, worked extensively with New Japan.

  10. The Gaijin says:

    If Zuffa were to keep around most of PRIDE’s employees and a figurehead like Takada, I imagine their transition will run pretty smoothly in Japan. The Fertittas are astute businessmen and I’m sure they’re not naive to think they know everything about running in such a unique market. No doubt they will be ensuring that they have the best guys at the helm for UFC-J and arent the mirror image of how retardly run PRIDE USA was.

  11. JThue says:

    Great interview on FO. One of the odd positives to come out of PRIDE crumbling is Ed Fishman, through his actions over the past six months, is now a big money businessman damn near to passing the sniff test for running an MMA promotion with decent intentions. To me the most interesting part of the entire interview was his clear intentions to compete for any available names from the PRIDE-fallout, and him already being on good personal terms with said fighters. I wasn’t aware he’d gone THIS official on starting a promotion until listening to this.

  12. Grape Knee High says:

    Come on, Zach. Do you really hate PRIDE that much that you can’t even refer to it by it’s proper name? Regardless of who owns it, it sounds like it will be PRIDE and not “UFC-Japan”. Do you refer to WEC as “UFC-W”?

    Re: Fishman and Nevada Gaming Commission

    The more I think about Fishman, I’m starting to think he’s a non-issue. He’s blowing hot air when he implies his due diligence could uncover organized crime links. Well, he’s setting hiimself up for a poison pill for *himself* if he actually uncovers some. Why? Because then all he’s doing is putting his own gaming licenses up for revocation for revealing that he’s done business with a company with organized crime by becoming the President of the US branch. At worst, if he does uncover ties, he’s have to drop his suit. How in the world would he be able to collect payment? By accepting any pay-off or winning a lawsuit — if any PRIDE/Yakuza links are revealed — he’d be *knowingly* accepting “dirty money”. I wonder what the NGC would think of that. Simply put, he’s blowing hot air to increase the pay-off amount when they settle their suit with DSE/Fertittas and extract his pound of flesh.

    Re: PRIDE future and Japanese acceptance

    For one, Zach, you’re doing a turn-around. First, you said the Fertittas would fail miserably and that PRIDE was so untouchable to get back on Japanese TV. Now you’re softening your stance quite a bit.

    Regardless, you have a good point regarding putting a Japanese face on the brand. Like I said earlier, though, all they need is good Japanese leadership. A Japanese “Dana White” perhaps, or at least someone who can take the public face roles that Sakikibara and Takada have taken in the past. After a while, no one will care who owns the organization if the perception is that Japanese people seem to be running it. That’s why it’s important for the UFC, at least initially, to keep the PRIDE brand alive. That has always been the lynchpin of this deal. Regardless of who owns it, as long as they keep the ring, the spectacle, the announcers, PRIDE will always be a Japanese brand. (More on this below….)

    However, some examples of non-Japanese “faces” still succeeding, the Honda and Toyota Formula One teams are still accepted as “Japanese” even though both teams, while being Japanese owned, are run as foreign enterprises in Britain and Germany, respectively with non-Japanese executive management. Several Japanese car companies are/were partially foreign owned: Suburau formerly by GM, Mazda currently by Ford and Nissan currently by Renault.

    Re: PRIDE short/long term future

    I think that the Fertittas are looking at this from several perspectives:

    1) They need PRIDE to be successful, regardless of what form this takes (as the PRIDE brand, or, ultimately, as UFC-Japan) in order for this purchase to be deemed successful. The fighter contracts and brand just by itself if definitely not worth $65 million. What is worth $65 million is the potential to take advantage of whatever good will is still left with PRIDE and trying to get back on Japanese TV.

    2) Again, as I stated earlier, if successful this is a very good strategic move in being able to market (and sign) all elite, international fighters properly, regardless of whether American UFC fans would welcome them as their own. Now they have a choice. Frankly, I think someone like Tim Sylvia at this point is probably much better suited fighting freak show matches in Japan than in the US. Maybe even someone like Arlovski if he fails in another title match down the line. This gives the Fertittas the *flexibility* in moving fighters around where necessary. In the future, I think many Zuffa contracts will be “two-way” that allows Zuffa to assign it at their whims to either the UFC or PRIDE.

    3) I think there’s also a chance that Zuffa is looking at this as a transitionary move where they will slowly but surely increase the UFC brand within the structure of PRIDE events. First, we’ll see UFC/unified MMA rules. Then prominent Zuffa/UFC ownership of PRIDE events. Then maybe the Octagon. Then maybe the PRIDE brands gets consumed by the UFC entirely. Maybe, maybe not, but it’s a possibility.

  13. Grape Knee High says:

    Oh, also I’d like to add to the Fishman/Nevada Gaming Commission comment that I also don’t think it will be a problem for the Fertittas. Since Fishman was the US President of the PRIDE and that didn’t raise any eyebrows with the NGC, I doubt it will for the Fertittas buying the PRIDE brand.

  14. 45 Huddle says:

    I’m listening to The Savage Dog Show, and I just can’t get over the fact that Sherdog himself is a real Zuffa/Fertitta’s hater. Everything they do he is negative about. Pride being purchased is a negative to him. He completely ignores the fact that guys like Rua are now getting paid double what they previously were.

    And it just isn’t this time. He is constantly hating on Zuffa basically on every show. And somebody in his position should know better. He was around when MMA was in the gutter. He has seen first hand how much the Fertitta’s have done for the sport.

    I honestly believe he lets his personal feelings about Dana White get in the way of being a legit journalist and give proper opinions of what is going on.

  15. kobashi says:

    I always wonder how Baba would of reacted to the MMA boom in Japan? Wit the vision he had, if anyone could of addressed the competition in the right way it was him!!

    I wonder what K-1 will do in terms of fighter contracts? Its well known that not every fighter in Pride is signed to water tight contacts so I would expect K-1 to try and snap some people up. Would be interesting to know what the fighters actually think about all this? Do some want to jump ship? Do any fear for there jobs? Are they totally taken by surprise by all these and not sure whats going to happen?

  16. kobashi says:

    Also I dont find it any surprise that the hardcore are calling it “UFC Japan”. The name may still be Pride but it doesnt change the fact that UFC are basically the owners.

  17. blacksquareredbox says:

    If the NGC background check was really effective the Fertittas would be on the streets (again, look up Frank Fertitta Jr.).

    I suspect they’ll make this lawsuit go away. The Fertittas have been making much worse things go away for a very long time.

  18. Euthyphro says:

    I’m very curious to see how they approach the rules issue in Japan. If UFC/PRIDE is running shows in both countries, do they do an American League/National League-style split, with different rules in each country? I’d be all for this, since it would add a bit of home-court advantage depending on which org is holding a fight.

    That being said, I imagine that soccer kicks and head stomps will be gone with the first Fertitta-owned show, since Dana has time and time again stated his opposition to the use of those tactics in upper-level MMA. Even though he’s not involved with this purchase, I doubt that the Fertittas disagree with the opinion. I can’t say that I disagree either, but it will certainly promote some controversy (albeit only within some diehards and the DeathValleyDriver crowd that loves to smark on the issue). If I’m not mistaken, that change would ultimately leave HERO’S as the only upper-level MMA org with leg/knee/foot strikes to the head of a downed opponent.

    More interestingly, though, I’m curious to see whether UFC/PRIDE allows elbows on the ground in Japan. I’m firmly against seeing those get added into the mix, since I agreed with PRIDE’s original reasoning that they did little more than cause fight-ending cuts. Of course, none of this will matter if the UFC does away with the PRIDE name, ring, and presentation and just decides to port the UFC into Japan.

  19. Body_Shots says:

    There’s no knees, kicks or stomps allowed to the head of a downed opponent in Heroes. An outline of their rules can be found [url=]here[/url].

  20. Zack says:

    ” If I’m not mistaken, that change would ultimately leave HERO’S as the only upper-level MMA org with leg/knee/foot strikes to the head of a downed opponent.”

    Icon in Hawaii.

  21. Allen says:

    “I honestly believe he lets his personal feelings about Dana White get in the way of being a legit journalist and give proper opinions of what is going on.”

    That sounds familiar.

    Hopefully Zach’s not too upset about Zuffa not listening to his sound financial advice, and buying that lil’ ol’ Pride.

  22. PizzaChef says:

    Grape Knee High: He said that’s what fans from Japanese message boards (lol, 2chan) are calling PRIDE now. Learn to read.

  23. kobashi says:

    I remember Fujita beating Sapp with kicks to the head while Sapp was on the ground.

  24. Tony says:

    I swear this site becomes more like every day (in terms of biased journalism that is, obviously their respective agendas are at different ends of the spectrum).

  25. Zach Arnold says:

    I swear this site becomes more like every day (in terms of biased journalism that is, obviously their respective agendas are at different ends of the spectrum).

    Much like the pro-wrestling web sites, I would hardly call the coverage right now in MMA ‘journalism’. Furthermore, the myopic viewpoint of playing it down the middle in journalism is a dying one.

    For the longest time, I’ve been called a fanboy for UFC. Now that I suddenly point out the potential problems of UFC running in Japan, I’m suddenly labeled as FightSport.

    Just so that I can be totally clear here:

    I was the first writer of note to sound the alarm bells about PRIDE’s potential troubles, this stemming back to late 2005 when Seiya Kawamata started rumblings about filing a police complaint with the Kanagawa Police.

    Then some of Kawamata’s former yakuza get arrested in Feb. of ’06. Again, totally dismissed by the PRIDE fans.

    Shukan Gendai’s negative campaign against PRIDE begins. The campaign is dismissed as tabloid sensationalism by PRIDE fans, despite the fact that it clearly was impacting the company’s PR and was causing DSE trouble.

    DSE ran the Osaka Dome on May 5th and the media storyline was Sakakibara fielding questions about filing a criminal complaint against Shukan Gendai. Again, at this point PRIDE fans were 100% ardent that nothing was going to happen to this company.

    Fuji TV cuts their deal with PRIDE. PRIDE holds a press conference two days later, claiming they would never die and that TV revenues only represent 15% of total profits. The hardcore PRIDE fans bought this hook, line, and sinker despite the fact that the entire history of the Japanese fight game showed that once you lose TV, the jig is up.

    PRIDE uses UFC PPV air time by sending Wanderlei Silva into the Octagon in July. They claim in Japanese that they are going to ‘invade’ UFC, which every PRIDE fan online completely buys into as a sign of strength by DSE.

    It goes on and on and on and on with the ridiculous statements made by hardcore online PRIDE fans about the company. I’m sorry if it hurts people that I was telling the truth about the operation and that I wasn’t holding back or sugercoating my feelings about it. I’m not going to do this any time soon, either.

    It pays to study the history of the Japanese fight game in pro-wrestling and MMA because moreso than any other country, it’s an excellent predictor of things to come. UFC has a lot of money and they certainly deserve all the credit in the world for their current success. However, I do think that it’s completely fair to point out that in the modern history (since the 1950s) of the Japanese fight game, no gaijin owners/Presidents/bosses have ever had long-term success in Japan. The closest was Vince McMahon, and his events in Japan (without Japanese support) have been sporadic at best.

  26. Wayne says:

    From Evilmaster on the UG:

    “BTW…Incase anyone is interested in the bullshit I am going through…It is not just Bab Carson & Poopchuteboxe…Those guys didn’t start my little stalker site…It is the noob who runs and his buddy Zach Arnold…Un-Be-Fucken-Leivable!…These noobs have not even earned the right to troll me…At least poopchuteboxe put the work in. ”

    Nice one Zach, you have sunk to an all time low. No wonder why so many people consider you troll.

  27. Zach Arnold says:

    This is the second time in as many days that someone has brought up this person’s name in connection to me.

    The only time I have ever heard of Evilmaster is when he left a comment on this site in the past in relation to someone complaining about his blog site being a ‘spam’ site.

    Who is Bob Carson? Who is Poopchuteboxe? I don’t even know the name of the person at, let alone I don’t think I’ve ever even talked to the person (outside of comments left on this site).

    Edit: I went to MMA.TV for the first time in a few days and found this. What is this about?

  28. Rollo the Cat says:

    I am expecting the UFC to run in Japan until whatever contracts and agreements that are in place for Japanese based events, run out. Then the UFC will simply take whatever fighters they want and leave.

    BTW, what is the name of Mirko’s Japanese manager and has he played or will he play any role in this?

  29. Zach Arnold says:

    I am expecting the UFC to run in Japan until whatever contracts and agreements that are in place for Japanese based events, run out. Then the UFC will simply take whatever fighters they want and leave.

    BTW, what is the name of Mirko’s Japanese manager and has he played or will he play any role in this?

    Mirko’s Japanese manager is Ken Imai. Imai was with K-1 and left before the corporate tax evasion scandal with Kazuyoshi Ishii. Imai was also representing Mirko in DSE and was around the company at the time the yakuza scandal hit. Imai is the go-between for UFC and Mirko, despite Mirko having another manager (Lucic).

  30. keishi yamada says:

    That was at a K-1 Romanex show, which was prior to Maeda’s involvement.

  31. Yeah i don’t get that forum either … I actually link to Evilmaster’s site on regular occasion and think he’s pretty good at finding hidden gems.

  32. Evilmaster says:

    Zach do you deny your alliance with Bob Carson, Poopchuteboxe, and Josh Gross? Dude I caught you redhanded.

  33. Evilmaster says:

    Fightlinker you made your bed and now you get to lay in it. 🙂

  34. Zach Arnold says:

    Zach do you deny your alliance with Bob Carson, Poopchuteboxe, and Josh Gross? Dude I caught you redhanded.

    I don’t know who Bob Carson or ‘poopchuteboxe’ is. I don’t know the name of who is. And I’ve never talked to Josh Gross once (in person, on the phone, or in e-mail).

    You still have not said what accusation you are making against me at all, nor did you ever write me directly to discuss your problem.

  35. Evilmaster says:

    I have made my demands clear. I will be getting what I demand one way or the other. We can play nice or mean. 😉 The choice is yours.

  36. Evilmaster says:

    Fine with me. We can play not so nice. Next time try harder and next time try to steal my ideas for blogs.

  37. Zach Arnold says:

    I have made my demands clear. I will be getting what I demand one way or the other. We can play nice or mean. 😉 The choice is yours.

    1) I don’t even know who you are Evilmaster or what the conflict you have with me is. Please lay out your issue with me here.

  38. Zach Arnold says:

    Fine with me. We can play not so nice. Next time try harder and next time try to steal my ideas for blogs.

    I read your blog once, and that was over two months ago when someone complained to me that you had linked their material. I hadn’t gone back to read it since that point.

    I still don’t know who you are and what the dilemma is. I’m serious about this.

  39. Evilmaster says:

    You know damn well who I am, and you know damn well whats going on…I didn’t even think of you as a suspect, but it was confirmed from people that I have known for a long time online. You didn’t actually make the site, that was done by this fightlinker clown with help from the Fight Sport twirps, you are just one of the guys edging on this fightlinker kid. There are a bunch of them working at it. Spreading bullshit about me…Who the fuck are they?!?

    BTW…Zach…Remember a year or so back, sending me that msg on Sherdog…It went something like this…

    “I sure like the news links your putting on the premium members area, would you mind if I took your links and made a blog, I’ll give you credit of course”.

    To which I replied…”Sure, spread the word…And don’t worry about the credit that’s not why I do it.”

    Haven’t heard shit from you since then, you have just been happily doing your little blog, calling armbars scissor holds and shit…Until I started my blog, since then your name has been coming up every second day with negative crap about me. And I have just been ignoring it…But enough is enough.

  40. Zach Arnold says:

    1) I do not have a Sherdog account. I have not used one.

    2) I’ve never used a Sherdog account nor have I ever contacted you, wrote you, or messaged you at all.

    3) I’ve discussed your name on this site a grand total of one time before today. And that was in response to someone complaining about you linking to their material.

  41. Evilmaster says:

    Thanks for the support dooby. Things will be getting alot more seriously with these clowns very soon. What they forget is that I’ve been in the hax0r game longer then they have been alive. I was black hatting when they were sucking momy’s titties.

  42. Evilmaster says:

    I’m done talking about this. My demands are known. Comply or not. Easy way or hard.

    – Evil

  43. dooby fuckmasta says:

    zach arnold your a joke! why you delete my post son?? u cant handel the truthe biotch??

  44. dooby fuckmasta says:

    zach i want ur ass in the cage!! i can have MANNY promoter’s set it up….say the word big boy lets dance!

  45. dooby fuckmasta says:

    Looks like Im not the only 1 with a problem with Zach….dooby I would love to see you take him out… trash.