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Friday fight talk: Butterbean in a PRIDE dream match

By Zach Arnold | March 23, 2007

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If anyone out there is an expert with WordPress on the technical side, e-mail me. Thanks.

PRIDE’s Japanese HP is promoting a press conference for 3/27 (Tuesday) at 6 PM JST at Roppongi Hills Arena. It’s being marketed as an “important announcement” to be made to both fans and the mass media.

In regards to Cage Fury announcing an MMA fight between boxer Ray Mercer and Kimbo Slice, a well-placed source with the New Jersey ACB says that the ACB has not received a fight card yet from the event promoter. Also, the source says that both men would not qualify for a professional MMA license, meaning the only way it could happen is if it was booked as an exhibition match (requiring one-day fight permits).

Ivan Trembow’s open letter to Vince McMahon.

Today, PRIDE announced Zulu vs. Butterbean and Gilbert Yvel vs. Volk Atajev for their 4/8 Saitama Super Arena event.

The CAGE FORCE show that took place at Differ Ariake in Tokyo last week will air on TV-Tokyo on 3/24 from 4:00-5:15 PM JST.

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  6. The Visalia Times-Delta (California): Visalia resident Mike “The Animal” Cook wins fighting championship debut
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  12. Boxing Scene: Ray Mercer vows to KO Kimbo Slice on 6/16
  13. UFC Junkie: Sean Salmon discusses losing, celebrity, and a move to Middleweight
  14. Jordan Breen: Curtain call for Hiromitsu Kanehara
  15. The New York Post: Phil Mushnick on the IFL on MyNetwork TV

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10 Responses to “Friday fight talk: Butterbean in a PRIDE dream match”

  1. JThue says:

    Hmm, check the JP PRIDE homepage. BIG NEWS kinda banner, and it’s about a press conference on March 27th. Haven’t seen them advertise a PC like this before.

  2. 45 huddle says:

    According to, Mauricio Rua is getting double from his new contract compared to what he received with Pride previously. Obviously the Fertitta’s see him as a long term star. Ricardo Arona has also been confirmed as being signed.

    Wanderlei Silva actually didn’t accept a contract. Honestly, his recent losses to Cro Cop & Henderson have really taken down his value on the market.

    If the UFC can get the rest of the BTT (Nogueira Brothers & Filho), and then get the North Americans (Barnett, Henderson, Trigg, Kang, & Melendez), then already the purchase would have been worth it.

  3. Jordan Breen says:

    “Jordan Breen: Curtain call for Hiromitsu Kanehara”

    Wow, I really pissed you off with that TAKUMI thing, didn’t I?

  4. Zack says:

    I still love freakshow fights…I don’t care what anyone says.

    Hackney vs Yarborough is still one of the greatest things ever.

  5. JThue says:
    – Wes Sims vs. Chris Guillen and David Loiseau vs. Freddie Espiricueta announced for AoW II in May.

    Has it struck anyone else how eerie it is that next week is Wrestlemania Week, and much like WCW Nitro exactly six years ago, PRIDE are hyping something momentous will happen? Was Ed Fishman PRIDE’s Fusient? :S I’m not gonna get ANY sleep Monday night.

  6. Allen says:

    Volk vs Yvel should be the shit, been dying to see Atjev back in Pride.

  7. Mr1000Cent says:

    Well, that ESPN Page 2 guy better watch out for the webmaster of “the Real Ultimate Power” (or whatever that popular ninja site was called) website, IMO :D.

  8. kobashi says:

    Silva to K-1 den? Barnett has beef with UFC doesnt he? He could go back to K-1 as well or Inoki’s new promotion.

  9. Asa Taylor says:

    Sorry if this is a a bit n00bish, but why wouldn’t Kimbo or Mercer qualify for a license? Do they both have Hep or HIV?