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Sunday headlines – TUF 5 fighters displayed

By Zach Arnold | March 10, 2007

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Sadaharu Tanigawa announced at a press conference today that an announcement would be made at the end of March in regards to HERO’s running an event in California later this year. The rumor is that the first event will happen in the middle of June.

If there is anyone out here reading this that keeps in close contact with Hammer House, please send me a message. Thanks.

  1. Jeff Hamlin: IFL TV report featuring the great Don Frye
  2. AM New York: Underground rumbles – kicking and punching keeps fans coming back to top-secret venues (read the bottom paragraphs of this story)
  3. Sherdog: Megumi Fujii wins again
  4. EMediaWire: King of the Cage coming to Northern Wisconsin
  5. The Associated Press: Wladimir Klitschko gives Ray Austin a few stone cold punches
  6. Boxing Scene: Klitschko says Ray Austin was ‘much slower than my sparring partners’
  7. UFC Mania: Interview with Matt Serra
  8. The Orange County Register: Dumb duo on display in Waikiki (a great find by Mikeinformer, which is an article talking about Lord James Blears being a great surfer)
  9. Insider Racing News: Mike Swick and Josh Koscheck appear in pit stall at NASCAR event in Las Vegas
  10. The Boston Herald: A new form of boss bashing (Dana vs. Tito)
  11. Fightstalker: The cast for The Ultimate Fighter: Season 5 (names listed here)

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16 Responses to “Sunday headlines – TUF 5 fighters displayed”

  1. Jonathan says:

    I cannot wait for Dana White to start cursing up a storm at Tito. It seems that with Dana, one has to take his foul mouth. Penn/Pulver as coaches? I dun really care. Penn never trains hard himself, so why should we expect him to train others? And well, Pulver got KTFO in his appearance against a guy he should have by all rights eaten for lunch. I do not care about TUF anymore…it is getting old, as all reality shows do.

  2. Chris says:

    Who don’t FEG give up Heros and Just let UFC buy the best fighters plus they should stick to improving the heavyweight Kickboxing scene and pushing MAX.

  3. PizzaChef says:

    Chris: they can’t. They can’t give up that market up to PRIDE despite PRIDE having no free TV. They have to try to run some type of monopoly so no competetor will challenge them.

  4. JThue says:

    California, eh? Then who the hell do they book against Lesnar without getting a mismatch-tag slapped on it by Garcia? :S

  5. AntiChris says:

    Chris, are you basically saying UFC good, oversees bad?

  6. Stu says:

    HERO’s weigh-in results:

    Sakuraba’s opponent never weighed-in. seems weird.

  7. JThue says:

    I think Chris is saying FEG are constantly putting on crap with these MMA-cards and should just give it up already, freeing up their few good fighters to get actual fights elsewhere. Has nothing to do with geography, assuming “oversees” was a typo.

  8. Chris says:

    I don’t want to see the politcs of Boxing creep in MMA.I don’t how people in Japan view K-1 as do they watch it still for the Heavyweights or is Max bigger or is Heros.

  9. ukiro says:

    Who’s the 6’4″-ish guy on TUF5? He looks impossibly tall at that weight…

  10. Stu says:

    Who’s the 6′4″-ish guy on TUF5? He looks impossibly tall at that weight…

    Here’s the full list.
    From left to right: Gray Maynard, Matt Wiman, Robert Emerson, Nate Diaz, Noah Thomas, Marlon Sims, Cole Miller, Jens Pulver, Gabe Ruediger, Brian Geraghty, BJ Penn, Brandon Melendez, Andy Wang, Manvel Gambaryan, Corey Hill, Wayne Weems, Alan Berubie and Joe Lauzon.

  11. ukiro says:

    Stu: Yeah I saw that link too of course, but couldn’t be arsed to look them all up in fight finder – I guess there will be a few without pictures or height data anyway, so it wouldn’t help much.

  12. ukiro says:

    Aaaaargh, now I see that you said “from left to right” – sorry Stu. I guess the tall one is Corey Hill then.

  13. This is probably the most interesting link i’ve found in the past week or two.

  14. Jonathan says:

    I do not look forward to watching Manhoef kill Takahashi…wait, yes I do.

  15. Jordan Breen says:

    “Sakuraba’s opponent never weighed-in. seems weird.”

    Kiselov reportedly got to Japan eleven pounds overweight and is busy cutting.

  16. Zach Arnold says:

    This is probably the most interesting link i’ve found in the past week or two.

    I was planning on doing an IFL article, but that article right there *screams* of a counter-response.


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