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Thursday MMA headlines

By Zach Arnold | March 8, 2007

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Be afraid, Carlos Mencia

Today, I issue a decree stating that if you have an MMA-related web site or blog you want to promote, promote it in the comments section. More importantly, if it has an RSS feed, post a link. I want to add more sites to my daily news gathering cycle.

Finalized HERO’s 3/12 Nagoya card

3/12 Nagoya Aichi Rainbow Hall
6:00 PM start

Onto today’s headlines.

  1. The Palm Beach Post: Target of local wrestling figure a shock (in connection to steroids investigation – hat tip Mikeinformer)
  2. Komikazee: The League of “Chuck and Randy”
  3. MMA News: Interview with Jerry Millen, Part 1
  4. Brian Ebersole has been cleared to compete in California again for MMA. He will be fighting on the IFL card in Los Angeles.
  5. UFC HP: Frank Mir no longer listed for Fight Night 4/5 card
  6. The Chronicle Herald (Halifax, Nova Scotia): Women to fight at Extreme Cage Combat 5 on March 31st
  7. The Worcester Telegram & Gazette: Butterbean gets chilly reception
  8. China Combat: Training report – Beijing Jiu-Jitsu Academy
  9. NBC Sports: UFC coverage draws more hits than other sports topics
  10. The Ellsworth American: Tim Sylvia returns home to Maine
  11. Events Notice: X-1 Xtreme Fighting 2 on 3/17 at Blaisdell Arena in Hawaii w/ Niko Vitale vs. Mavrick and Chris Marez vs. Cabbage Correira. Also, World Extreme Fighting at Silver Spurs Arena in Osceola County, Florida on March 23rd.
  12. The Boston Herald: Another Questionable Column by Ron Borges
  13. Doghouse Boxing: Jim Lampley makes a Public Apology
  14. Frank Pozen: BodogFight womens show review

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30 Responses to “Thursday MMA headlines”

  1. Stu says:

    Zach, the feeds aren’t updated with the latest FO Radio show.

    The HERO’s rules are really weird right now with some 5 minute round fights and some 10. I guess 10 minutes are only for 185ers for some reason (Sakuraba special rules?).

  2. ukiro says:

    From the butterbean article:

    “HeÒ€ℒs also ranked 10th in the world in mixed martial arts. ”

    wtf? says who? Top 10 in Cage Rage maybe…

  3. Zach Arnold says:

    Stu – thanks for pointing out the feeds issue. Should be fixed now.

    I don’t understand why they use so many different rules – perhaps it’s the closest to PRIDE-style without coming out and saying it.

  4. Body_Shots says:

    RE: ‘Whether or not UFC markets itself like professional wrestling’.

    The funny thing is Dana White doesn’t like the pro wrestling comparisons, he actually tries to distance himself from it. Whenever he’s compares MMA to anything it’s always been to boxing. One of the reasons (supposedly) why they cut the pyrotechnics, the grand entrances and over-the-top sh*t in general was because of the confusion.

    I think where the UFC and pro wrestling are most similar is in the branding, to an extent the match making, and the promotional titles. There are other minor similarities, but those are the most significant. I think the criticism of “feuds” in the UFC is a little overblown, it’s not as if they have a writting staff that creates them; although I do believe they’re played up/sensationalized, as in the case of Ortiz vs. Shamrock.

  5. ukiro says:

    First we got Gogoplata finishes two Pride events in a row, and now the arm triangle pass comes first in Kampmann’s match at UFC68, and then Rogan does it here… I was thinking MMA submissions had stagnated at triangles and the odd guillotine, but now I feel like submissions are making a strong comeback.

  6. Liger05 says:

    Katsuyori Shibata in K-1 HERO’S. Cant wait to this. Big Shibata fan, hoping that he returns to New Japan one day!!!!

  7. Rob says:

    I think everyone should leave a comment in the NBC link. Normally an uneducated ignorant rant against MMA should be ignored because the wirter isn’t worth the attention and a large response rate is what he wants. However this is NBC sports and the sport could still benefit from mainstream attention so more as a message to NBC we should let them know that we want them to cover this sport and to do so in an intelligent manner.

  8. I’ll never get sick of triangles. There’s nothing like watching fighters get owned from the guard

  9. MMAGame says:

    Hello hello.

    My new site –
    Fantasy Betting League and MMA Highlight Gallery.

    not sure it’s really gunna have much news on it for your roundup, unless you like a bit of fantasy betting or HL watching πŸ™‚

    I’ve got a blog on the myspace, but again that’s mostly betting related / opinions.

    p.s. Zach, I’ll get back to you about that ad soon, thanks!
    I’ve also made the link in my name your referral URL for this site, so you’ll get credit if anyone signs up via it πŸ™‚

  10. The Gaijin says:

    Pretty great to see Shaolin Ribero getting a crack at one of the big leagues. The guy’s quite simply amazing and imo one of the best p4p’ers around. I wonder what the over/under will be for # of punches he throws in the fight – lol.

    And UFC it’s time to let go of your love affair with Frank Mir. It would be great if the hometown Vegas boy could be the HW champ, but he’s a shell of the shell of his former self.

  11. Royal B. says:

    Hey everyone. I’m Royal Burnell, owner and oyabun of Kakutogi-Gumi, I write opinions about MMA, Pro-wrestling and the occasional boxing card. Come check it out.

  12. Royal B. says:

    btw, the feed’s still acting up Zach.

  13. Caleb says:

    As I watched that Rogan clip I was waiting for that move to happen. It looks like a recap of an old Rodrigo Gracie fight from a long time ago.

  14. is probably the best blog i’ve seen pop up in the past 6 months. Definately worth bookmarking and visiting every day.

  15. Will says:

    Although, it isn’t updated as often as I would like, here is my blog:

    It’s Atom enabled.

    I’m hoping to begin an audio blog/podcast soon.

  16. Steve says:

    It sure is nice to visit a site that doesn’t have profanity in every other comment.
    I started a little blog dedicated to my journey from 5 year old Portland Wrestling fanatic to 35 year old mma addict.

  17. Mike says:

    Wow! Butterbean ranked No. 10 in the world in MMA! Learn something new every day!

  18. Fight Linker is a beast. Great source for research and info. Easy to navigate as well.

  19. Mike says:

    The poor widdle NBC writer got his panties in a twist because MMA fans had the nerve to disagree with him:

    Have at it …

  20. Rollo the Cat says:

    Honestly, I never respond to writers or other media types who bad mouth MMA. They love the attention and they will only turn it to their advantage. They have the media outlet, not you, and hence the final word, always.

  21. Zach Arnold says:

    Let me know guys if the radio show feed is working now. I don’t know why this show would have problems on the feed, but it is.

  22. Mike says:

    generally I would agree with you rollo, but rarely does a professional writer get this unglued over criticism.

  23. David says:

    Great interview at mmanews. Big props.

    My favorite Millen quote was (speaking about Silva getting destroyed by Henderson): “Umm, where do we go from here? Who knows?”

    I hope for Pride’s sake that Millen isn’t in charge of booking. His “dick-measuring contest” logic could get them into trouble. He said that he gave Henderson the fight against Silva because Dan requested it. Maybe Paulo Filho would request Fedor and beat him. “Hey in Pride we let the fighters fight.” That is a translation for “we destroy our most marketable fighters on a whim.”

    On the one hand it is nice that Pride shows are unpredictable, but there is clearly some serious business sense lacking. The only way they are going to survive will be to either sell to Fishman who will consequently get them a tv deal and mainstream exposure in America, or else ride Akiyama’s Korean roots and find some other good Korean fighters to hitch their wagon to and move the fights to Seoul.

  24. Liger05 says:

    Zach is it a surprise to see Shibata doing MMA? His last fight was way back in 2004 at Jungle Fight.

  25. Zach Arnold says:

    It’s not a surprise considering that Maeda and Funaki (who were his supporting backers in Big Mouth Loud) are now cooperating with HERO’s.

  26. MMAlowdown says:

    I have been running MMAlowdown for the past 3 months or so. I update it a few times daily and it is always up to date with the latest mma news and information.

    I also interview fighters as often as possible. I interviewed Jon Fitch and Matt Hughes before their fights at UFC 68 last weekend. I have also done a few other interviews as well.

    Stop by and check it out. I haven’t done as good a job as Zack at FightOpinion, but I’m happy with it!


  27. Mattias S says:

    I write in swedish but I put up alot of videos… πŸ™‚


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