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Saturday media splash

By Zach Arnold | January 13, 2007

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  1. Sherdog: Gracie FC 1/20 Miami event postponed due to bad ticket sales
  2. San Mateo Daily Journal: Molestation charges for martial arts champion, teacher Joao Pierini
  3. UFC HP: Ultimate Fight Night 1/25 card completed
  4. SLAM! Sports: UFC ready for Rampage
  5. UFC Junkie: Lister vs. Marquardt now a non-TV fight
  6. Video Business: UFC extended at First Look (hat tip – Jason Bennett)

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7 Responses to “Saturday media splash”

  1. Stu says:

    So mid-March, I bet a lot of the fighters have other commitments for that date, like Monson for Bodog.

  2. UFCmania says:

    I miss it too Zach — just been super busy. I’ll be back, thanks.

  3. JThue says:

    Perhaps Sperry will be fit to go by then…?

  4. The MMA Critic says:

    I doubt GFC will be back. At least not with a big card. There is no question that they already spent some money on this January show that they can’t get back. For them not to put on the show makes me think they would have completely lost their shirts if they went through with it.

  5. Mr. Roadblock says:

    Good idea by UFC to make Lister/Marqardt a prelim. If it’s a good fight it will make air. But that has 15 minutes of painful boredom and Goldy reading promos written all over it.

    The last UFC TV special was a disaster, with atrocious fights. Franca/Fisher should be action packed, so too should Herring’s fight and then you’ve got Rashad/Salmon I have no idea what they’re doing with that fight or what to expect. But Hopefully at least two undercard fights are good and make air.

  6. JOSH says:

    I dont know I liked the last UFN, the only thing that sucked was the Carter opener butafter that, the Kos fight wasnt as bad as people say it was. Karo had an awesome figtgh and Riggs got KTFO.

  7. Preach says:

    Btw, Regina Halmich successfully defended her WIBF World Flyweight Championship against hungarian contender Reka Krempf. Which means that she has successfully defended her belt for 44 times in a row now! Just two more fights till she calls it quits, and i sincerely doubt that she’ll be retiring without the belt. Seems like a record for the ages…

    Also on the card: Lightheavyweight Thomas Ulrich defeated Rachid Kanfouah in a great fight by TKO in round 10, and is yet again EBU European Lightheavyweight Champion.


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