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UFC 66: Liddell vs. Ortiz 2

By Erin | December 30, 2006

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By Erin Bucknell

Added – broadsheet coverage of the UFC 66 show. Plus, a report that Mirko has signed a six-fight deal with the UFC.

Am I the only one yelling at Tito to fix his damn hat in the commercials (where it’s tilted to the side) for his fight? For God’s sakes, man, this isn’t 1992 and you aren’t 16 years old.

Keith Jardine says he will put his head down and charge in, to which Roommate Jen and I then get into a lengthy discussion over whether using your head as a battering ram is illegal. Jen suggests that if it is legal, it should definitely one of Tito’s signature moves as no one would be able to withstand the onslaught of his gigantic noggin.

Rogan compares Chuck Liddell to Mike Tyson at the height of his career. I understand that he means by winnings and intimidation but really, that’s not a very flattering comparison.

Michael Bisbing vs. Eric Schafer

Well, this is battle of dorky nicknames, sigh. Though much can be forgiven for Bisping as he has a fantastic accent. OOHHHHH and he walks out to “London Calling”. Love, much love, to Bisbing. (Ed. — Listen, his nickname is Ravishing Red, he must be a Rick Rude fan.)

Jen once again giggles about being “versed in submission”.

Round 1. Bisping controls the stand up until Schafer gets a quick takedown. Bisbing gets back up but Schafer won’t let go of Bisping’s leg. They separate and Shafer gets another takedown. Schafer gets an arm triangle but Bisbing slips out of it. Back to semi-standing with Schafer on Bisping’s back. Bisbing drops him on his head but Schafer won’t let go. Back to standing in the clinch and Bisbing lands a good head kick. Schafer with another takedown against the fence. Bisping switches positions and drops a few punches before Schafer grabs an arm bar. Bisping slips out and gets some more big shots before the ref calls the fight.

Winner: Michael Bisping via TKO.

Even the word “fuck” sounds much more entertaining when said in an English accent. (Ed. — Someone get the TUF transcriber to translate his words on the PPV.)

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic are officially announced for the UFC 67 PPV event on February 3rd (Super Bowl weekend). Hehehehe, say bye-bye to your title now, Timmy Sylvia. Kinda sad, though, when I don’t give a crap about the title matches and do care about debut fights.

Andrei Arlovski vs. Marcio Cruz

And no, Jen, Babalu being in Marcio’s corner is not enough to negate the Andrei-love. Though I do hope someone reminded him that he does have a Sambo background.

Arlovski is very energetic to start out. Cruz goes for a takedown and Arlovski manages to block it and get the dominant positions. Cruz hangs on very tight. They return to standing against the fence, and Cruz refuses to let go of Arlovski’s leg. The fight goes down again and Cruz goes for an ankle lock. Andrei kicks Cruz in face and the ref stop the fight for a moment for remind him that it is a bit of the illegal. After the match is restarted Arlovski socks Cruz in the face though he still can’t get his leg back. Arlovski just pounds on the side of Cruz’s head until Herb Dean calls the fight.

Winner: Andrei Arlovski via TKO.

Ahh, my lust is restored. Thank you for remembering what to do on the ground, buddy. Though you probably shouldn’t have hung on to the fence. You need a spanking, you naughty boy. Hmm, happy thought. (Ed. — That man is a CHEATER and you support a rulebreaker.)

Chris Leben vs. Jason MacDonald

Oh… Leben, that is not an OK haircut. I’m usually all for Mohawks, but eww. Jen wants to know why he dyed road kill and is wearing it for a hat.

Anyone else see the gigantic fur coat Anderson Silva is wearing in the background? Now we know where the rest of Leben’s dead animal is. He looks ready to brave the Arctic Tundra, not Las Vegas.

Round 1. MacDonald goes for a leg kick, which Leben catches and takes him down. Leben is big with the punches to the head while MacDonald sticks to hugging his Leben’s head. Back to standing and they clinch against the fence. The ref separates them and moves them back to the center.

They are back against the fence and the exchange in the center before they go back to the fence. The ref separates them again. Leben throws some nasty knees, and MacDonald takes him back to the fence. Round ends.

Round 2. Leben catches another kick and gets a nice punch in. They go to the ground with Leben on top. Leben moves to side control, MacDonald goes for an arm and they go back to standing. MacDonald has a leg as they are against the fence. The ref separates them and MacDonald gets the takedown. They exchange punches on the ground and MacDonald grabs a guillotine and the ref calls the fight when Leben passes out.

Winner: Jason MacDonald via guillotine.

Chris Angel and his Really Bad Hair are in attendance.

Forrest Griffin vs. Keith Jardine.

Jardine comes out to bagpipes. When did we get to Braveheart? Or a Korn concert for the matter? And some really badly colored shorts. Eep. (Ed. — Worked for Roddy Piper.)

Forrest comes out to the really bad rap rip-off of Crazy Train. Sigh; can we go back The Clash?

This is gonna be a whole lotta stand up. Both guys are going lots of punches and leg kicks. Jardine has some NASTY leg kicks, ow. Jardine gets a nice set of punches and Forrest goes down. Jardine continues the assault and the fight is called off.

Winner: Keith Jardine via TKO.

Aww, poor Forrest, good win for Jardine, but poor Forrest. He needs a hug. Lots of hugs.

Tony DeSouza vs. Thiago Alves

Jen is giggling over how Thiago’s reach is 7 inches longer than he is. “Freaky Monkey Arms!” she says.

Round 1. DeSouza goes for a takedown quickly but Alves manages to avoid it. DeSouza goes for the same thing again with the same outcome. On the third attempt they end up against the fence, but Alves once again remains standing. Alves gets a big punch on DeSouza and the fight goes down. Back to standing and they end up against the fence in a clinch. DeSouza gets a sweep and dumps Alves on his head. Alves switches their positions and DeSouza is on the defense. DeSouza manages to survive to the end.

Round 2. Both guys are a bit hesitant to start, DeSouza goes for a takedown and Alves defends flinging DeSouza away. DeSouza tries for a flying knee but it does nothing, and then gets hit with a big knee when he goes for a takedown. Alves drops a few more punches before Big John calls the fight.

Winner: Thiago Alves via TKO.

Chuck Liddell vs. Tito Ortiz

I like Chuck more and I want to see him win, but Tito winning would make the Light Heavyweight Division much more interesting.

UFC busts out with the Really Cheesy Cloud Graphics for Chuck’s entrance. Should have just stuck with the blue lights guys.

While being given the ref’s instructions both Tito and Chuck are bouncing to the point where I think they are attempting to out “boing” each other. Very amusing. The referee is Mario Yamasaki.

Round 1. Both guys are kinda feeling each other out with jabs, Tito goes for the takedown and Liddell avoids. They circle and exchange punches for a while, Tito eventually gets a cut over his eye. Chuck gets big hit on Tito who goes down wobbly, Chuck is just blasting him but the ref isn’t stepping in. Back to standing. Tito’s cut is now rather nasty looking. Round 1 ends.

Round 2. Circling with not much going on for the first few minutes. Tito goes in for a takedown and finally gets Chuck down. Back to standing in the clinch against the fence. Back to the center. Round ends,

Round 3. Tito goes for a high kick early, which Chuck blocks. Tito goes for another takedown which Chuck blocks, and hits Tito on the way back up. Tito goes for another takedown but ends up on his back. Chuck lets him stands back up. They exchange some big punches and Tito goes down. Chuck rains some big punches to the side of Tito’s head and the ref steps in.

Winner: Chuck Liddell via TKO

Anyone wanna place bets on how many women Chuck’s gonna have in his room tonight? I’m taking the over on any betting line there.

Chuck, I love you, and I know “300” is a sponsor of yours but I’m guessing you don’t even know who Frank Miller is.

Carmelo Marrero vs. Gabriel Gonzaga

Round 1. Gonzaga gets a good left hook and stuffs a takedown attempt. Gonzaga ends up on top and goes for an arm triangle; Marreo tries for some body punches to no effect. Gonzaga releases the triangle in an attempt to take Marrero’s back. Gonzaga eventually moves around and grabs an arm bar. Marrero taps.

Winner: Gabriel Gonzaga via arm bar.

Very decent night of fights, and I’m sad about Forrest’s loss — but happy about all the other outcomes. I’m looking forward to UFC 67 because of Rampage and Mirko, and not the title matches.

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  2. Vegas Pop: Celebrities Everywhere as Liddell ices Ortiz
  3. San Luis Obispo Tribune: SLO fighter Liddell wins in Vegas
  4. Canadian Press (via CBC Sports): Liddell pounds Ortiz into submission at UFC 66
  5. Winnipeg Free Press: Canadian Middleweight Jason MacDonald wins second straight UFC bout
  6. Fox Sports MMA Blog: Complete UFC 66 fight-by-fight coverage
  7. UFC HP: New Ortiz, same results as Liddell stops The Huntington Beach Bad Boy

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11 Responses to “UFC 66: Liddell vs. Ortiz 2”

  1. PizzaChef says:

    Everyone hide! Erin is lusting over Andrei again!!!!!

  2. JThue says:

    Chuck is sponsored by Yoji Anjo? 😀

  3. Lynchman says:

    Actually, Chuck met Frank at a screening about a month ago.

  4. Lynchman says:

    I am not saying he remembers him.

  5. Erin says:

    Ha, the Andrei lust resurfaces! And good on Chuck for knowing who Frank is. He gets points for geek-a-tude.

  6. AJP says:

    Your post gets you points for suck-a-tude.

  7. Armen says:

    Funny that, the same monkey line about Thiago came up at our viewing party.

    Was it just me or were the punches Lidell was throwing at the end mostly glancing off of Tito’s arm and shoulder? Sure he was losing the fight up to that point but those punches weren’t really doing serious damage as far as I could see.

    Pretty good night of fights overall though. On a whole I would say above the UFC average.

    Oh and lastly, I understand they don’t have the rights to PRIDE footage to hype up Rampage and Cro Cop but, why couldn’t they at least put up a picture of Cro Cop? He’s like a mystery guy with his name over the flag. *shrug*

  8. Royal B. says:

    Am I right in hearing that they banned the upkick now?

  9. Preach says:

    Royal B, it wasn’t an upkick (if you’re referring to Arlovski/Cruz), Andrei kicked a downed opponent (though he was also on the ground), and that’s still a big no-no.

  10. Legalis says:

    I was a bit upset with the stoppage in the Tito/Liddell fight. You could clearly see Tito was fine, and all the punches were on his arm. Tito would have been in much better cardio condition going into the last 2 rounds. Hopefully he get a rematch soon. And I love Arlovski, but it was a bit unfair how he punched Cruz in the face 1 millisecond after the fight was restarted after he illegally kicked him in the face.

  11. Brian Cooper says:

    I’m totally with the no picture of Mirko: a) they don’t have footage, b) he doesn’t look menacing, and c) this tactic has had some success (albeit limited) when booked correctly in pro-wrestling.
    If UFC do book Cro Cop to appear in January, I insist that they insist that Cro Cop just caughts a short promo: “right kick hospital, left kick cemetary.”


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