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Wednesday media notes

By Zach Arnold | November 28, 2006

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The IFL becomes a publicly-traded company, Dean Lister vs. Nathan Marquardt is announced, and the StrikeForce 12/8 San Jose event card line-up.

  1. SF Chronicle: Corrections page (discussing errors made in their UFC article)
  2. IFL: We’re now a publicly traded company as of November 29th, 2006 (IFLI is the stock symbol – use this for IFL stock quotes)
  3. Right after the UFC 66 event on 12/30 in Las Vegas, Joe Rogan is scheduled to appear at the House of Blues at 11 PM.
  4. KUTV: Ultimate Fighting Growing Fast in Utah
  5. Houston Chronicle: IFL is coming to Houston on 2/2 at Reliant Arena
  6. UFC HP: ‘Inside the UFC’ premieres this Thursday on Spike TV
  7. Dean Lister sent out a message on his MySpace account on Tuesday that he has been officially booked against Nathan Marquardt in a fight for Ultimate Fight Night 8 on January 25, 2007 in Hollywood, Florida.
  8. The MMA Critic: Why the IFL is a failed concept
  9. Fox Sports: Is it possible that Hughes vs. BJ Penn did 700,000 PPV buys?
  10. Quad Cities Online: Matt Pena & Matt Hughes create the MFS Kingdom Assignment project
  11. Orange County Register: IFL coming to Los Angeles in 2007 (they will run two show at The Forum in Inglewood – the same building that WFA used)

Go to full-post view to see the StrikeForce 12/8 San Jose card line-up.

StrikeForce 12/8 HP Pavilion (San Jose Arena) card line-up:

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24 Responses to “Wednesday media notes”

  1. JOSH says:

    IM SOOOOO Pysched about IFL coming to LA! NICE!!! Hopefvully the tixs stay super cheap.

  2. GassedOut says:

    Question for the MMA Critic. Is the measure of failure supposed to be individual vs. team, or is it viewers and dollars, as well as exposure to the sport? I argue the latter, and that would contraindicate the word failure as regards the IFL.

    And come on, you liked it when Renzo choked out Pat in a standing guillotine in the first round. You know you did…

  3. JOSH says:

    There is no point arguing with the MMA critic, this is the same “genius” who is trying to legitimize a linear MMA champion (which means that even in a NON title bout the title should change hands…thus his MW champ is Filho).

  4. Ivan Trembow says:

    The San Francisco Chronicle’s correction is still factual garbage because it implies that it was indeed no-holds-barred prior to that one New Jersey UFC event. The Chronicle should be embarrassed to have been presented with so many legitimate facts after the publication of their article and to have acknowledged so few of them in the correction.

    PS: “John” is not a “misspelling” of the word “Bob.” If they had called him Bobb Meyrowitz, that would be a misspelling.

  5. Mike says:

    I’d like to see the MMA Critic shell out millions of dollars to start his own perfect MMA promoion. For chrissakes, the IFL is giving fighters jobs and exposure and they’ve barely even gotten started, how about giving them a chance before you pronounce them a failure.

  6. badape says:

    Today’s most Incompetent Post: “It (mma regulating) doesnt have anything to do with the UFC. Its sanctioned by the NSAC. UFC has no power there”. Posted by HOLLYWOOD-MO at Appeared online 09/15/06 02:01 AM.

  7. 1. The Lineal Championship is not intended to be a “legit” World Championship. It is intended to show a line between the first and current champions. With various rules in each organization, there is no way you can call it a perfect system. Consider it a conversation topic to at least get the fans discussing who is the best. It is another way to possibly do this. Obviously, the Lineal HW Champion is currently the best in the world. The Lineal LW champion is probably not even Top 10 in his division.

    2. The IFL piece I wrote is how I feel about the organization. Even with hardcore fans, the concept has really taken off. You are entitled to disagree and I have no problem with this. As for me, the IFL has failed.

  8. JOSH says:

    Sorry u feel that way about the IFL critic…but hey Im sure their not hurting missing ur ticket during one of their 11 announced MMA events for the 2007 season. U are entitled to ur opinion but IMO if the IFL can pull off a 2008 season there is no way u can call it a failure.

    Im not going to even touch the Lineal champion thing as it really holds no bearing over anything…even as a topic starter. Though Fedor is the most dominate HW…but we didnt need a lineal line to prove that.

  9. Tomer says:

    The MMA Critic: The real lineal championship (at least in Boxing) is the ‘man who beat the man’, yes, but at the same time, the championship did not change hands just because the champion lost under non-championship conditions. For example, Ted ‘Kid’ Lewis beat Jack Britton for the lineal Lightweight championship, and soon after lost to Mike Glover in a 12 rounder that was non-title. But given that (a) the fight wasn’t billed as a championship bout and (b) it wasn’t under standard championship conditions of the time (15+ rounds), no one has recognized Glover as the ‘true’lineal Lightweight champion.

    Your view, while interesting, is more akin to the WWE Hardcore Championship, which was always on the line, rather than the generally regarded championship rules which, at the very least, required the bout to be fought under championship rules condition. Although Kostya Tszyu didn’t hold all 3 of the big belts (IBF, WBA, WBC) when lost to Ricky Hatton, he was still ‘the man’ at 140 (Junior Welterweight) due to his previous unification and as it was a championship rules bout (12 rounder), the lineal belt did change hands. If it was a 4 rounder, however, no one would have recognized a title change as it wouldn’t have been under the generally recognized championship rules.

    That’s just my two cents, though.

  10. Tomer says:

    As an addendum, however, there have been times when the lineal title go on the line in bouts less than the standard (such as Lewis’ win over Britton before the Glover loss (12 rounder) and the two Jack Dempsey-Gene Tunney fights (10 rounders)), but in those cases, the World Champion willingly signed articles of conflict that recognized that he was placing his belt on the line (in addition, in some states, such as PA in the case of Dempsey-Tunney I, the states essentially banned fighting times above a certain amount of rounds, making it impossible to fight for the ‘true’ championship rounds).

  11. I used the Man who beat the man method. I plan on putting a history of each championship up in the future. Let me quickly explain each weight class.

    HEAVYWEIGHT: You can look at the start of this weight class one of 3 ways. You can start with the first ever UFC Tournament and Royce Gracie. He has a loss on his record to Howard and so on. Or you can start with Ken Shamrock’s Super Fight title. Or you can start with Mark Coleman being the first UFC Heavyweight Champion. All 3 come to the same outcome. Fedor is the lineal champion.

    LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT: Frank Shamrock was the first champion. He officially retired. Came out of retirement at a later point but that retirement made the title vacant. It went to the current UFC champion at the time. The lineal champion is actually Chuck Liddell.

    MIDDLEWEIGHT: Started with Menne. Went to Bustamante. He did not lose at the 185 lbs weight class until he fought Dan Henderson in the finals of the GP tournament. The line goes to Filho.

    WELTERWEIGHT: Started with Miletich. Actually went all the way to Anderson Silva who vacated the title when he moved up in weight class. Went to the current champion which was Hughes. GSP is the lineal champion.

    LIGHTWEIGHT: Pulver to Ludwig. Duane continued to compete in 2 weight classes. He lost to BJ Penn, but at 170 lbs. His first loss at 155 lbs was not until recently to Tyson Griffin.

    So I did use the “Man who beat the man” method. The only thing that can screw it up is when the title becomes vacant.

  12. And I forgot to mention the major point to what I was trying to say:

    I agree with your boxing analogy. However, with the various round systems and rules used, it would be impossible to implement what you are speaking of. Not all “Championship” fights are the same length. Not all lineal champions even get a chance to fight a 20 or 25 minute fight.

    Like I said, it isn’t perfect. Just another way to look at things. I get your example of the Hardcore Belt, and I think that this method is the only way at this time to use for the current MMA climate.

  13. Ivan Trembow says:

    There’s nothing wrong with somebody stating their opinions, so I don’t see the problem with MMA Critic posting the rankings and lineal champions on his site.

  14. JThue says:

    Marquardt back on Spike, eh, Zach Arnold?

  15. JThue says:

    BTW, the FULL IFL-schedule is out on; including info on them signing multi-year deals with several arenas and how a ceretain agency is involved in them things happening 🙂 A bit ironic of course that a column declairing IFL a failure is posted at the same time.

  16. monkeymatt says:

    The Lineal Champion thing is an interesting exercise, for sure.

    While we are dreaming, let’s get a definitive worldwide MMA governing body that forces the champions of each weight division from rival organisations to fight for the Ultimate Belt of Doom Power at New Years Eve… ON THE MOON!

  17. The Gaijin says:

    Can someone possibly confirm something for me:

    Did I hear correctly that the UFC filed a complaint with the CSAC that another organization was going to use a ring for their mma event and that got their show’s license pulled???

    If that in fact is true…WTF?

  18. GassedOut says:

    I hadn’t heard that rumour, Gaijin. If it’s true, it’s HUGE news. I didn’t say it was good, just huge.

  19. Zach Arnold says:

    Can someone possibly confirm something for me:

    Did I hear correctly that the UFC filed a complaint with the CSAC that another organization was going to use a ring for their mma event and that got their show’s license pulled???

    If that in fact is true…WTF?

    I can’t substantiate that rumor.

    What I know based on past discussions with various writers is that while the ring is being legalized (or has been already in California), if I’m not mistaken the original precedent was that only the cage could be used for events (and of course, given that UFC owns the Octagon trademark, it could be an interesting situation). I know that Valor Fighting uses a ring for their shows, but their shows (at least the ones in Northern California) have been at Cache Creek Casino (Indian land).

  20. Ivan Trembow says:

    The original (ridiculous) law in California on non-Native American land was that if you wanted to run an MMA event in California, you had to use a cage, and it had to be an Octagon-shaped cage, and you had to pay the UFC for the fact that you’re using an Octagon-shaped cage.

  21. The Gaijin says:

    Thanks guys!!

    I had heard that rumour but it was somewhat unsubstantiated. I guess that could give the people claiming Zuffa got the ear (pockets) of a lot of the commission on the West Coast a bit more credence…or maybe that’s where the claims are coming from in the first place.

    Either way the rule is retarded.

  22. The Gaijin says:


    I guess with rumours that CSAC is looking to take authority on MMA events taking place *anywhere*, including reservations, in Cali…this could spell trouble for some orgs.

  23. Ivan Trembow says:

    That was the original rule for MMA events in California. The CSAC is now in the process of getting that changed so that fights can take place in a ring.

  24. Zach Arnold says:


    I guess with rumours that CSAC is looking to take authority on MMA events taking place *anywhere*, including reservations, in Cali…this could spell trouble for some orgs.

    This was a point I raised the day before, which is that if the CSAC starts trying to regulate events on Indian land (like WEC), it’s going to present a lot of challenges. It certainly would make things more difficult for promotions like Valor Fighting and other groups that run on Indian land. Also, it sets up the CSAC for a lot of legal challenges in terms of jurisdiction over happenings that take place on reservations. That’s not a battle that I see them winning. The problem is that I don’t know if the promotions that run on the reservations have enough money for a long-term battle in court against the CSAC. The only way I could see these promotions financially being supported in court against the CSAC is if it’s tribal money that is paying the attorney fees.


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