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Sunday daily headlines

By Zach Arnold | November 26, 2006

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  1. San Francisco Chronicle: Fighting outside the box (long article on UFC — and I think the Zuffa Myth makes a comeback here)
  2. Boxing Talk: Tito Ortiz interview (and he pushes the Zuffa Myth as well)
  3. Kenny Florian: Information for The Ultimate Fighter 5 Casting Call on 12/1 in Florida
  4. Toronto Star: Kicking it up at the McDojo (long article)
  5. New York Daily News: New league gives Big Apple a puncher’s chance (middle of the article talks about the IFL)
  6. Toronto Sun: Profile/summary article on Georges St. Pierre (with the claim that St. Pierre made $350,000 USD in UFC purse money, bonuses, and endorsements)
  7. Vernon Morning Star: Matt Hughes to referee four MMA fights in Canada next Friday

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7 Responses to “Sunday daily headlines”

  1. Does anyone have the number for John Meyerwitz?

  2. Sha says:

    That McDojo article really is an endless piece of nonsense.

    “fighting disciplines like kung fu, tae kwon do and karate are increasingly relegated to tournaments and showrooms. Meanwhile, a more practical and street-worthy mixed-martial-arts style is pummelling its way to the top.

    It’s called Ultimate Fighting”

    So now Ultimate Fighting is a style for street-fighting, and TMAs are worthless. The writer must have taken his source from the Sherdog forums…

  3. PizzaChef says:

    As my friend in Canada says: It’s the Toronto Star. They talk a lot of bullshit.

  4. Hey it’s a step in the right direction from thinking it’s all street brawling.

  5. Lynchman says:

    The IFL bit says that they will be running a show at the Continental Arena in NJ. Surely this is not true. Doesn’t that place hold 15,000? That would be an epic disaster for them as it would be empty.

  6. monkeymatt says:

    Sha, there is raging discussion about this kind of thing on my blog.

    The fact is that MMA, while not representing a true street confrontation, is a hell of a training methodology that creates good fighters whose skills translate to self defence.

    Whereas standing in line wearing silk pyjamas, imitating a stag beetle humping an orange and breakdancing in super-slo-mo (second time I’ve used the metaphor -sue me.) generally doesn’t.

  7. monkeymatt says:

    On second thoughts, you are right. The McDojo article is quite misinformed and barely scrapes the surface of the topic.


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