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Cage Rage set to debut on The Wrestling Channel

By Mark Pickering | November 22, 2006

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By Mark Pickering

London’s Cage Rage have signed a contract with The Wrestling Channel to produce a daily magazine TV show, Cage Fighter, premiering on December 4th.

After weeks of stringent negotiations, it has emerged that Cage Rage will front a shift in programming for the Dublin-based channel, with co-promoters Andy Geer and Dave O’Donnell on hand to present the sixty-minute broadcast.

“We are absolutely thrilled and excited with the deal we have struck with The Cage Rage Championships,” said Sean Herbert, head of programming for TWC.

“This series of first run, brand new programming will secure TWC as the home of MMA in the UK.”

The program will feature Cage Rage bouts, exclusive backstage access at events as well as studio interviews with fighters and celebrity guests.

“TWC are providing a strong platform for MMA and we’re all confident that there will be huge benefits for both CRC and TWC” said Andy Geer of the new deal.

The series contract has been signed until 2007 with the first programmes already recorded. The debut episode will be a “Super Card Show” and feature Cage Rage World Title Holders, Melvin Manhoef and the UFC Middleweight Champion, Anderson Silva.

Subsequent broadcasts will spotlight Jean Silva, rising showman Lee Doski and guest spots with Cage Rage stalwart’s Alex Reid, Dave Legeno and Mark Epstein.

The series launches on Monday, December 4th, at 22:00 on Sky Channel 427.

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9 Responses to “Cage Rage set to debut on The Wrestling Channel”

  1. Is this the first MMA organization to get a regular cable show on UK cable?

  2. Royal B. says:

    CR was on Sky first, I believe.

  3. Mr. Yone says:

    Cage Rage has had television before in the UK but I am unsure of the amount of episodes and their durations for it now to be regular. They currently have a 30-minute highlight show repeated weekly at around 1:30am on another station – the shows currently on-air were produced back in 2005, so not recent.

    Cage Warriors (already on TWC) have a 60-minute weekly TV show that has been running constantly for over one complete year now. This has different full-length matches each week and airs 11pm weekly, with various repeat showing during the week (morning, noon and night).

  4. WAR GSP! says:

    GOD DAMN IT! 🙁 I have NTL (Sky being the other major cable provider)… NTL dont show TWC 🙁

  5. Ian Dean says:

    MMA first featured on UK TV in Documentry form like 5 years ago (if not more)

    Back in 2003 Cage Combat was shown on ITV London features Cage Warriors and Cage Rage. With other documentries focusing on fighters.

    Cage Rage did good work getting on Sky Sports and Men and Motors.

    But this most makes TWC one of the leading suppliers of MMA in the UK, as Cage Warriors have been showing MMA on there (along with their network of shows) for a year now

  6. Sean Mac says:

    Yeah WAR GSP! it’s rubbish about NTL. I see TWC around at a friend’s house. I’m going to buy a cheap box from eBay and get a local satellite guy from the phone book to install it for Christmas, as this is a free channel – no subscription needed. Should be fairly cheap to buy and install, plus you get some other free channels too not on NTL.

  7. WAR GSP! says:

    Well my NTL 1 year contract has nearly run out so I’m probably just going to get Sky at that point… We’ll see! 🙂

  8. skorn says:

    I take it this will just be a compilation of fights from their previous events?
    Similair to the CW shows I guess.

    Didn’t realise TWC was based here in Dublin. Whooo hoo. Up the DUBS!!! LOL

  9. Mr. Yone says:

    Watched it last night. The new Cage Rage show looks to be along the lines of their Men & Motors show, with various matches and a studio segment. The CWFC show isn’t really a compilation as it’s all matches from the same card. It’s different to the Cage Rage show. Also watched FX3 for the first time last night. Fairly good it was, pretty high quality cameras and decent put together.

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