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Not a good day for Kevin Randleman

By Zach Arnold | November 7, 2006

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Or PRIDE for that matter. Here’s the news:

The Nevada State Athletic Commission will be filing a complaint against MMA star and sometimes pro wrestler Kevin Randleman regarding what is alleged to be a fake urine sample he provided in his 10/21 drug test.

Keith Kizer of the Nevada State Athletic Commission got the doctor’s report earlier today that the urine sample contained no hormones, and therefore, it is believed to not be either his urine or the urine of a living human being.

This story reminds me of a famous incident a couple of years ago when the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings RB Onterrio Smith was caught at an airport with a device called The Original Whizzinator. I’ve waited for a long time to be able to use the term Original Whizzinator in a news story. Thank you, Mr. Randleman. Thank you for this opportunity.

Ivan Trembow has more details on the Randleman story.

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14 Responses to “Not a good day for Kevin Randleman”

  1. monkeymatt says:

    He probably tried to provide his own urine but it jumped up and busted its way out of the beaker, headbutted some old ladies, and refused to learn submissions before disappearing down a drain.

  2. Matt Boone says:

    Long live the whizzinator.

  3. HijoDelOso says:

    Too bad he didn’t use a woman’s urine. It would have been hilarious for his sample to test positive for pregnancy. 🙂

  4. mmaguru says:

    better lookout those pride huggers might storm this joint

  5. chickenlegs says:

    Niether the steriods, nor the greased up legs prevented him from getting submited (kneebar) in the first round by Shogun. They don’t test for roids in
    Japan, but they do in Nevada. He knew that, (probably)And he got caught, period. After talking so much s__t bout Shogun before the fight, watching him howl in pain (like a little girl) was freakin awsome! Fake urine from a fake person. F__k him. F__k him right in the ear!

  6. pizzachef says:


    Or an old lady’s urine, like in that episode of Seinfeld. “According to your test you are going through menopause.”


  7. monkeymatt says:

    Randleman is a complete freak.

    In his prefight interview he railed like a madman on crack with a shoe instead of a brain about how Shogun was muffuggn B level fighter and he was gon kick his fgn ASS dammit. He was PUMPED to the max.

    Then in the next interview he’s going on about how he respects Shogun and is honoured to be fighting him and yadda yadda.

    He’s totally schitzophrenic. And weird.

    The article says the urine may not even be from a living human… urr… I mean… what the… hello…. I don’t even want to think about how Randleman extracted it, and from who, and what the hell…

  8. Croatian Strength says:

    That show was not a good advert for steroids.

  9. monkeymatt says:

    Steroids are for LOSERS!

  10. Preach says:

    This is getting more and more ridiculous. 30% of the fighters that were tested were caught cheating! Seriously, i think they will be coming down hard on Pride at their next show, test all the fighters and have them pee in the cup pants down. Or incorporating dna-tests in their testing regimen, just so no fighter gets the idea to use something like the Whizzinator with “clean” urine provided by someone else.

    And monkeymatt, that sh’t was funny as hell, thanks for making my day 😉

  11. Mr. Roadblock says:

    That he couldn’t find another African American male to get some clean urine from is crazy. The guys from Hammer House are not the smartest creatures on this earth.

  12. Japanime says:

    It’s not a good day for Randleman. PRIDE has nothing to do with it really. Why even mention them.

    Zach is bias.

  13. Zach Arnold says:

    It’s not a good day for Randleman. PRIDE has nothing to do with it really. Why even mention them.

    They had three fighters (that we know, according to the NSAC) who failed drug tests. On one show. Their debut show in America.

    Now, if you want to argue that fans don’t care about steroid abuse, go ahead. I’d probably agree with you, given that I’ve seen a lackluster caring response from pro-wrestling fans to the issue of steroids and other performance-enhancers.

    PRIDE faces a trust issue with the NSAC. If they want to run several shows in Nevada in 2007, they have to play by the NSAC rules to do it. And a good start would be to have as many fighters as clean as possible and not having multiple guys fail tests after every show. For years, people remarked about how PRIDE had supposedly written drug testing rules into their contracts. And yet, when the fighters do have to be tested against NSAC regulations, nearly 20% of the fighters that worked the Las Vegas card either failed a steroid test, a stimulants test, or manufactured a fake sample (Whizzinator-style)?

    For the sake of business and dealing with the commissions, PRIDE has to be in the trust game right now. That’s a political battle. And having multiple guys flunk drug tests after a show doesn’t help that cause.

  14. JThue says:

    Drug-testing on NYE would be the correct action for PRIDE to take right now, but I don’t see that or anything close to it happening.